Gift Giver

Upon acquisition of a gift in Dragon Age II, an associated quest is added to the journal. To complete it, you must return to the companions's home to speak with them. Presenting a gift increases Hawke's friendship or rivalry. A companion's reaction to a gift depends on their current stance towards Hawke, e.g., if the companion is already on the rivalry path, then giving them a gift will push them further down that path—their dialogue will also be different.

The achievement "Gift Giver" can be earned by giving one of your companions a gift.

Note: Some companion items are armor upgrades rather than actual gifts. These are listed in companion armor.

Gifts Edit

Carver1Tobrius's DocumentsIn the Amell Estate Cellar during Birthright quest
Bethany1Portrait of Your MotherIn the Amell Estate Cellar during Birthright quest
Aveline2Shield of the Knight HerselfIn Ser Varnell's Refuge during Offered and Lost quest
Varric2Tethras Signet RingAt Trinkets Emporium in Lowtown
Anders2Tevinter Chantry AmuletFound in Abandoned Slaver Den during A Bitter Pill quest
Isabela2A Ship in a BottleIn a chest in Smuggler's Cut Cave during Blackpowder Courtesy quest
Sebastian2Starkhaven LongbowOn a Flint Company Mercenary corpse in Harimann Estate basement during Repentance quest.
Fenris2 The Book of Shartan / A Slave's LifeIn a sack at Elven Alienage at Lowtown at night
Merrill2Wooden Halla statuetteAt Master Ilen's Shop in Sundermount
Isabela3Rivaini TalismanIn the Disused Passage at Docks at night, inside a container marked "Storage" located in the lowest part of the northwest section of the map
Fenris3Blade of MercyIn the Warehouse at Docks during Best Served Cold quest
Merrill3Sylvanwood RingOn the body of the Thief Leader, whose group will attack you the first time you enter Sundermount in Act 3, just past the entrance point. (A duplicate is found in A Murder of Crows, as well, but cannot be re-gifted.)

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