Giants are gargantuan creatures which tower over most living creatures in Thedas at tall heights, and are described as being very much like a "Troll".

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Giants are said to be the most common in northern Thedas, more specifically in the Tevinter Imperium, but can be often seen in southern areas such as Orlais and Ferelden.[1] Waterways are a preferred location for these creatures.[1] They are described as being "destructive beasts", with the hunt for food as being their primary motivation.[1]

Giants are omnivorous creatures, as they can be found eating foods ranging from meat, grain, and leaves, but do not seem to be picky when it comes to what they eat as it is noted they will eat nearly anything digestible, no matter the texture or taste.[1]

Infected giantEdit

A demon ally of the Red Templars named Imshael operating out of Suledin Keep oversaw an operation to infect several Giants with Red lyrium, hoping the Red Lyrium would make them easier to control and further increase their already formidable physical strength. Imshael's research apparently met with some measure of success as several Giants corrupted by Red Lyrium can be encountered battling alongside Red Templars. Like other entities corrupted with red lyrium, these Infected Giants have red lyrium crystals growing from their flesh and possess enhanced strength and speed but are totally under the control of the Red Templars.

Notes Edit

  • The first giant that the Inquisitor is likely to meet will be in the Storm Coast. It is initially seen fighting Vinsomer.
  • The giants found in Firewater Garden in the Emerald Graves patrol the various landmarks there.
  • The giant was designed by Casper Konefal. [2]

Bugs Edit

  • Creature research on beasts or any other research for that matter does not increase the party's damage against giants even though there is such option available.

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