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Gheyna is a young dalish elf who refuses to bond with a young, male Dalish elf named Cammen until he proves himself a true hunter. Her belief is that Cammen will not be able to provide for their future family if he does not hone these skills.


After accepting the side quest Cammen's Lament, the Warden may then chat with Gheyna and persuade her to give Cammen a chance or, if you are a male warden, it is possible to have a 'private chat' with Gheyna if you choose the dialogue option in which you say she needs a real man rather than the pathetic Cammen. Though Gheyna is careful to agree only to talk in private, her following reaction makes it clear that the Warden successfully seduced her off screen. This results in a one-off romance with Gheyna which the Warden can then choose to inform Cammen about, which will ruin the possible relationship between him and Gheyna.


Cammen's Lament Cammen's Lament


  • It is also possible for a female warden to seduce Cammen like the male warden can with Gheyna.
  • Seducing Gheyna results in Leliana Disapproves (-3).
  • If the Warden agrees to help the werewolves kill the Dalish during the main quest Nature of the Beast, Gheyna must be fought and killed alongside the rest of the clan.


  • If you accept the "Cammen's Lament" quest from Cammen, but then go into the Forest and complete the Nature of the Beast quest before talking to Gheyna, when you return, you will no longer be able to complete the quest. Talking to either Cammen or Gheyna will result in just a one-sentence conversation and the Quest Journal will now only note that "Cammen's love life is no longer of concern." The plot point arrow, however, will still show above Gheyna.
  • Due to a bug in Gheyna's conversation, you receive +7 approval from Wynne if you bed her. While the documentation calls for a large reduction in Wynne's approval (quite in line with her character), the code instead adds an increase.