The Gallows Dungeon is not a dungeon in the traditional sense but a network of tunnels running under the harbour built by lyrium smugglers who sell additional lyrium to the templars of Kirkwall to feed their addiction.

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Dragon Age II.

In Act 2, Anders tells Hawke about Ser Otto Alrik misuse of the Rite of Tranquility. He asks you to accompany him to a secret entrance to the Gallows Dungeon, the basement of the Gallows in Darktown. His goal in infiltrating the Gallows is to obtain evidence of a plot to make all mages tranquil.

Caves and mines map (DA2)

Map of the area

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Quest icon DA2 Dissent
Quest icon DA2 The One True Pantaloons

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Deep Mushroom DA2 Deep Mushroom
Spindleweed Spindleweed
Heavy armor green DA2 Spirit Essence
Plot item DA2 Fine Dwarven Trousers

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Codex icon DA2 Codex entry: The Enigma of Kirkwall
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