Frenic is the leader of a group of blood mages in Orlais.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker.

Frenic and his cult of blood mages kidnap Avexis, a young elven mage with the power to control beasts, from the Circle of Magi. He attempts to bring Avexis under his control by forcing her to drink blood, but the ritual is interrupted by the Seekers of Truth. During the ensuing battle, Frenic identifies Cassandra Pentaghast as a dragon slayer when she slays a captive drake. Cornered, Frenic is forced to abandon Avexis, and escapes after transforming into a raven.

Frenic clandestinely meets with Knight-Commander Martel, with whom he is conspiring, and passes Martel an Elven stone that enables them to communicate across great distances.

The Seeker Byron fears a conspiracy within the Chantry and spirits Avexis away from the Seeker fortress. Frenic and his mages ambush Byron and Cassandra, killing Byron and kidnapping Avexis once again. Frenic is able to complete his blood ritual. He uses Avexis to command high dragons, with the intention of assaulting Val Royeaux and killing the Divine and the Grand Clerics, all except for Grand Cleric Callista, who will be in position to become the new Divine.

The plan falls apart when Cassandra kills several of the dragons and the Circle rescues Avexis. When Callista stumbles toward Frenic, he kills her, revealing that he used Callista's ambition as a means to destroy the Chantry and allow mages to rule once more. Frenic impales himself on his own staff and transforms into a pride demon. In this form, he is resistant to the Circle mages' spells. Avexis summons the surviving high dragon to take out Frenic. As a demon, Frenic is torched by the dragon and sent over the edge of the cathedral, clinging to life from a high precipice. Cassandra impales Frenic in the head and sends him crashing to his death.

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