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I was just wondering if any one knows what the age Hawke and the Warden would be at by the end of Dragon Age II. I also had a question regarding how long the Warden had been gone while Hawke was proceeding through his story.

I always figured that the Origin characters would genericly start out as the equivilant of "young adult",hense from 18-20 depending on their in their cultural context, dwarves might be in their late 30's for all i know hehe. (Unless the player tampered with the skin complexion slider too of course). We do know from DA2 that the time between Lothering's destruction and the end of DAO is roughly a years time. Making me think that the time period of DAO is little more than 1½-2 years. Generic Hawke looks pretty springy too, so lets say young adult there too. Each chapter in DA2 is one year apart so thats (3 or 4, i cant remember) years. I however dont know how much time passes between DA2 ended and Hawke dissapeared, but it seems to be suggested (atleast by the ending i got) that some time has passed, and all we know for certain about the warden is that he/She has disappeared in this period of time as well.

So in conclusion their age could really be anywhere between 22 and 30.


I was figuring they were in their early thirties since Dragon Age II takes place in ten years time correct? That would make the Warden's son around age 11 then.

Given how Bethany and Carver are eighteen by the time of Lothering's destruction I think it's safe to say that Hawke is roughly 2-3 years older. I think Gamlen mentions something about Hawke's grandparents dying when Hawke was still "in short pants" so I'd assume Hawke was very, very young, probably around 1-2 years old by the time that happened. By the end of DA2 (so when Cassandra is questioning Varric) I'd say Hawke is in his/her early thirties, perhaps mid thirties at the latest.

As for The Warden. I'd always assume the Warden was quite young by the time of their Origin. With the human noble I imagine they'd have only just turned twenty or something. This is based purely on the fact that these children of nobles are unmarried and I imagine in Fereldan society nobles would often marry before they reached mid twenties. This is based on Arl Eamon's letter to Cailan regarding Anora's age and the whole bearing a child thing. As for the dwarven nobles, I'd say the same and pretty much for the same reasons. In a society that places importance on caste and good breeding it'd be silly for mature nobles to not be married with children. The city elf and dalish elf I would place in very late teens, again for the same reasons. Elven culture stresses the importance of carrying on elven ways and in both alienage and dalish culture baring children to carry on the elven way is important and they wouldn't leave it too late. As for the mage, I'd say the mage is quite young. Given how they've only just taken their harrowing and I imagine the Templars wouldnt wait too long before they make a mage go through the Harrowing. Porbably around the same age as the city/dalish elf.

So depending on which Warden you played as I think it's safe to say that the Warden's age by the time DA2 has ended could be anywhere in between 31-37 years old. This is all based upon my own, purely biased and probably misinterpreted theories. Make of it what you will. (DDragonfly1990 (talk) 09:53, May 6, 2011 (UTC))

The Warden's age is pretty subjective, but it's set in stone that he/she's at least young. I'd say no older than 25 at their Origin, but I'm sure that's stretching it. I like to think my Warden city elf had just turned legal age to be called an adult, so like.. 18 or so.

As for Hawke, he's at least over 18 at the beginning, that's the age Carver and Bethany are. And the default Hawke does look a bit older, I'd say he's probably about 27 at the beginning.

I think the Wardens age depends on his/her origen but I'd say anywhere from 18 to 25 at the start of DA:O. Hawke I'd guess was 26-27 at the start of DA2, Gamlen said that Hawkes grandfather died 26 years ago and that Hawke was still in short pants. Soooooo I'm going with the Warden being 28-35 and Hawke about 37. Andy the Black (talk) 11:50, May 6, 2011 (UTC)

I think The warden is about 25 & Hawke about 28 by that timeSer Pouce-a-lot (talk) 14:28, May 6, 2011 (UTC)

If I were to hazard a guess, I think it may be like this;

  • Human Noble: 19-21 (DAO)/29-31 (DA2) - don't know why, but the HN always felt like the oldest along with the DN to me
  • Mage: 18 (DAO)/28 (DA2) - because the Harrowing would logically be done early, and Jowan (who's supposedly same-aged or slightly older) doesn't appear any older than that
  • Dalish Elf: 18-24 (DAO)/28-34 (DA2) - reason for the large gap is, the dalish have longer lifespans, so they may not count age the same way the humans/city elves do (that is, mid-twenties might still count as very young for them).
  • City Elf: 17-18 (DAO)/27-28 (DA2) - because as I see it, city elves would marry very early
  • Dwarf Noble: 19-22 (DAO)/29-32 (DA2) - as with the HN, I somehow felt this one was the oldest
  • Dwarf Commoner: 17-19 (DAO)/27-29 (DA2) - got the feeling that Beraht wouldn't exactly be picky about how old his thugs were, combined with the interaction with Rica and Leske it feels like he/she's still quite young, but still slightly older than the city elf
  • Hawke: 20-22 (DAO)/30-32 (DA2) - just assuming there should be a couple years between him/her and Carver/Bethany

Matt-256 (talk) 14:47, May 6, 2011 (UTC)

Canonically the human mage origin is going to be about 8 years older than hawke as before his mother even meets his father and her couson has already lost her children to the templars and the circle, taking jowans and wynnes cases they were both discovered to be mage at around the age 8 when it was discovered they had magic. hawke is mabye at least 3-4 years older than his siblings making the human mage 41 years-ish and hawke about 32. Thats if everything they say is true. As for how long the wardens been missing that could be anytime before the end of the game, if is supposed to meet alistar (if you have him as king) in denerim then mabye anything from a year to a few months after that meeting, if say like in my game i went with morrigan, mabye he gets this message on the way to denerim so could be more like 4yrs plus.

The age of Hawke :

Malcom Hawke died in 9:27 Wardens story starts 9:30 Malcome left Kirkwall with Leandra 9:05 Assuming when they left not making love to produce a child, two years past. (assuming nobody can be sooooo foolish)

Hawke may be born in 9:07
The twins came maybe was borne around 9:12.

So I assume Hawke are around 3 to 5 years elder than the warden.Finnyanne (talk) 19:07, May 6, 2011 (UTC)

I would say that at the end of DA2, my Hawke is probably about 33 yrs. of age whereas my HN Warden (my favorite) is probably about 28 due to the fact that Hawke to me seems older than the Warden at the start.

From what I remember from Bethany's personal quest, Gamlen said that he wasn't just waiting around for 25 years for Leandra to come back. So around the time the blight finished Leandra had been gone for 25 years. Meaning Hawke has to be less than 25 and older than 18, since they're the older sibling of twins, Bethany and Carver whom are 18 when the blight starts. Though if I had to venture a guess I wouldn't say they were much more than a toddler when their grandparent's die, (considering Gamlen's statement about Hawke being in short pants/pinafores) So early 20s seems about right. Considering the last time you see Hawke is about 7 years after the fact, they're roughly late 20s to early 30s at that point.

As far as the Warden is concerned, I always assumed they were young 20 somethings as well. So I think the Warden, and Hawke are roughly the same age by the end of DA2, in their early 30s.Dazedlady (talk) 23:06, May 6, 2011 (UTC)

I would just like to bring up this one point because I didn't see it mentioned: This is a medieval world so coming of age or adulthood is a lot younger then now in days. The human noble I always thought was between 16-18, old enough to be an adult but young enough to have not married yet despite their parents best efforts. I agree with the age for Hawke but, I think the Warden is younger then some of the ventured guesses, but not by much just a few years.--- - darb86 15:37, May 8, 2011 (UTC)

I always like to think that my human noble warden is around 18 and 19 when the origin starts so at the end of origins he is about 19. As for Hawke, i'd say that he is about 22 or 23. I think i read somwhere that Hawke is a about 3-4 years older than Carver and Bethany. So by the end of DA2 the warden would be around 27 and Hawke would be in his late 20's if not then very early thirties.----

Aside from Gamlen's "short pants/pinafores" and "waiting 25 years for Leandra to slink back" comments, he also notes that Leandra didn't return to Kirkwall for their parents' funerals. She replies "The twins were a week old!"

Presumably, Hawke is at least a year older than the twins (making him/her 19 during DA2's prologue) and at most six years older than them (assuming Leandra was pregnant when she eloped with Malcolm, and had Hawke during or immediately after the events that cause Legacy, which would make Hawke 24 during the prologue).

Also, and I think most people forget this, each Act in DA2 takes place over the course of a year, and there are three years in between each Act that we don't get to see, which makes the game's storyline just over a decade long, give or take a few months. If Hawke is 19-24 during the prologue, he/she has a birthday during that first year in service to either the Red Iron or Athenril (making him/her 20-25 at the start of Act 1, and 21-26 by the end of it). During the three-year gap between Acts 1 and 2, Hawke would have 3 birthdays, placing him/her between 23 and 28 at the start of Act 2 and between 24 and 29 at the end of it, and the same goes for between Acts 2 and 3, making Hawke 28-32 by the start of Act 3 and 29-33 by the time you fight Meredith.

As for the Warden, I think it's more up to your interpretation. I've come across people who say their Dwarven Noble is 30 at Ostagar, their City Elf is 16 on their wedding day, and their Human Mage is 23 when they're Harrowed. Hawke's storyline, for the most part, is much more fixed, which would limit how old he/she is. If you wanted to really stretch it, I suppose you could argue that Hawke might have 5+ years on Carver and Bethany, but based on Gamlen and Leandra's dialogues it's unlikely Hawke was more than five when the twins were born.

Each is in there early 30's (if the timelines are correct). Yash7 (talk) 20:29, October 6, 2011 (UTC)

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