Gather the Army is a quest in Dragon Age: Origins. After Arl Eamon's recovery, he resolves to force Loghain out of power, and unite Ferelden against the darkspawn. Whilst he does that, he believes it would be best if the Warden continues using the treaties, and gather as many allies as possible.

Walkthrough Edit

Although it appears in the log as a separate quest, this quest serves more as a reminder that there is still work to do. It is obtained if The Arl of Redcliffe is finished without first completing all of Broken Circle, Nature of the Beast and A Paragon of Her Kind. Complete those three quests, then return to Arl Eamon at Redcliffe Castle with news of the new allies.

Result Edit

The Arl will congratulate your efforts, then send out the call for a Landsmeet. The party will be transported to his estate in Denerim, and The Landsmeet will begin.

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