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“Who summons Gazarath from slumber?”

Gazarath is a shade that can be summoned in the Korcari Wilds. It is the first Boss-ranked enemy encountered.


On the body of a dead soldier in the Korcari Wilds can be found an Excerpt from Local Myths and Legends. This tells of a shade called Gazarath, and a scribbled note on the excerpt indicates that this particular legend may hold a grain of truth. Eventually it is uncovered that Gazarath can be summoned by sprinkling the ashes of a deceased person over a specific spot.


Gazarath is involved in the quest A Pinch of Ashes; once summoned, it will immediately attack the Warden's party.


A Pinch of Ashes A Pinch of Ashes


Korcari Wilds Korcari Wilds


Gazarath regularly attacks with the Flame Blast spell. A solo Weapon and Shield warrior without any consumables can handle Gazarath just fine at level 5 (easily attainable if one finishes the Korcari Wilds area without triggering Morigan's appearance, returns to Duncan with vials of darkspawn blood, then proceeds to fight Gazarath). The only talent mandatory for this fight is Shield Bash Shield Bash. The algorithm is simple: knock Gazarath down, deal as much damage as possible, run away till Shield Bash Shield Bash comes off cooldown. It's unwise to engage him in melee longer than that, even with high armor rating, as his Flame Blast Flame Blast is very damaging.

Note: For a somewhat fuller discussion of this fight refer here.

Notable loot[]

Ornamental Sword Ornamental Sword (bugged, see item page for workaround)
Enchanter's Footing Enchanter's Footing
Scale Armor Scale Armor
Chainmail Chainmail

Codex entries[]

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  • Gazarath is described in the toolset as "an ancient spirit" who "has long pined for a mortal woman, and he wishes to be destroyed to end his suffering." When Gazarath is destroyed, a line of dialogue was intended to have fired where he says, "My wish has been granted..."