Freed Are Slaves is a mosaic collection in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

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Pieces of an old Tevinter mosaic are scattered across Thedas. If recovered, they could be reassembled.

Acquisition Edit

Triggers when any mosaic piece from this collection is found.

Walkthrough Edit

The mosaic pieces are found across Thedas in the following locations; the pieces are numbered to match the reference image:

Note: The pieces found in the Flooded Caves, Crestwood are only accessible once the lake has been drained during the side quest Still Waters.
  1. Flooded Caves, Crestwood - found in the northern most room of the lowest level, enter the area to the right of with the Supply Cache; a warrior is required to access the area by breaking the wall, once inside continue down the ladder.
  2. Flooded Caves, Crestwood - found on a table in the eastern most room of the lowest level, across from the room with the rift; an elven artifact for Solas can be found in the same room.
  3. Flooded Caves, Crestwood - travel through the flooded caves and head towards the exit on the lower level; the piece can be found on a table prior to the pulling the cave's exit lever.
  4. Caer Bronach, Crestwood - found through the door just to the right of the requisition table; the room cannot be accessed until after the keep has been captured.
  5. Crestwood - found south of Crestwood Village in the hidden cave off of Old Market Road.
  6. Hargrave Keep, Fallow Mire - found behind a locked door above the battlements.
    Note: Requires Deft Hands, Fine Tools Inquisition perk
  7. Forbidden Oasis - found in a tunnel east of the Solasan temple; when approaching from the tunnel shown in the gallery, head down the tunnel and turn right at the cross-section, there are more than one entrances to the tunnel.
  8. Still Ruins, Western Approach - found behind a locked door, just to the right of the first hall encountered.
  9. Coracavus, Western Approach - found behind a locked door if the Records Room.
    Note: Requires The Short List Inquisition perk
  10. Cradle of Sulevin - found behind a locked door in the northwest corner of the Starlight Chambers.
  11. Lost Temple of Dirthamen - found at the end of tunnel just past the magical barrier; from the Chamber of Whispers (upper left corner in the map), turn east and then north.
  12. Lost Temple of Dirthamen - inside the Chamber of Oracle, found on the right-hand side from the door; the piece can only accessed after defeating the Highest One.

Reference Image Edit

Freed are Slaves

Mosaic Piece Numbering

Rewards Edit

  • Collecting each mosaic piece yields:
    • 50 XP
  • Recovering all 12 pieces yields:
    • 200 Influence

Results Edit

  • The completed mosaic can be viewed on the northern wall of Vivienne's room.

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