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Friends of Red Jenny is a side quest that begins after picking up an item in the Circle Tower for the Friends of Red Jenny.


  • Start in the Circle Tower. Find the desk in First Enchanter Irving's room and take the Small Painted Box, which is needed for the quest.
  • Eventually, you will be ambushed on The Long Road. Loot the bodies to find a note concerning the Friends, which updates the Codex and starts the quest that can be completed in Denerim.
  • Head to Denerim Market District past the Wonders of Thedas to find a Mysterious Door at the end of the alley. Right-click on it. You are offered three choices:
    1. Present the box;
    2. Mention you are looking for Red Jenny;
    3. Ask if they had business at the Circle Tower.
  • Present the box (option #1) to complete the quest; the other options end with the door closing in your face (you can knock on the door again and present the box).


  • 3 Gold
  • 100 XP

See also[]

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Red Jenny Seekers Red Jenny Seekers, gloves received as a reward for completing The Trial of Crows quest line for the Antivan Crows.

Red Jenny Backbiter Red Jenny Backbiter, a dagger in Dragon Age II


  • In Dragon Age II, when you complete the first bandit quest, a Friend will ask you to come to the Hanged Man for payment for clearing the streets. She can be found inside the tavern, in the room across from Martin at night. If you complete enough bandit quests through all three Acts and talk to 'a Friend' at the Hanged Man, she will eventually give you the Woodsman's Ire, saying that it is a 'courtesy of the Friends of Red Jenny'.