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The Glory Age (2:00–2:99)[note 1] is the second named Age in the history of Thedas. Divine Hortensia I names the Glory Age, predicting the world's rebirth following a massive devastation caused by the Second Blight.[1]


  • 2:05 Glory: Increasing hostility between elves and humans result in numerous border skirmishes between the Dales and Orlais.[1][2]
  • 2:09 Glory: Elven forces attack and capture the Orlesian town of Red Crossing. The elves are said to have committed atrocities, which infuriates humans across Thedas.[2][3] Orlais and the Dales go to war.
  • 2:10 Glory: In the Alamarri lands, Hafter's grandson, Teyrn Caedmon, declares himself king. His action prompts a civil war.[4][5]
BioWare canon
The following information is mentioned only in Dragon Age: Origins: Prima Official Game Guide. Certain portions of this publication, particularly the Traveler's Guide featured in the Collector's Edition, might not reflect currently established lore.

Caedmon declares himself the king of Ferelden and officially establishes the Andrastian Chantry in Denerim.[5][note 2]

  • 2:10–20 Glory: As the elven armies capture Montsimmard and march on Val Royeaux, Divine Renata I calls for a holy war against the elves–a campaign that becomes known as the Exalted March of the Dales.[2][6] Initially, the elves make major advancements, going as far as to sack Val Royeaux in 2:14 Glory;[7] however, despite their victories, the tide of the war turns against them. Halamshiral is conquered and the elves are completely crushed by 2:20 Glory.[2][5][8][9]
The Kingdom of the Dales falls and its lands are absorbed by the Orlesian Empire. Elven settlements are uprooted. Divine Renata I orders the creation of the first alienages. The elves are forced to live inside them. Those who don't want to submit to the Chantry rule become nomads.[2][8]
  • 2:15–45 Glory: King of Starkhaven, Fyruss, decides to unite the Free Marches under his banner and build his own empire. He has support from Tevinter allies and wages a war across the Free Marches. His ambition also expands to the lands of Antiva.[2][10][11]
  • 2:18 Glory: Caedmon is killed at the Battle of Valmorn Hills. The ensuing conflict over his territory is known as the War of Crowns.[12] Talemal, Caedmon's son, attempts to unite Ferelden, but he is murdered by his wife–whom he had locked up for unfaithfulness–when she's freed by sympathetic servants.[13]
BioWare canon
The following information is mentioned only in Dragon Age: Origins: Prima Official Game Guide. Certain portions of this publication, particularly the Traveler's Guide featured in the Collector's Edition, might not reflect currently established lore.

King Caedmon manages to deal with the civil war for a time, but he spreads his forces too thinly when he aids the Chantry in the Exalted March of the Dales. He is eventually killed in the Battle of Valmorn Hills. Three pretenders to the royal title emerge, including Caedmon's son, Talemal. All of them perish in the raging civil war. No more claimants of the king's title arise, but various teyrns struggle for control in a period called the War of Crowns. The name stems from the sudden rise of teyrns who put on royal crowns–even though they don't declare themselves kings. Years later in the Exalted Age, the first recognized king of Ferelden, Calenhad Theirin, seeks out these crowns to destroy them. According to legend, some of them are still hidden away.[5]

  • 2:30 Glory: The Winter Palace, the most prominent residency in Halamshiral, becomes a seasonal retreat for the Orlesian royalty and their favoured nobles.[14]
  • 2:33 Glory: Antivan cities unite under a common banner to form a defense against Fyruss.[2][15]
  • 2:34 Glory: Following the defeat of Zazikel in 1:95 Divine, there is general support of building fortified headquarters for the Grey Wardens. The fortress of Soldier's Peak in the Alamarri lands is finished after a decade of construction.[16]
  • 2:80 Glory: Starkhaven is freed from Tevinter rule during an Exalted March, the second in less than an age.[9][18]
  • 2:83 Glory: Divine Galatea grants the Right of Annulment to every Grand Cleric of the Chantry, which allows them to declare a Circle of Magi irredeemable and initiate a purge of all mages living in the tower.[19] The Divine's decision is a response to a conflict between templars and mages in the Nevarran Circle that has led to an abomination slaughtering dozens on both sides and escaping to the countryside. A legion of templars is dispatched to hunt down the abomination, but it is killed only a year later.[20]
Archon Vespasian is assassinated the same day that the Grand Cathedral in Orlais is announced to be completed.[21]


  • The "Ages" description in Dragon Age: The World of Thedas Volume 1 page 21, erroneously describes every age starting with year 1 and ending with year 99, claiming the Glory Age took place between 2:1-2:99, the Towers Age between 3:1-3:99 etc. This is directly contradicted in the timeline within the same book, which cites the existence of 3:00 Towers, 4:00 Black, and 9:00 Dragon. Such a system would result in each age lasting ninety-nine years, not one hundred.
  • According to Codex entry: Freedom's Promise, Calenhad Theirin is the ruler of Ferelden who made contact with the Chantry.
  • According to Codex entry: The Founding of the Chantry, the great temple that Kordillus Drakon I started building in -15 Ancient completed its construction in -3 Ancient. Presumably, it means that the initial project of the Grand Cathedral was finished at that time, but additional architectural elements, such as the grand towers, continued to be under construction for the next centuries, finally concluding in 2:99 Glory.