Gerav is a surface dwarf and member of the Carta and also an acquaintance of Varric.

Background Edit

While working for the Carta Gerav had an idea of constructing a repeating crossbow that was easy to operate and aim. His bosses saw the opportunity in such a revolutionary weapon and funded his research. He made the first prototype in the first week but it didn't work and neither the numerous more prototypes he made. His bosses were getting restless when Varric Tethras learned about Gerav's work and purchased his Number Fourteen prototype which was the closest to work before the designs started becoming more and more extreme. Unbeknown to Gerav and the Carta, Varric gave his crossbow to Bianca Davri who was a young smith at the time and she managed to fix the crossbow's deficiencies. When the Carta learned that Varric's repeating crossbow was working he told Gerav that he simply adjusted some of her pins.[1]

So Gerav's bosses gave him even more gold in an effort to replicate the success of Number Fourteen prototype. When Gerav had time he also built small upgrades for Bianca. However some years later he disappeared when he drank darkspawn blood and became one of the thralls of Corypheus.[1]

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

In 9:37 Dragon[2] Gerav is tasked with capturing Hawke. He is encountered in the Carta fortress and, like the rest of the dwarves there, Gerav is insane and has been corrupted by the darkspawn taint. If Varric is in the party, he will attempt to talk to Gerav, but decides to put him out of his misery. Gerav manages to avoid the shot and summons allies, much to Varric's dismay and anger. Once defeated, Varric reveals that Gerav made Bianca.

Gerav fights like any other Carta assassin, he will attempt to flank the player and backstab them, he will also be joined by other Carta members, including a couple of assassins. He will drop Turquoise Ring of the Archon that only Varric can wear. If Varric is not in the party, Gerav will still appear and another party member will comment on Gerav's insanity, but his involvement with Varric's past is not revealed and he will attack Hawke on sight along with some Carta members. Upon death he will drop the same loot as well as an item named A Letter to Gerav.

Quotes Edit

  • "The Hawke's blood! The Master will rise. He will be free!"
  • "The Master must be free..."
  • "We drink the darkspawn blood. He calls us..."
  • "It's the only hear the music."

Notes Edit

  • In Nightmare difficulty he is completely immune to elemental damage and you can hit him only with physical damage.

References Edit

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