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First off, just gonna say this, there will spoilers. Spoilers from "Here lies the Abyss" to be exact and one of the codex(?) entries obtained. Pretty minor stuff really, but the how its obtained can spoil it for some I suppose.

Anyway Spoilers ahoy!

Checked out yet? No, cool, guess you don't mind spoilers.

So, I just ran through the fade section of Here lies the abyss again last night. Picked up that super bizarre codex entry called "Whispers in Red Lyrium" although I couldn't actually find it in the codex so... found it on youtube instead. It's super weird. And creepy. And weird. I mean, part of my brain is saying "this is something big" then another part is just like "wut?"

Anyway, for reference this is what it is:


My question.... who the hell is "We"?

I'm just gonna break it down a bit. Well, my exact chain of thought when reading it:

  • We are here - are they in the Fade or Thedas? I mean the fade is just a twisted reflection of Thedas, right?
  • we have waited - they are very old?
  • we have slept - wait? is this the old gods?
  • we are sundered - srsly? is it the old gods?
  • we are polluted - wut? old gods are already archdemons? Or are the Old gods all connected, so they know...?
  • we endure - so the old gods are surviving the taint? Or are they persevering despite the loss?
  • we wait - DA4 will see their return?
  • we have found the dreams again - They can speak through the fade once more? damn, troubles coming.
  • we will awaken - ....OH SHIT! ITS THE DARKSPAWN... wait no... old gods?

The more I think about this, the more curious I get about it. It could be the OG's, it could be the darkspawn. Heck, it could be the elven pantheon or the forgotten ones. Could also be the formless one I suppose. Oh yeah, and the obvious one, its lyrium. Solid proof that Lyrium has a consciousness.


Oh heck, now I want to stop the lyrium abuse. Damn dwarves, mages, templars, enchanters and... fuck it... basically everyone in Thedas.

So, anyway, who do you think the "we" is, or what do you think it is?

P.S. sorry if the language offends. DeakialSig1 15:32, January 9, 2015 (UTC)

Simple, it's the Elven Gods. Solas was the first to come back now his brothers and sisters are waiting for their return. Probably why he absorbed Flemeth, so he could be prepared and be the harbinger for their return. B.S.S.T. (talk) 15:37, January 9, 2015 (UTC)

So the elven gods are polluted? DeakialSig1 15:38, January 9, 2015 (UTC)
I think the Elven Gods are the source of the Blight, so they could be polluted. The Dread Wolf 18:07, January 9, 2015 (UTC)
I kind of agree with you Dread, I think the forgotten ones are the source of the Blight, or the creators or whatever. It's just something about their codex entry, "he gods of terror and malice, spite and pestilence" to me it seems they are the embodiment of the blight. So, maybe the "good" elven gods are the "We" and they're polluted... doesn't Anduril's codex mention she spent a lot of time in the "abyss" and it sent her mad... DeakialSig1 18:34, January 9, 2015 (UTC)
Actually it is the void, the realm of the forgotten ones. Caspoi (talk) 12:13, January 10, 2015 (UTC)
Yeah, the abyss is where they were banished to... Can't find the codex but it did also mention she made armor from the void. So yeah, you're right. DeakialSig1 14:27, January 10, 2015 (UTC)

My completely crazy theory is that the Elven Pantheon is stuck inside the lyrium. I base this on no evidence whatsoever though, but it might be interesting. Freakium (talk) 20:02, January 9, 2015 (UTC)

To me, it really sounds like it's talking about lyrium. Not only is the codex called, "Whispers in Red LYRIUM" but Varric's personal quest reveals that red lyrium is normal lyrium corrupted with the Taint and only living things can be Tainted so therefore lyrium is alive. In light of that, here's what I think the codex means: "WE ARE HERE" = It probably means that lyrium has been here or existed since the beginning "WE HAVE WAITED" = If lyrium has been around for a very long time then it has obviously waited a long time. For what? I don't know. Maybe to have been orginally discovered by the dwarves?

"WE HAVE SLEPT" = This might have something to do with the waiting.

"WE ARE SUNDERED" = This might refer to the fact that lyrium is mined which would require it to be sundered from the rocks and also sundered while it's being processed.

"WE ARE CRIPPLED" = This probably refers to it being tainted with the Blight.

"WE ARE POLLUTED" = This is probably referring to the same thing.

"WE ENDURE" = This might refer to the lyrium enduring the Blight.

"WE WAIT" = I don't know about this. Maybe it's waiting for it to be cleansed of the Taint or for people to discover some other true purpose of lyrium.

"WE HAVE FOUND THE DREAMS AGAIN" = I also don't know about this. Maybe it might have something to do with the relationship between mages entering the Fade with lyrium during their Harrowings.

"WE WILL AWAKEN" = Maybe lyrium's current state is some kind of dormant state that can awaken. (talk) 00:45, January 10, 2015 (UTC)

See, I thought that as well, then I found out what Cory's Archdemon really was and I was like "What if the Old Gods are dragons infused with Lyrium" And then I started thinking even more and the thoughts became mush. See, the "We are sundered" part makes me question whether it is the Elven Gods. But the "We are Polluted" makes me think its the Old Gods.
I mean, since Lyrium is pretty much a hive mind like thing and linked to the fade, I began to think that the OG's really are lyrium infused dragons. If that was true, then they would know, because of the Lyrium, that one of their kind had been tainted, or Polluted. And then the "We are crippled" makes sense even more, there are only two left, and one soul (possibly). "We have found the dreams again" means that they have re-acquired the ability they had during the time of the original seven magisters. "We endure" just means that they continue to survive in their tombs/prisons. "We wait" the old gods are waiting aren't they? "We will awaken" means the old Gods are close to being able to return.
I like this idea, mainly because it suggests the possibility that it is BOTH lyrium and the Old Gods, which remain mysterious despite the fact that we are three installments in. It also means it could just be Lyrium, and that the Lyrium is controlling the dragons and I have just completely lost my trail of thought.... but yeah, I like the ideas so far. Not overly keen on it being the Elven pantheon, but still, I like it. DeakialSig1 02:23, January 10, 2015 (UTC)

Actually, the Elven Gods are the Reapers. Yes, the ones from Mass Effect. --Turuzzusapatuttu (talk) 11:15, January 10, 2015 (UTC)

Or maybe it is the collective mind of primeval dwarfs(House Valdasine). They may have tried to Dream again, by using lyrium to forcefully enter the Fade, something went wrong, lyrium got corrupted and they became trapped in it. That would explain "WE HAVE FOUND THE DREAMS AGAIN" seeing how dwarfs are unable to dream --Madines (talk) 01:07, January 11, 2015 (UTC)

I thought about that, alternatively I wondered if it could be The Dwarves original deities? Maybe Lyrium is The Stone and it is the Dwarven Ancestors who returned to the Stone? What do you think? (talk) 03:41, January 11, 2015 (UTC)

Ah, vague messages of the future. Reminds me of the theories about Sandal's prophecy, which now seems to have been about the Inquisitor. Or Corypheus. Can't remember exactly what he said. Anyway, all of these ideas sound plausible at this point. Vampire Damian (talk) 22:54, January 12, 2015 (UTC)

Sandal's prophecy was more likely about Solas. Also, if you reverse the order of it, like so:
  • When he rises, everyone will see. The skies will open wide, and the shadows will part. Everyone will be just like they were. The magic will come back. All of it."
It's a bit more fitting for the events we have witnessed thus far, and Inquisition's epilogue does mention "shadows." DeakialSig1 23:38, January 12, 2015 (UTC)

The whispers in red lyrium are the same as the dreams in blue lyrium. Lyrium is living, this was proven by the fact that it could be tainted. Lyrium has a concious will, this was proven in Origins with the Anvil of the void actively driving paragons insane and making them use it to craft golem. It was proven in Awakening when it created the whole DLC story Golems of Amgarrak. It was shown again very starkly in Dragon Age two when it drive first Bartrand and then Meredeth to a series of uncharacteristic actions which ended in Corypheous being unleashed on the world. It was brought up again with the massive amount of lore on red lyrium throughout inquisition, making constant references to the Lyriums emotion. Finally, the DLC The Descent reveals what has been hinted at repeatedly throughout the previous 3 games and DLC; Lyrium is an organism. A gigantic, titanic creature of stone, like a golem the size of a mountain range. These Titans, mentioned earlier by Flemeth and Solas, were struck down by the Evanurius in order to harvest Lyrium for their cities. But what has kept them asleep for all this time? Why are the titans alseep and not DEAD? Why because of what the elves did to them of course! The titans, older than the fade, reinforce the structure of the veil, as seen when the Templar use it to slam closed the divide and when red tears the veil apart.

  • WE ARE HERE--We are the titans.
  • WE HAVE WAITED--we did not die.
  • WE HAVE SLEPT--but our conscious is suppressed.
  • WE ARE SUNDERED--we were struck down by the elves.
  • WE ARE CRIPPLED--our minds fractured, as tranquility fractures yours.
  • WE ARE POLLUTED--then came the blight.
  • WE ENDURE--though we are in pain, it is worth it.
  • WE WAIT--because we know what you forgot.
  • WE HAVE FOUND THE DREAMS AGAIN--the blight can force even a dwarf to dream.
  • WE WILL AWAKEN--now we're coming back, bitches..!

Solusandra:12:30 EST, 7/18/17

My initial thought was that "we" was referring to the Forgotten Ones or the Evanuris, but this theory makes a lot more sense. If red lyrium is the blood of tainted titans, it raises the question of why the pronoun "we" is being used. Are all of the titans mentally connected? This is the simplest explanation, but there is another: titans have a different sort of consciousness, which is better expressed in the plural pronoun "we" than the singular "i". If that's the case, there could be a single tainted titan which is the source of all red lyrium, and possibly the taint itself. Silver Warden (talk) 19:54, July 18, 2017 (UTC)
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