An enthralled genlock archer is one of the possible party members in The Darkspawn Chronicles DLC. Genlock sappers are nearly identical to archers except with a different name.

Talents[edit | edit source]

The genlock archer thralls have archery talents. They usually have all but one talent in this style.

Initial equipment[edit | edit source]

Weapons Darkspawn Shortbow Darkspawn Shortbow
Armor Darkspawn Plate Armor Darkspawn Plate ArmorDarkspawn Plate Boots Darkspawn Plate Boots

Plot skills[edit | edit source]

Note: Unlike the main game, the approval bonuses in The Darkspawn Chronicles are cumulative.
Skill Name Benefit Requirement
Inspired: Minor Dexterity +1 to Dexterity 25% approval
Inspired: Moderate Dexterity +2 to Dexterity 50% approval
Inspired: Major Dexterity +3 to Dexterity 75% approval
Inspired: Massive Constitution +4 to Constitution 90% approval
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