Gate guardians are a unique type of animated golem.

Involvement Edit

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Dragon Age II.

Gate guardians are not actually Golems in the traditional sense, as they are not powered by a life force but rather they are ordinary statues which have been animated and turned into ad hoc golems by Knight-Commander Meredith Stannard with her Red Lyrium sword during the Kirkwall Rebellion. Meredith transfers part of the lyrium in the sword into the statues, turning them into golems along with the slave statues and unleashing them on Hawke and their allies.

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

The sculptor, Appius Trius, produced a number of statues modelled on a Gate guardian he encountered in a desert as it searched for lyrium to keep it alive. Several of these statues were placed in the Western Approach. Trius had the statues fitted with lyrium rods. This he explained as mere fancy - he would treasure the hope of potentially seeing one walk again.[1]

Abilities Edit

Gate guardians have 3 modes of attack:

  • Spear mode – Whirlwind (it crouches, leading its arms forward and then turns its body quickly, which provides continuous damage for 5 seconds to all targets near it and has an enormous reach).
  • Spider mode – Fireball, Flame Blast.
  • Dual mode – Flurry (standing still with arms up front and giving quick blows with its weapons that deal a lot of damage to all targets in front of the guardian).

Special traits Edit

  • Immune to Stun
  • Immune to critical hits
  • Immune to Knockdown
  • Immune to Immobile
  • Immune to Paralyzed
  • Immune to Enslavement
  • Extremely high health
  • High damage
  • Moderate armor bonus

Elemental resistances Edit

  • Cold: very weak
  • Electricity: normal (immune on Nightmare)
  • Fire: normal
  • Nature: normal
  • Spirit: normal

Notes Edit

  • Cold spells cause it extreme damage and will slow its attack rate.
  • It's slow to move and if attacking someone weak in life (like rogue or mage), they can easily escape.
  • Battle Synergy is very useful against the gate guardian, especially since most of its special abilities are AoE.
  • Casting Dispel Magic on the guardians will stun them for approximately 10 seconds, afflicting them with a lesser form of Hex of Torment for the duration as well.

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References Edit

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