Frederic is a Professor of Draconology from the University of Orlais who is originally from the Marquisate of Serault in Western Orlais.

Background[edit | edit source]

Frederic is intent on researching the wildlife of the Western Approach, including the mighty High dragon.

He is found in a hut south of Nazaire's Pass Camp. He has been researching the region and its wildlife, but requires the Inquisitor's help in many ways.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

It is likely the Inquisitor will stumble upon quests leading them to Frederic before meeting the man himself.

In fact, Frederic's research supplies have been waylaid (see Draconology), and his collaborators have disappeared (see Frederic's Livelihood), but both can be found on the way from the initial entry point (Lost Spring Canyon Camp) and Frederic's camp.

Meeting the Professor will unlock the side quest Assault on Griffon Wing Keep.

Note: The following quests may require the completion of both Draconology and Frederic's Livelihood.

Once Frederic's Livelihood is completed, the Professor will talk more about his research and bestow two more quests: Hunting Patterns and How to Lure a Dragon.

Professor Frederic in Heroes of Dragon Age

If prompted through dialog about his own safety in such a dangerous region, Frederic will mention he saw bandits, White Claw troops, mysterious black-clad people and even Grey Wardens pass by, but none have interfered with him directly. If Varric is in the party, he will remark how odd that is.
The Inquisitor may later find an explanation on a table at the Shimmer Stone Mine.

Once How to Lure a Dragon is completed, the professor will bestow the A Manuscript of Some Authority quest. Similarly, after the Hunting Patterns quest is completed, Frederic will ask the Inquisitor to destroy the hunting traps placed by the White Claw riders in the area (Sharper White Claws quest).

When A Manuscript of Some Authority is completed, Frederic will give The Abyssal High Dragon quest.

After the Inquisitor completes the Breeding Grounds sidequest in Emprise du Lion, Frederic becomes involved in an operation to study Corypheus' archdemon.

Frederic can also be recruited as an Inquisition Agent after slaying the Abyssal High Dragon.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Assault on Griffon Wing Keep Assault on Griffon Wing Keep
Draconology Draconology
Frederic's Livelihood Frederic's Livelihood
How to Lure a Dragon How to Lure a Dragon
Hunting Patterns Hunting Patterns
Sharper White Claws Sharper White Claws
A Manuscript of Some Authority A Manuscript of Some Authority
Translate the Dragon Text Translate the Dragon Text
The Abyssal High Dragon The Abyssal High Dragon

Codex entries[edit | edit source]

Codex entry: Professor Frederic of Serault Codex entry: Professor Frederic of Serault

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