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BEWARE!!! SPOILERS FOR ALL THE GAMES BELOW!!! Today I have finally finished Dragon Age Inquisition for the very first time and I have mixed feelings about. Not about the awfully repetitive and boring side quests, the locations, that are too big for my taste or the story, that has been more than decent. It is about the lore and the direction this series is going. I think they are doing too much with the lore and the whole "the history you knew your entire life is a lie" thing. In Origins and II. the stories were quite simple and mysterious. You had several religions : the most known Maker, the mysterious Elven Pantheon, the evil Old Gods of the Tevinter Imperium, the quite confusing Stone etc. The history was rich with the elven enslavement and the fall of Arlathan which was the doing of the Tevinter, the great eluvians, which were a mystery to everyone, the almost unknown Fade a the Black City... I could go on for a few more lines, but the point is, that the world had this aspect of mystery that nothing was for certain. All of that changed with Inquisition. The whole Evanuris turned out to be a bunch of very powerful mages that the elves worshipped as gods, the world and the Fade used to be one (which I just can't comprehend) and a very powerful mage managed to separate the tho world with the help of the Veil. That means the Maker didn't really create the Fade and then the real world. So that might be a clue that the Maker might not even be real. There's a lot of other things, that twisted the lore (like the fact, that Tevinter didn't destroy the Elven Kingdom) but I don't have the time to write all of it. I just think tha Inquisition has taken A LOT of the mystery from the lore and the world and let's be honest, the mystery was one of the greatest aspects of the game. I'm just a little worried that DA 4 is going to take it a level higher and the lore and the world will be completely broken for me. But that is just my opinion anyway...

It sounds like the problem here is the assumption that what in world characters said was synonymous with absolute truth dispenses by the development team. The very first spoken words of the entire series are "The chantry teaches us...", not a disclaimer handed down from on high but "This organization (which has no shortage of fanatics and ideologues in its history and has more than once sponsored wars against other faiths or denominations) tell us that events happened this way...". We are not meant to take that as gospel (if you'll pardon the pun). It is received wisdom which is taken as wisdom because no one is allowed to or is able to actually check if it is true. The elven history is no different. Thousands of years of slavery and then betrayal and second class citizenship. Of course they would romanticize their most powerful epoch, it like every other foundational myth for every society ever, is a glorious and uplifting fiction loosely rooted in truth. That isn't twisting the lore, that is just the nature of information which becomes garbled over an extended period of transmission.

-Seekers of Truth heraldryHD3 (Talk) 07:26, January 21, 2018 (UTC)

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