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Genlock runners is a variation of genlocks and are notoriously difficult to kill. Runners appear to have a bronze-color to their armor, separating them from other creatures of their kind.


Nimble and quick, these small genlocks are used as bait for traps. They can be found in Caridin's Cross in the Deep Roads.


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Caridin's Cross Caridin's Cross (Deep Roads)

Abilities & Skills[]

Fast running


Their quickness makes these genlocks ideal for leading unwitting adventurers into an ambush. When confronted with the retreating runner, the best choice ironically may be to ignore it and scout around for where the true danger lies. Runners themselves are comparatively weak in combat, and should fall easily once the true threat has been neutralized.


Genlock alpha
Genlock archer
Genlock assassin
Genlock assassin acolyte
Genlock conjurer
Genlock emissary
Genlock forge master
Genlock master assassin
Genlock necromancer
Genlock rogue
Genlock shadow
Genlock shapechanger
Golem master