Ghyslain de Carrac is a minor Orlesian noble living in Kirkwall. He is married to Ninette, though their marriage is in turmoil.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

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Dragon Age II.

Ghyslain de Carrac is involved in the quest the First Sacrifice. After his wife goes missing, he puts up a reward for her safe return. When Hawke talks to him, he explains that his marriage is failing and that he wants his wife to be found so that her family, who is suspecting him of having done something to her, will not ruin him. He denies hurting Ninette and points Hawke towards the men that she was cheating with, such as Jethann at the Blooming Rose.

When Hawke's investigation uncovers human remains in a Lowtown foundry, Ghyslain identifies Ninette's wedding ring, which reads "Forever faithful, forever yours." He expresses some regret for the way his marriage has turned out, but mostly relief that Ninette's family cannot ruin him and rewards Hawke.

Quests[edit | edit source]

The First Sacrifice The First Sacrifice

Note texts[edit | edit source]

Reward Offered! Reward Offered!
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