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When walking the streets of Kirkwall at night, Hawke is often ambushed by various gangs. These attacks occur at night in the Docks, Hightown, and Lowtown. While some only appear in later acts, it is possible for early gangs to appear all-throughout if you do not defeat them.


There is a set number of groups in any one area, but they will not all appear at once. This requires multiple visits to the area, and when they are all defeated, a side quest becomes available during which you hunt down the gang's leadership. When you have completely eradicated a gang you are able to collect a reward from A Friend. This is not marked on your map or journal as a quest, but is a bonus for cleaning the streets. A Friend only appears at night, in the back room of the Hanged Man. She will continue to give out rewards each time the player clears out a band of thugs in the subsequent side quests.

Act 1

Name Quest Leader Location
Guardsmen Pretenders Night Lies Captain Qerth Hightown
Redwater Teeth Pier Pressure Leech Docks
Sharps Highwaymen Sharp Little Pinpricks Ignacio Strand Lowtown

Act 2

Name Quest Leader Location
Dog Lords Hometown Breed Cor "The Bastard" Blimey Lowtown
Invisible Sisters Ladies' Lights Out "Gracious" Gillian Winger Hightown
The Undercuts The Lowdown "Kanky" Hammertoe Docks

Act 3

Name Quest Leader Location
Crimson Weaver Bloodragers Red Run Streets Jakeson "The Bleeder" Hall Hightown
Followers of She Kind of Want Hanker Lowtown
The Reining Men Reining It In Jess "Leashmaster" Varvel Docks


There are also other gangs whose defeat will not earn a reward from a friend.

Sketchy on the Details

During the Act 2 quest Sketchy on the Details, Hawke encounters:

  • Antivan Assassins
  • Carta Loyalists
  • Denerim Avengers
  • Qunari Death Squad
  • Rivaini Legendary Beard


  • If all nine gang quests completed in Acts 1, 2 and 3 are returned together in Act 3, an additional 750 experience points along with 15 sovereigns and 2 Woodsman's Ires can be earned.
  • Enemies may spawn in out-of-the-way corners where they can't see or be seen by the party, so they won't engage in combat with the rest of their group. If they aren't cleared out, the next set of groups won't spawn, preventing progress on the quest. Two known "hiding places" are Gamlen's front porch and the very end of the easternmost pier in the Docks.

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