Garevel is the captain of the guard at Vigil's Keep. He assists the Warden-Commander in matters of defense.

Involvement Edit

He arrives at Vigil's Keep along with Mistress Woolsey, and argues with her briefly about the necessity of dealing with a Deep Roads entrance in the basement of the keep.

When first spoken to, Garevel will give the quest Last of the Legion.

In the quest Defending the Land, if you allow him to choose where the soldiers prioritize protecting, he will choose the City of Amaranthine.

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

Upon being informed that Amaranthine has lost most of its population after the darkspawn attack, he will suggest burning the city to prevent the remaining darkspawn from joining the army that is attacking Vigil's Keep. If the Warden refuses on the grounds that surviving citizens will be burnt, Garevel protests, but eventually defers to the Commander's judgement.

If you try to save the city, he will return at the end of the battle. He can be given discretion in what to do with the The Messenger, in which case he will release him (despite previously ordering his archers to shoot).

During The Siege of Vigil's Keep, he will guide the Warden-Commander to parts of the Keep which are under attack.

Captain Garevel is promoted to seneschal of Vigil's Keep after the events of Awakening. It is unknown what became of Varel in the cases where his death is not confirmed.

If you import an Awakening character into The Golems of Amgarrak, you will receive a letter from him explaining the situation in Orzammar.

Bugs Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

pcIcon pcxbox360Icon xbox360ps3Icon ps3If you decide to save Vigil's Keep instead of Amaranthine, you may find Garavel has a twin in the Throne Room after the battle. The one nearest the throne cannot be engaged by the Warden-Commander; he simply is there as he always was prior to the attack on Vigil's Keep. The one you can engage in nearest the exit simply states with enthusiasm, "We shall be victorious!"

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