The Gibbering horror is a small but vicious vermin Demon, born from the Fade. Its appearance resembles a deepstalker but a gibbering horror is significantly larger and has a small coarse mane of fur around the neck. It's head is largely vestigial and mostly consists of a set of gnashing jaws. They are frequently found scavenging battlefields to feed off corpses.

Background Edit

It was a joke, at first. Any time someone claimed to spot a new oddity in the Fade, we said they'd seen a 'gibbering horror.' Then, slowly, out of the corner of my eye-flashes of teeth, a small bared skull, a hiss. I do not believe we conjured them with our fears. I feel they have existed for some time, and that some unknown current of magic has revived them. Either way, beware. They bite."

- Letter written by an anonymous enchanter in Kirkwall to a friend in the Montsimmard Circle ca. 9:23 Dragon

Locations Edit

Small location icon (Inquisition) The Raw Fade
Small location icon (Inquisition) Tevinter Ruins
Small location icon (Inquisition) Orlesian Chateau
Small location icon (Inquisition) Elven Ruins
Small location icon (Inquisition) Fereldan Castle
Frostback Basin Icon Frostback Basin

Frosted Gibbering Horror

Frosted Gibbering Horror

Abilities Edit

  • Cold Vulnerability
  • Electricity Vulnerability
  • Stun

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