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I'm a lvl7 Mage and would like to get the "Spirit Healer" specialization. Please advise how/when/where to get Wynne to teach it to me.


I believe that she does'nt teach you, and am afraid to say you'll need to buy the manual.Captain tweed 09:29, January 14, 2010 (UTC)

Well, I do have the manual and on the page that describes Spirit Healer (pg 45) it says "learned from Wynne" so that is why I am asking.

So please, if others have any info on this pls advise. Montiman 17:49, January 14, 2010 (UTC)

Perhaps the manual was written by Wynne, but she hearself doesnt teach it to the best of my knowledge. It is available for purchase in Wonders of Theaden(sp). It is also avaiable with the DLC 'Warden's Keep'. Once the associated quest(s) for that DLC are complete it is available for purchase there as well. I'll leave it at that to avoid massive spoilerage. Unsigned January 14, 2010

Oops, crossed wires there! Yes, the spirit healer manual - an in-game item - can be bought in Wonders of Thedas in Denerim. I also have the Prima game guide and it does say the specialization can be learned from Wynne, but I've never come across any conversation options for this - it may be a mistake. --Zoev 19:09, January 14, 2010 (UTC)

Thanks for the info guys :) It is confusing cuz the "Group Heal" talent is aval at lvl7 but is seems that Denerim is further down the road from lvl7 so thats why I was thinking that Wynne could teach it to a Mage at lvl7 (like the manual says) before you get to Denerim. Montiman 22:37, January 14, 2010 (UTC)

Actually you could travel there, go to the shop Wonders of Thedas in Denerim and purchase it, assuming you have sufficient funds available (~15g), and turn right back around without triggering anything (if that is your desire). You could (depending on your platform) possibly unlock said specialization, save your game, reload an earlier save (as if you never went there nor spent the 15g) and have the specialization available. Again Unsigned January 14, 2010

Thanks! That is a very good hint and I will give it a try. Montiman 02:19, January 15, 2010 (UTC)

````The above sounds like a "cheat" to me. Could not care less, play as you wish. Just sayin.... - Wyrm

  • Cheat? Yes. But let me posit this simple query: How big of a cheat is it? If this is not done then the cost is 15g on a single play-thru, to have it unlocked for all future games (assuming that works for your game's platform). Potential cost of not using this cheat: Not being able to build a character in the fashion you want (either at all or perhaps not ‘til much later in the game) or playing thru the game on another save for the express purpose of doing just this. In short: I think the Reaver cheat is far worse, as is selling your uber items to vendors to add slots to them. But, that's my simple opinion and everyone else’s mileage is certain to vary wildly. ;) Again Unsigned though now Jan 15, 2010

```` Well, in all honesty, you bring up an interesting point. Why is it I can have a simple conversation in camp with an NPC and unlock valuable specializations and with others (such as Spirit Healer) I'm forced to pay 15g? Especially after the authorized guide (which I don't have btw) states Wynn will teach it? As previously posted, I don't care. Just stating the obvious.

If gold was a problem I would have a serious issue with Bioware over this but gold isn't really a problem in this game, is it?

Final verdict, IMHO, is good for you, you received something that otherwise should have been free in the first place. Were it a staff or sword perhaps i'd feel different. Then again, perhaps not.

RPGs are nutbar to begin with. Who is to say how best to get magic items or stats?

Personally, I have a hatred for any cheats but then again "exploits" where no external mods or utilities are used and simple in-game mechanics are utilized seem fair game to me, heh. -Wyrm

[quote=Wyrm] "..... but then again "exploits" where no external mods or utilities are used and simple in-game mechanics are utilized seem fair game to me, heh." [end quote] Yes I agree! Montiman 20:31, January 15, 2010 (UTC)

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