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The Friends of Red Jenny are an enigmatic organization present throughout Thedas. According to Sera, the Friends of Red Jenny are a secret society that perform elaborate revenge schemes ranging from petty thievery to contractual assassinations on those who would prey on the lowborn of society. Usually though, it's an expansive network who all contribute in disparate ways to random acts with a desired goal of mutually profitable ends. The organization is a leaderless resistance as they have no structural hierarchy and each cell is compartmentalized by location and headed by varied leadership.


Dragon Age: Origins

It is revealed they ordered mercenaries to steal an item from the First Enchanter Irving's quarters at the Circle Tower. The item and one of the letters to the mercenaries can be retrieved by the Warden and then delivered to Denerim for a reward.

Dragon Age II

Upon finishing all of the gangs sidequests, A Friend informs Hawke that it was the Friends of Red Jenny who provided rewards for getting rid of the gangs.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Sera, one of the Inquisitor's companions, was a member of the Friends of Red Jenny.

Known members


  • The Friends of Red Jenny seem partly inspired by Robin Hood & his Merry Men with their mission being to help the lowborn and poor.

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