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According to this, the Aeonar is a prison for the worst offenders of magic. But so many questions arise from this. Where is it? It says that only a few Templars know it's location. Do you think that will come into play in Inquisitions?

So many contradictory questions...Why was it's presence absent during the events of DA2 and Asunder? Why is there even a prison in the first place, don't Templars just kill maleficar?

If there is a prison, how many Templars are stationed at this prison? What do the Templars and Prisoners eat? Where does the food come from? where do the Templars wages come from? Who's funding this prison, what's the point of them funding it when Templars in the rest of Thedas just straight up murder suspected maleficar without real consequences? Who's the Warden of this prison and what is his rank within the Chantry?

How do the Templars at this prison protect themselves when they have cells filled with the worst blood mages captured alive? Why is that protection not extended to the circles of Thedas? it would certainly lessen the paranoia some Templars feel if not absolve their prejudices.

...Is Aeonar even real? A secret prison who's location is known only to a few Templars. Why is it a secret? What is the point of a secret prison in reality and from that can an implication of it's purpose be reflected in Thedas' Aeonar?

I have also read ( and ( Which is basically a sound speculation that the Aeonar is an Andrastian Chantry prison, not a Tevinter Chantry prison, despite it's speculation that it's location is in Tevinter (which i don't know... just doesn't sound right to me, not with the poster's facts, but their thought process leading to the conclusion of it's Aeonar's location.) So... why? why everything. Why does the Andrastian Chantry have a prison. Shouldn't any crime in the land fall under the jurisdiction of the nation said crime was performed? So any prisoners the Andrastian Chantry take must be for religious reasons, right? Who on earth gave the Chantry powers to take prisoners in accordance to it's own religious law?! why is that even allowed?!

Any more facts would be greatly appreciated, any speculations and implications would also be appreciated. Kaspar Sinclair (talk) 02:52, May 3, 2014 (UTC)

Chantry is an independent organisation like grey wardens, they earned enough power to make own laws. No king has power over chantry or grey wardens. Is it so hard to understand that kings don't have power over everything? Aeonar is more for prisoners, who made crimes against the church.FirstDrellSpectre (talk) 04:59, May 3, 2014 (UTC)
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