Gascard DuPuis is an Orlesian of noble birth who now lives in Kirkwall. He is viewed by others as a reclusive man who rarely leaves his estate in Hightown.

The templar Emeric suspects him of being involved in a series of gruesome murders.

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

Gascard is involved in the quest Prime Suspect.

Emeric asks Hawke to investigate and see if Dupuis has any connection the serial killer who has been murdering women in Kirkwall over the last 3 years.

When Hawke goes to search DuPuis' estate, the Champion is attacked by shades, giving credibility to Emeric's suspicions. Finding evidence that Gascard is a blood mage and is searching for mages escaped from the Starkhaven Circle, Hawke eventually finds Gascard with a woman named Alessa. Gascard begs Hawke to spare him, claiming that several years ago his sister was killed by the true murderer who now roams in Kirkwall. He moved there to avenge her, and took Alessa hostage since she was the next victim. When Alessa claims Gascard hurt her, he explains he only took her blood in order to be able to trace her thanks to blood magic, should she be abducted. Hawke can either not believe him or ask to help. If Hawke tries to kill him, Gascard will flee to several rooms in the manor, summoning shades to fight for him, before being tracked down and killed. Otherwise he will refuse Hawke's help and leaves, telling Hawke he is going to Darktown. Letting him go while Aveline is in the party results in:

Rivalry small Aveline: rivalry (+5)

After Emeric's death at the hands of a shade, Hawke can tell the templars who arrive to investigate where Gascard is, leading to his arrest and execution for the murders by the templars.

If Hawke did not tell the templars where Gascard is he can be found in Darktown after Leandra is kidnapped. By performing a blood magic ritual, he can locate Alessa and take Hawke to her. Bringing Hawke to Quentin's lair, Gascard confronts Quentin, revealing to Hawke that he did not kill his sister. In truth, Quentin was Gascard's former mentor who refused to share his secrets on necromancy with his failed apprentice, as well as having gone insane by the death of his wife. Gascard has been searching for Quentin to learn his magic for many years.

Quentin will offer to share his secrets with Gascard if he helps kill Hawke. Through the right dialogue choices Gascard can be convinced to go against Quentin, but if he is not dissuaded he will turn on the party. If Varric is in the party, he will shoot Gascard through the throat before Hawke can do anything, looking at Hawke and saying "What? You were going to do that, right?"

If not killed during Prime Suspect or All That Remains, Gascard can later be found in Darktown where he was to perform the blood ritual. If Aveline or Fenris is in the group, they can be asked to make Gascard talk. He can then either be executed, resulting in:

Friendship small Isabela: friendship (+10)

Or if he is allowed to leave, results in:

Rivalry small Isabela: rivalry (+10)
If allowed to leave, he will send you a letter and package at the beginning of Act 3 stating that he has given up magic.

Bugs Edit

  • pcIcon pcps3Icon ps3(v1.04) Sometimes this note will be received even if Gascard was killed in Darktown after All That Remains.
  • pcIcon pcIt has been known for Gascard to explain to you why he can't save your mother even if you killed him, thus having his disembodied voice speak to you.
  • pcIcon pcIf Gascard is allowed to live, White Scapular of the Defender should be included with the Act 3 letter, but is not.
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