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While I enjoy playing the class, it makes no sense to me whatsoever that we can become a Bloodmage with no consequences! Based on the logic of the game, the history and internal consistency, a Bloodmage should be hunted down and executed on sight. So, why can I not only bargain to become a Bloodmage in 1 playthrough, but then also be able to create a new Bloodmage mage upon reaching lvl 7 on a totally new character, and nobody reacts?! The moment I employ blood magic most of my companions should be horrified and rebel! NPC's should be calling out the guard, and Templars or soldiers nearby ought to attack. Allowing Bloodmages undercuts the whole charge built in around the practice based on the storyline and history.

Entirely true. While the actual specialization is learned in secret, and it's possible to hide being a Bloodmage, you don't in-game. And that really doesn't make any sense. But lyrium isn't highly addictive/dangerous in-game as it is according to lore either. With all the lore around blood magic, people would probably want the specialization if it wasn't in the game. It's a sacrifice to make the game more fun over accuracy, I suppose. DarwinSighs 19:12, December 23, 2009 (UTC)

My take on this comes from conversation with Duncan early in the game. You can ask him if he has ever seen a Blood Mage before. Although, if I remember correctly, he says that he has only ever seen one from afar durring a time when he was helping hunt one down, but the Blood Mage was killed by the Templars before he got close. Anyways, he goes on to tell you that some Grey Wardens have had to resort to learning Blood Magic to fight the Darkspawn. However, it doesn't really explain why it would be even remotely acceptable for Wynn or Morrigan to become a Blood Mage, as they aren't Grey Wardens.

Morrigan is an apostate. Templars only see them as a slight step down on the "to kill" list, with maleficar being the top priority. So templars should be trying to kill her on sight, regardless. The only reasonable explanation is because she's with the Warden - or templars are really stupid and can't recognize an apostate when they're staring one in the face. So if Morrigan became a bloodmage as well, I really don't see why templars would suddenly go from a passive stance to an aggressive one and attempt to kill her. I agree with Wynne, though. I'd would hope that Wynne would leave the group if made into a bloodmage. She doesn't, sadly.

For that matter, if we're discussing consistency, if the Warden becomes a Templar then he should at least have the option to kill Morrigan. There can be two reasons for the Warden to become a Templar: he either just wants the skills because they'll be useful against the darkspawn or he agrees with their philosophy / duty. So to be able to roleplay a Templar correctly you should get the option to kill her, the game should not assume the first option. It should also give the option to kill any mage in the party that becomes a blood mage, as mentioned above. Perhaps a mod can be created to give you this and other such additional roleplay options?
Perhaps we should create a page on the wiki about inconsistencies between what the game allows you to do and the in-game lore? Seems to me there must be at least a few more... Jean seb 05:25, December 24, 2009 (UTC)

You could say that you are controlling your party through blood magic, and they therefor do not react to you using blood magic. But that may or may not be stretching it a bit.

Just in case anyone doesn't know this, which seems apparent. If, before going to the circle, you have the blood mage specialization, or even accepted learning this, Wynne will confront you after the Broken Circle quest and will attack along with all the remaining templars/mages. Boom, consequences.

So far, I have yet to have Wynn confront me, and I've been a blood mage since confronting the Desire demon in the Fade and making the bargain with her. Is it some response option afterward that prompts Wynn to object and fight? If so, maybe I bypassed that response (i.e., lied, or simply didn't respond to her enquiry)?
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