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So yeah, don't read this unless you've played through the games or don't care about spoilers. The topic at hand is a major spoiler for all three games plus Legacy and really anything remotely relevant to the main plot of Dragon Age.

We learn form Bianca that red lyrium has the blight and is therefore alive. Way to bury the lead, Bianca. Rember where Varric and Hawke found the red lyrium? The Primeval Thaig, which predates the first blight. Red lyrium and therefore taint has been in Thedas since before Cory & co. entered the Black City. More importantly, the taint itself existed before the first blight, before Cory & freinds' excellent adventure into the fade. Hence, they did not create the taint, which gives far more weight to Cory's account of finding the Black City already tainted. So while Cory & crew were the first darkspawn and directly responsible for the blights, they did not taint the golden city, if there ever was one.

You think Bianca would mention this instead being all like "yeah, lyrium's alive!"

To me this is the biggest revelation in Inquisition, not all that stuff with Flemeth and somebody else. In one of Cory's memory crystals, he insists that they discovered the "darkness" rather than created it. He tells the Inquisitor that the throne of heaven is empty. The guy may be butt-ugly, he may be crazy, but he is probably right. Either the Maker doesn't exist or he has some serious housecleaning to do. Silver Warden (talk) 03:46, February 2, 2015 (UTC)

There are still many unanswered questions. Like how did red lyrium begin in the Primeval Thaig? Why had the darkspawn avoided it when red lyrium contains the taint? Why did the inhabitants of the Primeval Thaig makes idols out of red lyrium?

Also, I have a theory about the Blight and the Black City. Lyrium is the essence of magic and some (like Cole) claim it sings. Those with the Blight hear the call of the Old Gods, such a beautiful music. Bartrand Tethras claims that the red lyrium idol sung to him. Perhaps there was once gold lyrium, which was what the Maker's city was composed of, the purest of its kind, to the point of perfection, until something corrupted it.--Unic of the borg (talk) 04:23, February 2, 2015 (UTC)

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