Glitterdust is a crafting resource in Dragon Age II. It is used to craft poisons and bombs.

Uses Edit

Arcane Poison Arcane Poison
Mythals Favor Mythal's Favor
Fell Grenade Fell Grenade

Acquisition Edit

Bug icon Bug! Not always on PC. (reason unknown)
  • Act 1::
    • 1 at the Wounded Coast, at the end of the south-pointing dead end on the extreme northeast side of the map.
  • Act 2:
    • 1 at Sundermount, around the first bend on the way up the mountain path
    • 1 in the Holding Caves during. It's actually before the cave and after the camp. On a path to the lower left. A Bitter Pill
    • 1 at The Bone Pit, in front of the second mine entrance toward the east
    • 1 in the Varterral Hunting Ground during Mirror Image, down a short flight of stone stairs, just in front of an alcove (containing a chest) to the left. (The next "room" past an Orichalcum deposit.)
  • Act 3:
    • 1 at Sundermount, on the ledge just prior to the dead-end clearing at the top of the upper mountain path (It is right before the "travel down the mountain" if you've already done Merrill's side quest. if not, its on the little curve off the path before the entrance to cave of her mission)

Notes Edit

  • Collecting this crafting resource counts towards the Supplier achievement. Buying the resource in the Emporium does count towards the achievement.

Background Edit

Glitterdust is the powdered form of a rock found along the Wounded Coast. When explorers brought the sparkling rock to the markets of the Free Marches, it became immediately popular among wealthy ladies who crushed it and applied the powder to their faces. The added brightness and lustre to the skin, however, soon paled in comparison to the developing rash and coughing fits.

As it turned out, glitterdust is dangerous if ingested or inhaled. It's also extremely flammable, as several ladies discovered after powdering their hair while standing next to a candle. Unfortunately, this resulted in a dozen deaths by conflagration.

These days, glitterdust is used sparingly, and only by experienced alchemists. The most common form of the substance is Volatile Glitterdust. If gathered from caves where darkspawn dwell, the rock produces a powder known as Tainted Glitterdust.

—An excerpt from The Alchemist's Encyclopedia, by Lord Cerastes of Marnas Pell
—From Codex entry: Glitterdust

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