We do not teach that magic is evil. We teach that pride is evil- and does not corrupt only mages.

Mother Giselle is a member of the Chantry in Dragon Age: Inquisition.


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Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Mother Giselle aids refugees of the Mage-Templar War outside of Haven. She believes the Inquisitor can help to keep the Chantry from tearing itself apart following the Breach. She also maintains that the Chantry does not teach hatred of mages, and that swords and magic are equally dangerous when one is prideful.

She believes that the members of the Chantry are now free to follow their individual consciences, and hers advises her to do whatever she can to restore peace to the Chantry and to the world.

After advising the Inquisitor of her thoughts on the current conflicts in Thedas, Giselle heads to Haven to aid Leliana in locating clerics willing to gather in Val Royeaux, advising the Inquisitor to address them to give them reason to doubt their condemnation of them.

After the Inquisition was forced out of Haven, Giselle consoles the Inquisitor following their confrontation with Corypheus, allegedly an ancient magister who entered the Black City and came back as one of the first darkspawn. She offers her opinion on Corypheus, believing that he may be convincing himself that the Maker's throne is vacant. Seeing that the Inquisition is losing hope, Giselle sings an old Chantry hymn to rally the faithful. She then joins the Inquisition as the Inquisitor leads them to Skyhold. Giselle then took residence in the fortress courtyard.

The Inquisitor can discuss the Chantry's version of the origin of the darkspawn and Corypheus' own account of what happened in the Black City. Giselle admits that the Chant of Light could easily be misinterpreted or rewritten due to political machinations such as the censure of the Canticle of Shartan.

Giselle later informs the Inquisitor that she had been approached by a messenger of Dorian's father, Magister Halward Pavus, asking to meet with his son.

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Mother Giselle attends the Exalted Council at the Winter Palace and briefly greets the Inquisitor when they arrive at the council chamber, where they discuss the history of the first Inquisition and plans for the future. The Inquisitor has the opportunity here, if they wish, to reference Giselle's earlier lessons on the first Inquisition, and demonstrate that they paid attention and either agree with her conclusions or not.

Depending on which romance the Inquisitor may have chosen to pursue, Mother Giselle may also officiate the Inquisitor's wedding.


  • "The Maker wishes His word to spread by example, not by war. We win no converts with blood."
  • "Andraste led a rebellion against the Tevinter Imperium, whose magisters controlled most of the world at the time. Even then, she never called for all mages to be put to death. She believed in peaceful coexistence."
  • "An army needs more than an enemy. It needs a cause."
  • "faith is made stronger by facing doubt, untested it is nothing."


  • According to Patrick Weekes, though Mother Giselle has no magic or martial prowess she nevertheless braves the wilds during a war in order to help others, and is in fact "in her own way, one of the most powerful characters in the game."[1]

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