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Gisharel is a known Dalish scholar and the former Keeper of the Ralaferin clan; he was succeeded as the clan's Keeper by Elindra in 9:41 Dragon.[1]


Gisharel is known for sharing stories in a wide variety of elven disciplines, including history, theology, and myths; however, his literary works have been banned by the Chantry. His behavior of sharing Dalish stories with human scholars has attracted criticism from some Dalish elves, who feel that their culture should not have been shared with outsiders. Their animosity towards the Ralaferin clan has lasted beyond Gisharel's tenure as Keeper.[2] Most of Gisharel's stories seem to have been passed down orally; it's unclear whether they were were transcribed by Gisharel himself or someone else.[3]

Literary works[]

  • The End of the Long Walk[4]
  • The Fall of Arlathan[5][6]
  • The Story of Falon'Din and Dirthamen[7]
  • The Tale of Elgar'nan and the Sun[8]
  • The Tale of Fen'Harel's Triumph[9]
  • The Tale of Ghilan'nain[10]
  • The Tale of Mythal's Touch[11]
  • The Tale of the Varterral[12]

Codex entries[]

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Codex entry: Blood-Splattered Notes Codex entry: Blood-Splattered Notes