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I know about what many fear about the upcoming DA3 game, but what are you hoping to see?

I'm fairly new to the game, so I want to know what the more experienced players are thinking.

--BlueChaosFaerie (talk) 21:11, February 19, 2013 (UTC)

  • Amazing antagonist, like Saren in ME or Loghain in DA:O. I don't want to fight groups or ideas, I want to fight the one guy or gal who represent those things. Arishok was alright, but there was not nearly enough of him, and also he was just a minor boss, not the antagonist.
  • Opening that will not make me want to vomit every time I will have to go through it on my 1+ playthroughs, i.e. DA2's.
  • Lots of choices that affect the game so that I'de have reasons for 1+ playthrough.
  • I hope it will have all variations of setings and cultures, not just mages and templars; I want Dalish, Orlesian nobles, Tevinter magisters, dwarves, darkspawn, grey wardens.
  • A love interest that is heterosexual, and one that is gay.
  • I want epic story, no matter if cliched - I want it to be good.
  • Opportunity to become ridiculously powerful, like Human Noble may become Teyrn of Gwaren, Arl of Amaranthine, Warden-Commander, owner of an inn, and King Consort/Queen Consort whilst their brother is the Teyrn of Highever.
  • An option to destroy either templars or mages if we wish to. Henio0 (talk) 21:27, February 19, 2013 (UTC)
Fiona or Lambert will be enemies of the players depending on choices. You won't destroy mages nor templars, because then next games should be designed in 2 different separate versions. Besides mages and templars can rise again, if the Inquisition is restoring, same to Carta or anti warden conspirators or golem makers. There always will be opponents of current state, history is about wars between people, who disagreed. (talk) 22:01, February 19, 2013 (UTC)

Alright my turn. I hope to see in DA3:

  • more originally written companions, no more sexoholic backstabbers, possessed healers, or lawful shielded warriors.
  • if in ME3 was an option of peace between quarians and geth, I want such option for mage templar case. I also hope Anders won't be any condition for such option. I killed him and don't to see him again.
  • a rogue with bigger and more spectacular versitality. A developed stealthy steps. Making and setting traps. Poisoning drinks, which target wishes to drink. Stealing keys, documents and other plot items.
  • robes, jackets and armors of inquisitors designed by a designer with sense of fashion.
  • return of a summoned mabari but I can give him commands like my companions.
  • companions, who aren't extremists like Anders or Fenris, their behaviours pushed me to neutrality. Just like Varric I'm sick of mages and templars.
  • a companion, who Dalish, but isn't a mage, rather a hunter or warrior.
  • an official explanation of what is Flemeth.
  • choices from previous games, that matter despite BW's claiming that there won't be any file transfer. Maybe dialogues with NPCs will shape the storylines of previous games. In KOTOR2 we could speak about what did previous protagonist and what was like.

That all for now and please don't mention anything more about mages and templars, because for 2 years people speak only about this, when there are hundreds of different topics. (talk) 22:01, February 19, 2013 (UTC)

Okay, so my hopes are as follows:

1. Companions that take stances but are bendable and able to be converted to your cause or against it. I don't want any companions that are so anti something that that they just grind on your nerves. 2. Romances that make sense. Not all characters should be romanceable, so give us some that are heterosexual, some that are bisexual and some that are gay, not to mention if there were some who just weren't interested in you. 3. A range of companions with far ranging back stories, if we are going to be an Inquistion in all of the land, then give us characters from every land. Orlesian, Tevinter, Fereldan, Dalish, Qunari, Dwarf....the more diverse the better. 4. A good merge of the first two games, I liked a lot of things from Dragon age 2 (i know i'm in the minority with this) and a few things from Origins, so find what worked best and mixed them together to give us the gameplay/story we all want.

Those are my main wants, I'm pretty open, I don't think Dragon AGe 2 ruined the series, so I'm probably less demanding than a lot of others.

My hope is that the IP gets sold to Paradox Interactive. ЮраYuriKaslov - Sig image 01:26, February 20, 2013 (UTC)

I don't have many criticisms with the storytelling in Dragon Age, but it seems as if, particularly in DA2, that they would introduce all of the interesting story elements but not really resolve them. I personally believe certain elements, like Flemeth, are meant to remain a mystery, but other elements should have a more definitive resolution, like the Eluvian and the whole red lyrium/primeval thaig thing. I realize some things are meant to carry over, but answer some old questions before introducing new ones. Mystery after mystery after mystery gets a little hard to keep up with, and I feel good storytelling includes satisfactory resolution. AGayWarden (talk) 02:03, February 20, 2013 (UTC)

That was one of my main problems with Witch Hunt. As the last adventure for Origins, you just got an ambiguous ending no matter what you did, and you were left even more confused than you were prior to playing it.--Lurooke Surana (talk) 03:09, February 20, 2013 (UTC)

New specializations. I've been reading on the forums that we'll only get to choose one specialization. Let's have something completely new, or a blend of two older specializations. I'm a fan of the Berserker+Reaver combo, at least give me an equivalent of that.--KCMueller (talk) 04:08, February 20, 2013 (UTC)

I do hope we don't have to register the game on Origin or Steam, that's annoying that today all games must be registred. (talk) 06:24, February 20, 2013 (UTC)

Rob Cousland, enough said.--R0B45 (talk) 09:39, February 20, 2013 (UTC)

A male LI that is more like Malcolm Reynolds and less like Marvin the Android. Or ... more Wrex and less Pitne For. The.Huntress (talk) 17:53, February 20, 2013 (UTC)

You sure it's Pitne For, not Han Olar? :-) Dorquemada (talk) 18:31, February 20, 2013 (UTC)
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