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The Gatekeeper appears to be Witherfang's watchman.


He runs around with two other werewolves, keeping an eye out for trespassers near the Brecilian Ruins. When encountered in the Lair of the Werewolves, he gives the choice to let him take the party to the Lady of the Forest.

Like all werewolves, the Gatekeeper is fiercely loyal to the Lady of the Forest. At the end of a conversation with the Warden, he says that he will "come back from the Fade itself to see you pay" if you harm the Lady.


Nature of the Beast Nature of the Beast


  • "(Growls) Intruders have deceived their way into the Forest's Heart, fall back to the ruins, protect the Lady! (Howls)"
  • "Follow me, but I warn you, if you break your promise and harm the Lady, I will come back from the Fade itself to see you pay."


  • As you approach the entrance to the Elven Ruins, you will see the Gatekeeper and two other werewolves in the distance. If you bombard the Gatekeeper with AOE spells without approaching, he will be killed for a small xp gain and possible loot of a werewolf pelt. This cancels a cut scene and the two werewolves just stand there (AOE spells don't harm them).