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So I am curious as to ask if you could only make one of your save states from da:o to da2 canon which would it be. for me I would take my elven mage Alim and My Warrior Hawke. -- (talk) 19:58, December 5, 2011 (UTC)

  • Warden: Algol, male, human noble, warrior, sided with mages, elves and Caridin's golems. Destroyed the Anvil, preserved the Urn, made Harrowmont king. Cured Eamon, Connor and Isolde live. Executed Loghain, hardened Alistair and Anora rule jointly. LI: Morrigan, performed the Dark Ritual with her. Shale was discovered, all companion quests completed, all approvals maxed. All Awakening characters survived, saved Vigil's Keep, Architect killed.
  • Hawke: Aurana, female, rogue, worked for the smugglers, convinced Feynriel to go to Tevinter, avoided the fight with the Dalish. Sided with mages, defeated the Arishok in a duel (in six blows - rogues are op:)), discovered and killed that desire demon (Xene-something), and that pride demon. LI: Merrill. Max rivalry with Fenris and Sebastian, max friendship with all the others. Isabela and Anders stayed with her. Completed Legacy with Bethany and Anders, sided with Larius.

Well, these are my "canon" saves:)-Algol- (talk) 22:10, December 5, 2011 (UTC)

Warden: Female, human mage, sided with mages, both elves and werewolves, Caridin, destroyed the Anvil, made Harrowmont king, preserved the Urn. Jowan went to the Fade to help Connor with the aid of Circle mages. Alistair killed Loghain, unhardened Alistair rules alone, Anora imprisoned. LI: Alistair, broke up after he was made king since the Warden was a mage. Rejected Morrigan's offer. Sacrificed herself. No Shale.

Warden Commander: Female, human mage. All Awakening characters survived, but Velanna and Sigrun disappeared. Saved Amaranthine, Vigil's Keep fully upgraded. Architect killed.

Hawke: Female, diplomatic mage. Worked for the smugglers, sent Feynriel to Tevinter, sided against Petrice, defeated Arishok in a duel, avoided the fight with the Dalish. Carver became a Grey Warden. LI: Anders. 100% rivals: Merrill. 100% friends: Anders, Aveline, Varric. Isabella vanished with the book and never returned. In the end sided with mages. Sebastian left in rage. Had to kill Fenris. Ran away with Anders. Completed Legacy with Carver, Varric and Anders, sided with Larius. Asherinka (talk) 20:19, January 8, 2012 (UTC)

  • Warden: Solaryn-Female-Dalish Elf-Warrior-Templar/Reaver/Spirit Warrior. Kills Witherfang, Zathrian ends curse. Saves mages. Saves Redcliffe, Connor and Isolde live. Defeats High Dragon single-handedly, preserves the Urn, agrees the news should be spread. Sides with Bhelen, consults shaper, learns of Bhelen's methods, defects to Harrowmont. Sides with Harrowmont, sides with Carridan, Harrowmont becomes King. Destroys Avernus' research, experiments continue in a humane fashion. Completes Returns to Ostagar, Cailan receives burial. Goes to Denerim, hardens Alistair, not Leliana, rescues Anora, escapes Fort Drakon by impersonating a guard. Kills Caladrius, agrees to Anora's bargain. Defeats Loghain in single combat, hesitates, Alistair deals killing blow. Question of succession is called, Alistair accepts, warden left speechless and Alistair is crowned, Anora imprisoned, without warden's full realization of what happened. Has Alistair perform dark ritual, defeats and kills archdemon, saves the country. Land is granted to the Dalish.
  • ^Warden Commander: Recruits all party members, enlists the help of dark wolf to crush conspiracy. Fully upgrades the vigil, all companions survive. Abandons the order. Heads south to see where the Blight began, turns north to visit the Dalish lands. Meets Ashalle, decides to head north to Free Marches to visit clan. Currently en route to Kirkwall.
  • Champion: James-male-mage-force mage/primal school. Enlists with Meeran. Recruits all party members. Carver becomes a Templar. Sides with Larius. Isabella is turned over to Arishok. Sides with mages at every opportunity, then templars at final battle. Romanced Merrill, kills the Dalish, becomes Viscount.

Those are my canon events as of my most recent DA activity. ----Isolationistmagi 22:00, January 8, 2012 (UTC)

Warden: Saskia Tabris, female duel-wielding city elf rogue. Assassin/duelist. Sided with the mages, preserved the Urn, saved Redcliffe, Isolde and Connor live (NO idea why I spared Isolde...), convinced Zathrian to end the curse without killing Witherfang, sided with Caridin and destroyed the Anvil. Sided with Bhelen. Didn't harden Leliana, hardened Alistair and made him king. Defeated Loghain in single combat, let Alistair kill him. Romanced Zevran. Made Alistair perform the dark ritual. Recruited all companions, max approval with all except Wynne, who I ran out of conversation and gifts with at around the 82 approval mark. Gah. Didn't play through Awakening.

Hawke: Revy Hawke, sarcastic female spirit healer/force mage. Worked for Athenril, didn't bring Anders to the Deep Roads and thus Carver died. Sent Feynriel to the Circle and later to Tevinter. Killed the Dalish. Isabela nicked off with the relic and never returned. Sided with Larius. Defeated the Arishok in single combat. Recruited all companions except Sebastian, since I don't have the DLC. Max friendship with all companions. Romanced Fenris. Sided with the mages at the end. ChemistryCat (talk) 05:42, January 9, 2012 (UTC)

Let's see...

Aedan Cousland - Warrior:

  • Romanced/Seduced/Kissed all female options (except Leliana)
  • Recruited all members
  • Saved the Circle and sided with Mages
  • Saved Connor and revealed the Ashes
  • Destroyed the Anvil and put Bhelen on the throne
  • Relieved the Werewolves and gained the elves as allies
  • Put a hardened Alistair on the throne
  • Performed the dark ritual with Morrigan
  • Saved the Keep while Amaranthine burned
  • Spared the Architect
  • Went with Morrigan through the Eluvian

Rogue Garret Hawke - Rogue:

  • Allowed Bethany to accompany us to the Deeproads only to join the Wardens
  • Began my relationship with Isabela
  • Defeated The Arishok in... MORTAL KOMBAT!!!
  • Sided with the mages to defeat Meredith and Templars.

That's me, anywayNwolC (talk) 08:22, January 9, 2012 (UTC)nwolC

Warden: Selene Mahariel, female dual-wielding Warrior

  • Recruited everyone, all 100% approval, hardened Leliana and Alistair.
  • Romanced Zevran.
  • Didn't give money to Goldanna, killed Marjolaine, successfully reunited Oghren with Felsi, "killed" Flemeth, found Sten's sword, found Aneirin, visited Cadash Thaig.
  • Saved Redcliffe and Connor by sacrificing Isolde (Jowan sent back to the Circle).
  • Sided with Caridin and put Bhelen on the throne.
  • Sided with the Mages and saved the Circle.
  • Let Avernus live, but asked him to continue his research humanely.
  • Cailan received a funeral pyre.
  • Made Zathrian break the curse without killing Witherfang.
  • Preserved the Ashes (pretended to side with Kolgrim, then killed him once he calmed down the High Dragon).
  • Left Vaughan in jail, freed Soris, surrendered to Cauthrien after killing Howe, had Zevran and Oghren as jailbreakers, killed Caladrius, killed Cauthrien before the Landsmeet.
  • Double-crossed Anora, fought and executed Loghain, put Alistair on the throne as sole ruler.
  • Convinced him to perform Dark Ritual with Morrigan.
  • Asked for land for the Dalish, remained with the Wardens.
  • All Awakening companions recruited, all 100% approval, all Wardens.
  • Met Delilah, met Aura, met Velanna's clan, located Anders' phylactery and fought Templars, reconciled Sigrun with Mischa (but let her keep her ring), supported Oghren in his family issues.
  • Fully upgraded Keep and saved Amaranthine.
  • Velanna left at the Keep, meaning that her final fate is unknown, but everyone else survived. Justice left Kristoff's body on Aura's doorstep.
  • Killed the Architect.
  • Allowed Morrigan to leave through the Eluvian.

Hawke: Eleanor, snarky female Mage

  • Recruited everyone. 100% Rivalry with Merrill and Sebastian. 100% Friendship with everyone else, except Carver (~50% Friendship).
  • Romanced Anders.
  • Enlisted with Meeran.
  • Took Carver and Anders into the Deep Roads: Carver became Warden.
  • Let Feynriel go to the Dalish, then successfully helped him in the Fade (he left for Tevinter).
  • Saved Ella, took Merrill to see Marethari but kept the Arulin'holm from her, employed Orana, helped Sebastian with the Harrimanns, hooked up Aveline and Donnic, helped Isabela find the Tome, Bartrand "cured" by Anders and sent to loony bin.
  • Sided with Larius against Corypheus.
  • Refused to help Tallis after breaking out of jail.
  • Gained Arishok's respect, Isabela came back with the Tome, successful duel with the Arishok.
  • Avoided combat with the Dalish, let Sandal destroy the idol piece, refused to give Fenris to Danarius and spared Varania, helped Anders with his scheme, killed Castillon, helped Aveline clear her name, met Sister Nightingale.
  • Met King Alistair, helped Zevran against the Crows.
  • Spared Anders, Sebastian left in a huff.
  • Sided with mages against Meredith.

Nilfalasiel (talk) 12:50, January 9, 2012 (UTC)

Let's see...which one should I pick?

  • Warden: Daylen Amell, Male, Mage, Specalizations: Spirit Healer, Battlemage, & Arcane Warrior, saved the mages in the circle, saved the Dalish and killed the werewolves, destroyed the anvil, gave the crown to Bhelen, saved Connor and Isolde, save Eamon and the ashes, killed Sophia Dryden and spared Avernus, freed Shale, romanced Morrigan, brief affair with Zevran, gave Calin a proper funeral, "killed" Flemeth, Alistar fights Loghain, Alistar crowned king, performed Dark Ritual with Morrigan, saved the Alienage, killed the Archdemon, becomes Warden-Commander.
  • Commander Amell: fully fortifies Vigil's Keep, sides with Smugglers, donated generously to Blight Orfans, killed Queen of the Blackmarsh, fully outfitted soldiers, burn Ameranthine, side with the Architect, "killed" Justice, defeat the Mother, leave Theadas with Morrigan.
  • Hawke: Andrew, male, Mage, Specalizations: Spirit Healer & Force Mage, performs Flemeth's favor, sides with Larius in Legacy, Carver becomes a Grey Warden, kills the rock wraith and profane, rival romance with Fenris, defeats Arishok in a duel, sides with mages, performs Anders' quest, rescue Nathaniel and Zevran, defeat the ancient pride demon and desire demon, kill the high dragon in bone pit, kills Anders, defeats Meredith, escapes from Kirkwall. Xeikm23 (talk) 23:50, January 9, 2012 (UTC)Xeikm23

Whatever's my most recent one. DAWUSS (talk) 02:54, January 10, 2012 (UTC)

Origins: Neria (sorry using default name boring) - eleven mage, recruited all companions (including Shale) - intimidated Chantry Mother in Lothering to get Sten released- almost missed Leilana and didn't recruit her until I was looking for a way to leave, did all companion quests, romanced Leilana, helped Redcliffe village - Murdoch died though because I wasn't good enough to save him (not a deliberate decision), killed mercenary dwarf (well KO'ed him and his men and took his stuff as he was still around to get Sten's sword back off), rescued little kid but didn't find out anything about the family sword, spared Jovan and used him to do ritual to kill Isolde, saved mages on second go (didn't quite suss in game how to use tome so at first go they all died) - on second saved Irving alone (again rubbish tome use), didn't descerate ashes, killed kolgram, let Brother Genviti tell the world about the ashes, lifted curse of werewolves without killing Witherfang, gave Cailen a proper burial at Ostagar, sided with Harrowmont at first and then reading around (in character finding out that Bhelen would help the casteless) but got Bhelen declared king, destroyed the anvil and killed Branka, initially agreed to Dryden demon as thought there wasn't another way but when I realised there was helped Avenus and let him carry on his research without using blood magic, hardened both Alister (did let Goldanna have some money - felt a bit sorry for her why I don't know - horrible woman) and Leilana (initially let Marjolane go and then realised that killing her was the only way to Leilana could be safe so replayed it to kill her playing Leilana's Song justified that opinion - what Leilana saw in her I'll never know) and had threesome with the later and Isabella (looking forward to seeing reaction when those two meet again next playthrough of DA2) , Alister and Anora married and ruled jointly, recruited Loghain and let him make the ultimate sacrifice, maxed out approval with Leilana, there or thereabouts with Wynne - everyone liked me but I had to work very hard to win back Alister's approval after Redcliffe (don't know why she was horrid to him growing up). This will be my cannon playthrough as I'll not have time to do another.

I haven't played Awakenings yet but will soon - hubbie got me the DLCs and Awakenings off Steam for Chrimbo.

Ser Pedantic195.194.86.1 (talk) 16:32, January 13, 2012 (UTC)

I only have an Origins 'canon' save. Female City Elf rogue: Assassin and Duelist specialisations. Not in order: Killed Vaughan; took sole blame for it; saved Mages; convinced Zathrian to lift the curse by giving up his life; let the former Weres leave in peace; supported Harrowmont, killed Branka, destroyed the Anvil; executed Avernus at Soldier's Peak and left his potion alone; accepted Shale as well as every other party member; full friendship with them all and all quests done; romanced Alistair; did not harden Alistair or Leliana; saved Redcliffe, Isolde and Connor; built a pyre for Cailan; killed the High Dragon; did not taint the Ashes; did all side quests; supported Anora for the throne; let Alistair execute Loghain; asked Alistair to do Dark Ritual with Morrigan; asked for Shianni to represent the Alienage elves; remained a Grey Warden with Alistair. -Sophia (talk) 16:58, January 13, 2012 (UTC)

Warden: Aedan Cousland (Male Human Noble); Warrior; Champion/Reaver/Guardian. Sides with: Templars, Werewolves, Bhelen, and Branka. Destroys the Urn of Sacred Ashes. Romances Morrigan. Kills Zevran. Makes a deal with the Tevinter Slavers. Spares Loghain, Marries Anora, and Exiles Alistair. Completes Dark Ritual. Upgrades Vigil's Keep, Sides with Smugglers, Kills Nathaniel, Sides with Baroness, Saves Vigil's Keep, Spares Architect. Goes through the Eluvian with Morrigan.

Hawke: Garrett (Male Warrior-Reaver/Beserker) Humorous; Romances Isabela, Bethany Joins the Circle, Anti-Qunari, Pro-Templars.

Soren 4ever (talk) 18:50, January 13, 2012 (UTC)

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