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Genevieve is the Commander of the Grey of Orlais in 9:10 Dragon.

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Dragon Age: The Calling.

Genevieve always dreamed of being a Grey Warden, but when a Warden finally came to recruit, her brother Bregan was chosen instead. Bregan had no desire to become a Warden, but knowing his sister's greatest wish, he agreed to be recruited on the condition that Genevieve was accepted as well.

Once the reality of being a Grey Warden set in, Genevieve came to understand the full depth of the sacrifice her brother made; knowledge that somewhat soured her opinion of the order. Eventually Bregan became the Commander of the Grey, a position which he didn't desire, however Genevieve was jealous of him all the same. Many years later when Bregan stepped down as Warden-Commander and went to his Calling, Genevieve was made Commander knowing that her brother, the unwilling Warden, had been the more respected, more loved and more talented than she could ever be. The other Wardens accepted her to become Commander out of respect for Bregan's wishes as well as because she was close to her Calling too, so she wouldn't had been a Commander for too long.

Shortly afterwards, Genevieve's betrothed, a Grey Warden named Guy, was murdered by a Val Royeaux cut-purse named Duncan, and her bitter grief deepened. In spite of his actions, Genevieve conscripted the reluctant boy, mentoring him.

Months later, she experienced nightmare visions of Bregan still alive in the Deep Roads, captured by darkspawn. Whether she was more afraid to let her brother go, or afraid that his knowledge of the locations of the Old Gods would precipitate a Blight is in question, however she managed to convince several members of the order in Orlais to mount an expedition to find him. Genevieve knew that her brother passed through the Ortan Thaig, a lost thaig which was visited by the Teyrn Loghain Mac Tir and King Maric Theirin in 8:99 Blessed, the only known living people who did such a thing.

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Dragon Age: The Calling.

Subsequently, Genevieve decided to go to Denerim and ask Teyrn Loghain to accompany the Grey Warden expedition in order to reach Ortan Thaig. She was aware that the chances Loghain would accept such a request were very small especially considering that they were Orlesians and the Grey Wardens had a very bad reputation in Ferelden. In the expedition she was followed by the following Wardens; her lieutenant Kell ap Morgan along with his warhound Hafter, the former Silent Sister Utha, the warriors Julien and Nicolas, the elven mage Fiona and Duncan.

Eventually the group reached the Royal Palace in Denerim and was presented to King Maric and Teyrn Loghain by First Enchanter Remille. After they described the urgency of the situation, Genevieve asked Teyrn Loghain to guide them. Unsurprisingly he refused to go. However, King Maric, seeking to escape his grief and depression over the death of Queen Rowan and in part because of Flemeth's prophecy fourteen years ago that a Blight would start in Ferelden - much to everyone's surprise - accepted to accompany the Grey Wardens himself. The Wardens then smuggled the king out of Denerim before Teyrn Loghain realized their intent. The other Wardens questioned her sanity in placing the King of Ferelden in such danger, with only Duncan aware that she will go as far as order him to kill Maric should he learn too many secrets of the order.

During their journey through the Deep Roads, they eventually reach Ortan Thaig. Inside the palace of the thaig they encounter a dwarven ruler now turned into a skeleton. However the dwarf was an abomination who trapped the group in the Fade and Genevieve found herself in a dream of the life she would have lived had she not become a Grey Warden and married her fiancé. When Duncan tried to convince her to leave, she directed the full brunt of her grief and fury over the boy's part in Guy's death at him, revealing that she had forced Duncan to take the Joining in the hope he would die, after getting a taste of what she and Guy had gone through to protect people like him, only to have the Maker play one more cruel joke on her and let him survive. Duncan was initially astounded by the vehemence of her hatred, until he reasoned that if Genevieve truly wanted him dead, she could have just left him to be executed, and she was reluctantly persuaded to leave her dream.

After Ortan Thaig, Kell questioned the plan and argued that they should abandon their quest. At this point Julien and Nicolas had already died and they realized that the taint had abnormally advanced on the bodies of all the Grey Wardens save for Duncan. Eventually they grudgingly decided to continue. However, while they slept Genevieve went off to find Bregan. Despite that their Commander left them, the group elected to follow her trail. Genevieve in the meantime was persuaded by her brother and joined the Architect and thus became a ghoul like him. The rest of her group were overrun by darkspawn and were captured by the Architect and imprisoned in its headquarters, Kul-Baras. There Genevieve tried to persuade them to join the Architect and help it to end the Blights. Utha agreed to join as well however no one else was interested. After Maric, Fiona and Duncan escaped the thaig, Genevieve accompanied the Architect and Bregan to Circle Tower at Kinloch Hold, which was already occupied by Orlesian mages and templars. However she was still not informed of the entire plan of the Architect. When Bregan revealed to her what they should do in order for humanity to achieve peace with the darkspawn, Genevieve realized that it was all a mistake and drew her blade. Bregan whose judgement was clouded by his taint was angered to see his sister betraying them after all the sacrifices he had done for her and drew his blade too, ready to attack her. However the Architect intervened first and killed Genevieve with its magic.

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