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Reposting this here (with minor edits) as this may be the better place to ask than at the bottom of the Ranger talk page:

I am a Melee Rogue (Bard/Ranger) and I am currently using Leliana as an Archer Rogue. Well Leliana just hit level 14 so I figured, "What's better than one pet? Two pets!!" As the other specializations available to Leliana seemed more geared toward a Melee Rouge, which is not how I want to use her, this also seemed like the best fit. I am playing on PS3 and for whatever reason it seems that this idea wont work.

I Scripted Leliana thru her tactics to summon a wolf. I had my bear hot keyed for easy summoning. Problem: If my bear is there before she scripts in her tactics to summon a wolf, the bear disappears/dies, as if I recasted! If I try to resummoning my bear it wont allow me to for some time. When it does, it kills Leliana's wolf summon as if she summoned the bear. Anyone else have this problem, or am I the only one to try a two Ranger party so far? If so I wonder if this is an accident of preventing the multiple pets exploit, a balancing issue or outright bug. 01:31, January 2, 2010 (UTC)

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