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“You fight well. I wish you glory today and glory tomorrow.”

Frandlin Ivo is a dwarven noble warrior. He is also a temporary companion in the Dwarf Noble Origin in Dragon Age: Origins.


Frandlin Ivo is a member of House Ivo, a "relatively inconsequential" house according to Gorim Saelac. He also says that Frandlin is expected to take full command of his house soon, and works on improving his house's reputation and importance. According to the Proving Master, he is the second son of Lord Ivo and a decorated fighter who prefers unusual combat tactics and weapons.


A Tale of Orzammar[]

This section contains spoilers for:
A Tale of Orzammar.

Frandlin Ivo works for Prince Bhelen Aeducan by assisting him in finding a mercenary who will plant the Aeducan Shield in the Aeducan Thaig in order to be found by Bhelen's sibling, the Dwarf Noble. Later he escorts Bhelen to the thaig and helps him attempt to kill the mercenary in order to cover their tracks.

Dragon Age: Origins[]

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

If the Dwarf Noble chooses to fight in the Provings held in their honor, Frandlin Ivo will be the final opponent. After winning the Provings, the Dwarf Noble can also choose to give the prize to Frandlin Ivo for fighting well, for which he will thank them later. If the Dwarf Noble chooses to watch the Provings instead, they can see him in the arena fighting Ser Blackstone. Afterwards, if they return to the Proving grounds, the Proving Master will ask the Dwarf Noble whether they wish to congratulate the winner of the Provings or not. If you accept, Frandlin Ivo will come and bow. Then the Dwarf Noble can congratulate or humiliate him.

The next day, Frandlin will assist the Dwarf Noble in obtaining the Shield of Aeducan during the quest A Noble Expedition. At the end of that quest, Frandlin Ivo will reveal himself as a key conspirator in Prince Bhelen's plot to exterminate his two siblings. He will provide a testimony in front of King Endrin and some of the heads of the major noble houses, claiming that the Dwarf Noble ordered them to kill their brother, Prince Trian, regardless if it happened or not. As he is of noble lineage himself, his word will not be questioned.

Speaking to his older brother as a Dwarven Noble who participated in the Provings and defeated Frandlin, Wojech Ivo will comment on his brother's defeat and his determination to restore his house's reputation. Additionally, he will reveal that Frandlin was elevated to Bhelen's left hand.


Dwarf Noble Origin Dwarf Noble Origin


Initial skills[]

Improved Combat Training Improved Combat Training

Initial talents[]

Racial ability Dwarven Resistance Dwarven Resistance
Warrior Precise Striking Precise Striking
Weapon and Shield Shield Bash Shield BashShield Block Shield Block

Initial equipment[]

Weapons and shields Dwarven Longsword Dwarven LongswordDwarven Large Round Shield Dwarven Large Round Shield
Armor Scale armor set Scale armor set