There are several different types of gems that can be found in Dragon Age: Origins as well as its DLCs and expansion. They typically appear under the "Other" category within the inventory.

Note: For 'Remarkable' gems, see Gifts.

Gem types Edit

In the order that the game lists them in your inventory:

High-Range gems

Tre ico diamond Diamond [note]
Tre ico ruby Ruby
Tre ico emerald Emerald

Mid-Range gems

Tre ico sapphire Sapphire
Tre ico topaz Topaz
Tre ico amethyst Amethyst
Tre ico malachite Malachite

Low-Range gems

Tre ico fluorspar Fluorspar
Tre ico garnet Garnet [note]
Tre ico quartz Quartz
Tre ico greenstone Greenstone

Flawless gems Edit

In Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening, four new flawless gems can be found:

Tre ico diamond Flawless Diamond
Tre ico emerald Flawless Emerald
Tre ico ruby Flawless Ruby [note]
Tre ico sapphire Flawless Sapphire

Other Edit

Smuggled Lyrium Smuggled Lyrium, can be acquired during Precious Metals.

Uses Edit

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Pouch of Gems Pouch of Gems
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