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Gareth David-Lloyd is a Welsh actor, and the voice actor for Solas.

Background Edit

David-Lloyd's first acting role was as a robot in a junior high school play. He joined the Gwent Young People's Theatre in Abergavenny as a teenager. There, he assumed the lead roles in productions of Macbeth and Henry V. During this time, he caught the attention of then-Labour Party leader Neil Kinnock while performing at Monmouth Castle, who sent him £250 towards his burgeoning career as an actor.

David-Lloyd attended the Coleg Gwent, Crosskeys, and appeared in various local productions in Newport and Cardiff. Later, he trained at the National Youth Theatre before moving to Reading to begin his career with The Rep College.[1] His acting background has included numerous portrayals of Shakespearean characters, such as Sebastian in Twelfth Night.[2]

David-Lloyd also pursued a degree in philosophy and psychological studies at the Open University.[3]

He is married and has a child.[4]

Acting career Edit

David-Lloyd's acting career notably includes a significant stint in the regular and expanded Doctor Who universes. Starting in 2006, he played the character Ianto Jones for the Doctor Who spinoff Torchwood, appearing in three of the four Torchwood series, as well as making appearances in several of the final episodes of Doctor Who's fourth series.[5]

David-Lloyd has appeared in several Torchwood audio dramas, as well as recording a Torchwood audiobook called The Sin Eaters. Other audio credits include recording several of author M.R. James' ghost stories called Tales of the Supernatural.[6]

Other notable acting credits of David-Lloyd's include a role in the 2004 comedy Mine All Mine (also written by Doctor Who showrunner Russel T. Davies and playing a character by the name of Ianto Jones) and 2009 appearances in the short comedy A Very British Cover-up and the internet crime thriller Girl Number Nine. In 2010, David-Lloyd appeared in the long-running television series The Bill, and he portrayed Dr. Watson in The Asylum's 2010 film Sherlock Holmes.[7]

In 2011, he appeared in the film Casamir Effect, as well as in the Syfy Channel's 2011 Red Faction: Origins film. He also appeared in an episode of the channel's series Warehouse 13.[8] From 2012-2013, David-Lloyd appeared in the series Holby City.

Voice credits Edit

David-Lloyd portrayed the character of Adam Hale in Red Faction: Armageddon. He portrayed the enigmatic elven apostate Solas in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

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