Exterior shot of the building where Gamlen's House is located. The door is located at the top of the stairs.

After Hawke completes the task for either Athenril or Meeran, they will take up residence with Leandra's brother Gamlen in his house in Lowtown in Kirkwall. Gamlen's House serves as the base residence for Hawke and the sibling that survived The Destruction of Lothering (either Bethany or Carver). Also residing in the house are Gamlen Amell, Leandra Amell, and Hawke's dog.


Hawke can interact with the dog, including the initial naming interaction. Additionally there are personal interactions available at various times in Act 1 with Gamlen, Leandra, and Bethany or Carver. In Act 3 depending on Hawke's actions Charade can come to visit Gamlen here.

In Act 1, Gamlen's House houses the Writing Desk which is the starting point of several quests including Loose Ends, The Bone Pit, and Bait and Switch. It is also where Hawke can begin and complete the family quests: Birthright, Portrait of the Past (if Bethany survived The Destruction of Lothering), and Family History (if Carver survived).

In Act 3, Visit Gamlen is completed here and Gamlen's Greatest Treasure begins in the house.

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Act 1:

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Act 1

Ico codex entry Codex entry: The Cardinal Rules of Magic - under the bed in the side room

Act 3:

Codex icon DA2 Codex entry: A Crumpled Note