Free the Ogre is a side quest in The Darkspawn Chronicles DLC for Dragon Age: Origins. It occurs during the main quest Assault on the Palaces. Open the gate to free ogre.

Walkthrough Edit

After leaving the Alienage, the ogre you enthralled was swallowed in a crush of swarming darkspawn and got separated from you. It is now trapped behind the gate that grants access to the Palace District. Upon entering the district, turn right, where you can see the imprisoned Ogre. There are many dwarven soldiers and Qunari missionaries, a ballista and a chest with a Reinforced Magus Cowl. Clear the area, then head left and up the stairs.

Note: As the ogre is automatically removed from your party, you are now missing a thrall. Make sure to enthrall a nearby genlock or hurlock to help you clear the area.

On your way to the stairs you will encounter Kardol. Kill him to get the Shield of the Legion and Totem (gift). Once Kardol's out of the way, head up the stairs to find several more qunaris and dwarves, along with a Steel Golem. (There's also another ballista up here, but it won't pose a threat as the dwarf manning it will be killed by a missile before you get to it.) After killing everything in sight, go east and then south to the portcullus. There will be several Innocent Men and Women mixed in with the rest of the enemies—it's best to clear the area completely before raising the portcullis. Pull the two levers (one on each side) to raise the portcullis and free the ogre and a Blight Wolf. If you still have a full party, kill two of the thralls so that you can enthrall both the ogre and the wolf (the blight wolf is one of the thralls that you will need in order to earn the Enthralling achievement.) Once the gate is raised another ogre will appear to assist in the battle.

Note: You must enthrall the original ogre that was trapped behind the gate in order to earn the Ogre's Keeper achievement. The second ogre that shows up WILL NOT count towards the achievement. The easiest way to ensure you've enthralled the correct ogre is to enthrall it as soon as the gate is raised; if you wait until it gets to the top of the stairs and joins the other ogre, it is nearly impossible to tell them apart.
Note: The stats of the ogre may vary from those it had before leaving your party, as well as its Combat Tactics and its approval. If its approval was more than 0 before, then the correct ogre at this point would have Approves (+1), the other Neutral (0).

Rewards Edit

Ico staff Malign Staff - Looted from a chest.
Ico helm cloth Reinforced Magus Cowl - Looted from a chest.
Ico dragonbone shield Shield of the Legion - Dropped by Kardol.
Tre ico totem Totem - Dropped by Kardol.
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