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Frostrock is an ingredient used to craft ice-related consumables in Dragon Age: Origins.



Lesser Ice Salve Lesser Ice Salve

Greater Ice Salve Greater Ice Salve


Freeze Bomb Freeze Bomb

Freezing Coating Freezing Coating


Freeze Trap Freeze Trap


Dragon Age: Origins[]

Merchant Location Quantity Price
Alimar Orzammar, Dust Town x3 14Silver 0Bronze
Faryn Frostback Mountain Pass x4 12Silver 0Bronze
Figor Orzammar, Figor's Imports x3 10Silver 0Bronze
Levi Dryden Soldier's Peak, Warden's Keep x7 12Silver 0Bronze
Merchant Lothering x2 16Silver 0Bronze
Ruck Deep Roads, Ortan Thaig x5 30Silver 0 Bronze
Tranquil Proprietor Denerim, Wonders of Thedas x5 12Silver 0Bronze

Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening[]

Merchant Location Quantity Price
Master Henley City of Amaranthine x6 12Silver 0Bronze
Octham the Grocer City of Amaranthine x8 12Silver 0Bronze
Yuriah Vigil's Keep, Throne Room x3 12Silver 0Bronze