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Hi I have started a new playthrough of Dragon Age: Origins. I am being a rogue archer. Which party members would you suggest I choose?

Playing as an archer, I tend to use Wynne as my spirit healer, Morrigan as a dps mage, and Alistair/Shale to tank. Rokky94 (talk) 19:28, June 6, 2011 (UTC)

Archers tend to be good at taking out high priority targets, so your party members will probably need to be good for crowd control so your not interrupted while shooting people. I'm thinking Shale, because Shale is the most diverse and useful character in Thedas, Alistair because he's going to be soaking up damage, and Wynne, because while Morrigan is offensively based, you'll need more of a healer to keep Shale and Alistair alive. Just pick up cone of cold along the way, and you're pretty much set.

I think I'd take Shale, as having her standing next to you with her Rock Mastery sustained ability active will give you bonuses to your ranged critical chance and ranged attack speed. I'm guessing that she'll have a higher threat value than you, too, so any enemies that come within melee range will focus on her rather than you. I think the options for your other characters are wide open -- I think I'd actually be different and go for Zevran slipping in and out of stealth while dual-wielding, and Alistair/Sten/Oghren as the other tank. Potions are enough to keep the party members' health up (that's what I do, playing in Nightmare mode) so a spirit healer isn't required. Go for what would be most fun for you. :) (talk) 20:00, June 6, 2011 (UTC) Sophia

Rock Barrage draws crazy amounts of threat. I cannot stress enough that you MUST read the Rock Mastery page, before using her to buff archers.

My last archer playthrough was with Leliana and Zevran, all of us as Bard/Rangers, with a Rock Mastery-centered Shale. The long summoning animation allows a Ranger to sustain two pets, at once. Three archers huddled around Shale, with three Blight Wolves and three Great Bears tanking, has to be seen to be believed.

Also, be sure to read: User:Futonrevoltion

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