The Winters...I, have already claimed him.

Ginnis is the cold-hearted leader of a mercenary group known as the Winters.

Background Edit

The Winters originate from Nevarra and Ginnis travels to the Free Marches looking to establish a foothold in Kirkwall. Ginnis has a notorious reputation of always getting the job done.

Involvement Edit

Ginnis is involved in the quest The Unbidden Rescue.

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

Ginnis first encounters Hawke at the Viscount's Keep to inquire about a reward for the rescue of the Viscount's son, Saemus Dumar. After accepting the mission from Seneschal Bran, Ginnis tracks the Viscount's son to the Wounded Coast where she discovers him traveling with a lone Qunari. Ginnis mercilessly butchers Saemus' Qunari companion, Ashaad. In response, Saemus becomes furious at Ginnis, using Qunari words to insult her. Suspecting that Saemus has converted, Ginnis threatens to cut the boy's tongue out before spotting Hawke. When Saemus offers to let Hawke claim the bounty for returning him, Ginnis becomes hostile and attacks Hawke alongside several Winters soldiers. Ginnis and the Winters with her are killed in the conflict.

Quotes Edit

  • "And the world's rid of one more Qunari. Easier than I expected."
  • (After Saemus calls her a vashedan bitch) "That one of their words? See, that's why you need to be dragged home. You're playing too nice with those things."

Heraldry Edit

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