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Okay, there are a few location-related things that have been niggling at me that I'd really appreciate your thoughts on. On the wiki, we have articles for various locations, some visitable - such as Ostagar and Redcliffe - and others not or not yet, such as Gwaren and, for the next few months at least, Amaranthine.

Because I seem to be unable to explain things concisely - sorry! - I'll kick off with just the first thing that's been bothering me. That is that we might return to, eg, Ostagar (just to pick a name at random!), in DLC or an expansion. The Ostagar article could probably handle this just because it's lacking the information that pages such as Redcliffe have so it would be quite simple to add in a sub-section in the Quests section for any RtO quests. However, a return to Redcliffe would be problematic for the current approach as the characters, containers, etc would be different. However, as I understand it, the aim is to get to a point where location pages are more like that for Redcliffe.

We already have some issues like this with The Denerim Alienage and the Apprentice Quarters and Senior Mage Quarters of the Circle Tower, which can be visted during an origin and then again later (and in the case of the alienage yet another time during the final battle). For the Mage Origin, which I did some work on the walkthrough for, I basically ignored the location articles - which I took as being specific to those locations during Broken Circle - and explained eveything on the quest pages. (The Alienage info is pretty incomplete and the location page is focussing on Unrest in the Alienage.)

So my question is how do people see this working ideally? I can think of three main options:

  1. container/character/creature info is stripped from location articles and stuck in quest articles (not ideal if there are a whole lot of quests and random things to do in an area).
  2. a different location article is created for each time a location can be visited with a different set of containers/quests/people/creatures (not ideal if there's a fair bit of background info about an area that has to be repeated or for making sure hyperlinks are pointing to the correct place).
  3. information is presented in different sub-sections for different visits (so the Apprentice Quarters containers section would have subsections for Broken Circle and Mage Origin).

I really don't like the last option - I think it could get really confusing - but can't decide which I like best from the first two. However, in the second case, I think if we do end up having more than one visit to a location then the background would need to be split into a separate article and (bits of it) included on each location page. What does anyone else think?

--Zoev 00:44, January 13, 2010 (UTC)

It seems that the list format is what causes problems so I think it can go either through relocation to a quest page or through conversion to full paragraph. So I think I would favour number one, but with room for flexibility. To take somewhere like Redcliffe, if it were revisited I would write a paragraph called "In Dragon Age: Origins" and try to integrate all the info about quests and characters (losing information about containers) and write a new paragraph. Then write a new paragraph for "In Dragon Age 2". Hmm I'm not sure if I've made any sense but there you go! Were you thinking that it would be stripped from everything for uniformity, or just as needed? Loleil 00:05, January 16, 2010 (UTC)

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