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Glowing slime is a vicious and reactive slime mold existing in underground caverns and the Deep Roads. It is neither intelligent nor sentient, merely responsive to stimulus like warmth.[1]

Background Edit

Glowing slime is a source of danger to mining caste dwarves as well as any creatures living underground. The slime is legendary amongst miners. Dwarven miners tell tales of lost or wandering workers who glimpse light in the distance; thinking it a lamp they approach and realize too late that it is slime mold. The slime is blue-green and clings to rocks or settles to the bottom of shallow pools. When it detects the warmth of a living creature it attacks with great speed. The slime envelops its prey, dissolving them with acidic secretions. The substance resists physical and even magical attacks. Dwarves believe this is because the slime leeches lyrium from the stone of the tunnels, perhaps explaining its blue-green color. Fire and salt are capable of injuring the slime and thus some miners place trails of rock salt in passages and doorways to defend against the ravenous slime. The greater the amount of fire or salt the better chance one has of harming the slime--a torch or handful of rock salt are necessary to truly injure it.

The slime can be scraped off a victim using a knife but this is a hazardous task made even more difficult by the toxic nature of the slime.[1]

References Edit

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