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So I decided to make my list of Companions I like from order of coolest to lamest. I'd like to see other peoples lists too cause thats community. (dont get mad at me for crap of forum post it my first) ((plus since we're done with all DLCs I'm editing it to include new favs)) 0. Fredsert, Barkspawn, Doodles a.k.a. the Dog: After playing WH i decided to raise him up to zero cause he made me smile the entire DLC up to the end when he didn't co...nevermind. 1. Nathaniel Howe: Best friend to my Human Noble cause it was Ironic and he was just so cool 2. Leliana: Always liked her story more than the others cause she's just awesome. 3. Alistair and Morrigan: They tie cause they were constantly bickering and I like to hear their sarcastic comments :D 4. Sten: The Cake is a Lie 5. Oghren: Cause he's a fat stinking drunk and just like Peter Griffin he makes funny jokes. 6. Mhairi (spelt bad): She's cool for the five minutes of Awakening that she's in. 7. Shale: The birds jokes just made me laugh every time I heard them. 8. Anders: He's just wanting to throw Lightning at fools and smile. 9. Snug: Besides the Warden in GoA he's the only character not insane. 10. Sketch and Tug: They were good for LS cause they may not have been open about caring for each other but they did. 11. Brogan: "Where are you little brother?!" "IM INSANE IN THE THAIG!!" Yay...more idiot dwarves lookin for people. 12. Brogan's brother (i dont care about his name): He's insane and watched people go "squish" "squish" 13. Silas: He's cool but he's just not in the story long enough. 14. Finn and Ariane: They were good characters just need more time with them. Please? 15. Sigrun: sigh...just stay here in the deep roads and die....thanks. 16. Velanna: I don't care about your sister. I want to find out why the darkspawn are here. Fine then -DECAPITATION!!- i wish. 17. Zev: Yes your a cool assassin. Oh but guess what i can never get to your damn companion quest and you always end up betraying me in the end when your approval is low cause i shoot you down. WELL GET OVER IT! 18. Wynne: LEARN TO &#*(&@) HEAL!!! 19. Justice: The zombie...very original. Thats my list. Hooray!

1. Sten: I Agree With his theories and the Qun,Shok ebasit hissra. Meraad astaarit, meraad itwasit, aban aqun. Maraas shokra. Anaan esaam Qun. (Struggle is an illusion. The tide rises, the tide falls, but the sea is changeless. There is nothing to struggle against. Victory is in the Qun.)

2. Justice: I Belive that he can truly show what his name is.

3. Oghren: Need I Say Why?

4. Shale: Who Doesn't Love To Crush Things?

5. Morrigan: Love the sneaky witch thief.

6. Anders: Just love the arguments that he and Oghren can have.

7. Nathaniel Howe: meh

8. Leliana: Like Her Just not THE &#*(&@) CHANTRY/MAKER SPEECHES!


10. Zev: STOP HITTING ON ME!!!!!

11. Velanna: Boring.

12. Mhairi (spelt bad):Didn't really care

13. Sigrun: Got Oghren Don't Need Another Dwarf.

14. Wynne: OLD NAGGING WOMEN PEE ME OFF!!!!! (not really just her)

Thats my list. John McClintock (talk) 14:56, August 22, 2010 (UTC)

1. Leliana- She cute as hell, and I like rogues.

2. Alistair- I like witty one liners.

3. Nathaniel- I like his intolerance of Sten and Anders; oh and I like rogues.

4. Anders- He just wants a pretty girl and to be able to shoot lightning bolts at fools.

5. Morrigan- She says some things she shouldn't, but so do I.

6. Wynne- Since I found the square button skips speeches and cut scenes on the PS3, I can now enjoy the good stuff about her.

7. Sten- Oh those schleets.

8. Zevran- He is funny, and I like rogues, but I want him earlier in the game.

9. Dog- I like dogs.

10. Justice- He'd be cooler if you could use him longer.

11. Sten- I like people I can talk to...

12. Sigrun- I like rogues, but she doesn't do it for me.

13. Shale- She makes to much noise when he walks.

14. Velanna- She make too much noise when she talks.

15. My-ree (spelled phonetically)- Just not a fan. LVTDUDE (talk) 15:56, August 22, 2010 (UTC)

  • 1) Shale: Need I say more, she's wonderful never travel without her.
  • 2) Loghain: Nobody likes him, but I think he's awesome.
  • 3) Alistair: Kawaii
  • 4) Leliana: Good girl, very "good" girl. BFF
  • 5) Dog: He's just such a goody woody, and often have the most intelligent things to say, for any of the companions.
  • 6) Wynne: Who dosn't like this nice old granny? But she's like an Othello cake perhaps a little too sweet.
  • 7) Oghren A drunk Dwarf, really original.
  • 8) Zevran You think you are so awesome don't you? well your not.
  • 9) Morrigan Why don't you stop bitching and try to be nice once in a while.
  • 10) Sten Anaan esaam Qun!, no really, I despice everything you stand for.

Awakening companions.

  • 1) Anders he's cute.
  • 2) Nathaniel Dark and mysterious
  • 3) Oghren The companions got worse so he got up.
  • 4) Sigrun Another dwarf, female this time, at least I think she is, if not for Oghren's lame pick-up attempt it would be impossible to tell.
  • 5) Velanna Do we really need another Morrigan?
  • 6) Justice A walking talking cardboard. Does it also think? I simply don't know.

All other companions are temporary and not even worth evaluation, putting them beneath even the lowliest of the evaluated "real" companions. Her I think especially at Mhairi. She's just another Daveth or Ser Jory pure fodder and not even worth mentioning. The tower Guard is more interesting then her.-rphb- (talk) 16:12, August 22, 2010 (UTC)

1)Alistair-The man's a hoot " Mmmm. Wet frocks", "Oh look I have cheese!" 2)Leliana-She was just so cutesy and girly. "I don't like my thighs." 3)Wynne-I just love her. "Stop talking about my bosom." 4)Zevran-The man is just sick. " Everything looked good but her face" 5)Shale- a little dry and bitchy but I like her still "Hag!" 6)Morrigan- T'was a bitch and was mean to anyone whenever she could be but I liked her. "Stop looking at my breasts like that tis most disturbing 7)Oghren- Was disgusting. Who the fuck blows there nose on someone elses scarf. "Belches"!

Bioware just did an excellent job on the dialogue of this game. Sometimes I played just to know what they were gonna say next.RhiannonCousland (talk) 16:42, August 22, 2010 (UTC)

  • 1) Morrigan I find her attitude to be entertaining, it's great when she teases Alistair or gets sarcastic with Leliana talking about the Maker. Plus, Shapeshifter. Also, actual, noticeable character growth if you romance her.
  • 2) Leliana I did a head morph to make her look very similar to how she does in the Sacred Ashes trailer. Which means she's dead sexy. Also, she seems very interesting when she first shows up with her "The Maker sent me!" crazy person story.
  • 3) Alistair He's not that bad, c'mon guys. He grows on you, like an inept little brother who you can't help but root for.
  • 4) Shale Most amusing dialogue. The birds are eevviilll.
  • 5) Oghren Stereotypical dwarf, with a mind constantly in the gutter and a dirty mouth to boot.
  • 6) Dog Because some of his interactions with other companions are priceless, and I like dogs.

That's the entire "like" list. Here's a "hate" list to finish up, from most to least hated.

  • 1) Loghain Murdering innocents by the hundreds, with added Regicide, since 9:30 Dragon.
  • 2) Sten Really? You refuse to talk for so long, then when you finally say something of your own free will, you espouse communist philosophy? Go back to Par Vollen. I'll save the world without you, even though I was born a noble and not a warrior.
  • 3) Velanna Only Awakening companion worthy of any mention at all. Persnickety racist.

--Cael Aurion (talk) 17:04, August 22, 2010 (UTC)

1) Loghain Is the more complex character in the game, an excellent villain and a great companion

2) Morrigan she is sarcastic, dangerous, a great romance, not so good end

3) Leliana a crazy person, but a complex crazy person, after LS is hard choice between hardened or unhardened usually I dont romance her so like romance I dont know many about her

4) Shale amusing dialogue, sarcastic, dislike the birds

5) Zevran the perv friend that later blame you?

6) Sten I understand his ideas but I dont share them

7) Oghren not very original, but had funny moments

8) Alistair dump my elf city, so the hate grow there, stop stealing my armors THIEF

9) Wynne stop of judge everything and stop of believe that the wardens have to be Goody Two-Shoes


1) Nathaniel the best character in the game

2) Anders I wanted hate him but he is really funny, I understand why many women want him like a romance option

3) Sigrun a best option than Oghren, she want and like learn from this new world

4) Velanna a bitch, but best than the next two

5) Oghren was funny in origins here only with anders

6) Justice other zombie, yes wynne was a zombie too, but at least he is much better than she

--Makoto DK (talk) 18:03, August 22, 2010 (UTC)


1) Zevran, He's funny and looks and acts like me ,except for that bi sexual part , so he is my number one

2) Leliana, Because a she's hot and i don't know why but woman who are a little crazy find i very attractive

3) Sten, The big bro you always wanted with his humor , yhe he has humor , And the cookie thing

4) Allistar, A Good fellow with a strong heart and stuff like that and he's funny sometimes.

5) Shale, A stone woman and still complaining how is it possible but she's funny ^^

6) Oghren, Our little friend who drinks to much and only then is funny , but come on guy we all have a friend like that

7) Morrigan, Nothing i like about here except that she makes fun of people nothing nice..

8) Loghain, Does this guy even laugh sometimes, no evil laughs

9) Wynne, that old b.... that think she is my boss.

Awekening chars

1) Anders, Well you need someone who is funny right? and have a good taste

2) Velanna, Just a beautifull woman and what she says sounds resonable, it's the same howe did to the couslands

3) Nathaniel, A howe , a HOWE , but at least nicer than his dad

4) Oghren, He just screwed up in this game nothing funny anymore

5) Sigrun, Well i just don't get here

6) Justice, Ah a walking corpse , we always kill them but why not now

Well this was my list hope you enjoyed and please read my review of GOA --Giranta (talk) 20:31, August 22, 2010 (UTC)

Origins: 1)Alistair - comic relief 2)Zevran - Always flirting its funny 3)Morrigan - bitchy but i like it 4) Shale - Golem 5) Dog - he never talks 6) Sten - Epic 7) Leliana- hot but religious 8) Oghren - drunk dwarf - how original 9) Wynne - Always nagging

Awakening: 1)Anders - Comic relief 2) Nathaniel - He didnt do anything wrong 3) Justice - Zombie = awesome 4)Oghren - Nostalgia 5) Velenna - We didnt need another bitch 6) Sigrun - She Sucks

1.Morrigan,she is cool,'nuff said. 2.Zevran.He is so funny and who doesn't like assasins? especially antivian ones. 3.Leliana.she is cute,cool and has an interesting story. 4.Sten. Silent,badass,and a lot of awesomeness,and sten means rock in my language too which is cool 5.BOFFO-my name for dog,(the name means at least a little sense in swedish)I like him because he is cute and scary at the same time. uh here comes the ones i don't like.... 6.Oghren.In the few moments he is serious,he is THE AWESOMEST,but i don't like when his jokes interuppt cool moments 7.Loghain I think what he did was right,they couldn't risk everything. But i don't like his personality though,.But it's different how much i like him in different playthroughs. 8.Shale.She is boring and speaks with an annoying voice.Gotta love her first time seeing a pidgeon with the warden though 8.Alistair. He is such a crybaby.i have never liked him. 9.SHE REMINDS ME OF MY GRANDMOTHER SHE CAN JUST **** OFF!!!

1: Oghren 2: Morrigan 3: Sten 4: Alistair 5: Leliana 6: Zevran 7: Loghain 8: Wynne

1: Nathaniel 2: Anders 3: Oghren 4: Velanna 5: Justice 6: Sigrun

Liked: 1. Zevran - Charming, funny, interesting story, great companion, first romance, fan of rogues. Only dislike was the a little too perverted, but i loved him :D. 2. Alistair - at first i hated him, he was whiney. But he REALLY grew on me. He's funny and can be cute (like when you're outside with him before he meets his sister lol) 3. Sten - Loved this character. Very stoic, but has a hidden sense of humor. Enjoyed his respectful manner. Only thing against the Qun is about not changing who you are. (ex. a fisherman will always be a fisherman) 4. Morrigan - She can be b*tchy but after raising her affection she is better.Can be funny Loved her commments to Leliana. Agrees with her "survival of the fittest" to some extent. 5. Anders - Aside from him being Alistair in a different body, i enjoyed him. very funny, favorite from Awakenings. SER POUNCE-ALOT! 6. Nathaniel Howe - One of the best characters in Awakenings, wished for longer playthrough to get to know him better 7. Oghren - Somewhat repulsive but very funny :] 8. Justice - I thought it was the best character story in Awakenings.

Disliked 1. Leliana - too giggly and her "the Maker sent me a vision" is stupid. It could be the fact that she is the kind of girl that as a girl i dislike. 2. Wynne - Too much in your business. But a few of her quotes are meaningful to me. 3. Sigrun - not a fan of female dwarves. 4. Velanna - too uptight and b*tchy. i was excited for an elven mage, but she just had to be a b*tch... There weren't too many characters that i disliked. (Also, I never met Shale but i wanted to.)

1. Shale: Favorite all the way, 100%. Funny as hell. 2. Morrigan: Dark, complex semi-herione? Yes sir. 3. Oghren: Definitely grew on me. The first couple of playthroughs I never used him, but when i finally decided to add him to my team, I discovered he was both hilarious AND useful. 4. Loghain: Again, I dig the complexity. A "villian" with honest and understandable intentions. 5. Zevran: Witty, devious and charming assassin? My kind of guy. 6. Alistair: He's got great one-liners, but thats about as far as my affection for Alistair really developed. 7. Wynne: She's fairly powerful, and seeing as I was playing a good character, she helped keep me on the straight and narrow on some occasions. 8. Sten: He's cool I guess. His odd moments of humor appealed to me, but I got kind of annoyed with all the 'Well, the qunari do this and the qunari do that yadayadayada", though that may appeal to me more next game when the Qunari are actually plot-related. 9. Leliana: She annoyed me. but then, religious zealots are my least favorite type of characters usually.

I won't bother rating the Awakening characters because i didn't like them. howe and Justice were the only ones remotely interesting.

Like: - 1. Leliana: Shes cute, has a really good back story and goes well with how I play the game. 2. Alistair: Loved the one liners, particurly when your talking about him becoming the king with Arl Eamon as if he wasn't there. Again, goes well with how I play the game. 3. Sigrun: She's a brilliant character and funny as hell, especially when you take her to the market stall in Amaranthine and have that conversation about her stealing things. Just wish she had a bigger story, considering Awakening is so short. 4. Justice: At first, despite the fact I play a good character, I didn't like him. Just rubbed me the wrong way. But on my second playthrough with the same character (Don't ask :-P) he really grew on me. Again, his story was too short. 5. Morrigan: Again didn't really like her at first, particurly since I play a good character, but then through dialogue choices, realised she wasn't really evil, just a little dark. 6. Shale: What can you say about Shale...she's just brilliant. 7. Anders: Funny as hell, particurly with Ser Pounce-a-lot, kind of a more fun replacement instead of Wynne.

Tolerate: - 1. Wynne: I always have her in my party, and she is a good character with an interesting backstory...however, she didn't quite grab me as the other companions did. 2. Oghren: He's funny, and really useful, and I have him in my Awakening party. However, he sometimes grates on my nerves, and in Awakening, I would replace him with Leliana if it was possible. 3. Zevran: Interesting backstory, funny, but never really use him, and his flirting annoys me. 4. Dog: I actually really like Dog, but I don't use him simply because theres not much character interaction, and he's not as powerful as say Shale...always bothered me that the Dog isn't with you in Awakening...he's your Mabari after all. 5. Nathaniel Howe: I like how his story matches with Human Noble Wardens, and his story in general. But he never quite grabbed me like Justice, Sigrun and Anders. 6. Loghain: I have yet to make a judgement on him since he hasn't been in my party. I like keeping Alistair around.

Dislike: - 1. Velanna: I really can't stand her...she grates on my nerves too much to like her. I don't kill her though, no matter how tempting. 2. Sten: Hes actually alright as a character. I only Dislike him simply because of his views and how he questions how you do everything. Maeniel Celeres (talk) 13:48, August 23, 2010 (UTC)Maeniel_Celeres

Origins companions:

1. Leliana - My usual romance. Very sweet, in a dangerous/crazy sort of way. I like how you have to work on the romance. I tend to alternate hardening her and leaving her unhardened.

2. Alistair - I usually consider him my Warden's best friend, especially when I play a male Warden. Once I find out he's Maric's son, my Warden sees it as his duty to groom Alistair to become king, especially as a HN.

3. Wynne - The badass grandma. While she can get a bit preachy at times, I generally don't mind it. With the proper tactics setup and spell choices, makes an excellent healer who can still kick ass.

The above three are the companions I usually take with me.

4. Shale - Love her comments and attitude, especially concerning birds. Tends to get overshadowed in terms of usefulness by the other companions by the end game.

5. Oghren - Can be funny, in a drunken, lecherous way. His banter with the other party members is hilarious.

6. Sten - It takes a while to get Sten to open up, but he becomes very interesting once he does. I love how deadpan he is. I'd rank him higher than Oghren, and possibly higher than Shale, if he could take two specializations.

7. Zevran - The only companion I've never taken with me, at least briefly (outside the encounter with Taliesen. I do find him likeable, and don't find that he hits on my male Wardens that much. I usually play dual-wielding Rogues, and as that what Zev is, that's why I don't take him.

8. Morrigan - I'd rank her higher if based soley on utility and usefulness in the party. Her attitude keeps her as low as she is. She doesn't like anything my Warden does.

9. Dog - If we could take four companions, Dog would definitelely be one of them. Who wouldn't want to battle darkspawn with their loyal warhound by their side. (I am aware of the mod that allows you to take Dog, but I'm concerned with how it will upset the game balance.) But he mainly stays at camp and acts as the party mascot.

10. Loghain - As if I'd let that paranoid traitor live.

Awakenings companions:

1. Nathaniel - If Alistair is my Warden's best friend in Origins, Nathaniel is my Warden's best friend in Awakenings. Even if he starts out wanting to kill you. I like his character development throughout the game.

2. Anders - While I sometimes wish he would take things a bit more seriously, I do find him likeable. And it's nice seeing a mage who wants freedom from the Circle and isn't a blood mage or malificar.

3. Justice - Aside from being the only tank companion, I find Justice interesting. Being kind of a zombie is only a plus.

4. Sigrun - I find her interesting and would use her more if she wasn't a dual-wielding Rogue like my Warden usually is.

5. Oghren - I'd rank Oghren higher if he hadn't lost what character development he got in Origins.

6. Velanna - A poor man's Morrigan.

I don't consider Mhairi to be a full companion, despite what Bioware and this wiki says. Gruedragon (talk) 14:48, August 23, 2010 (UTC)

Okay, hard job here, but here I go: 1. Morrigan: the perfect Hellbride for me, too bad she ain't real (but what perfect woman is real AND will like me?) 2. Alistair: the older brother I aways wanted, as silly as me most of the time, but can get really serious when his beliefs (usually the same as mine/my Warden's) get attacked. 3. Liliana: sweet girl, the kind it's hard to look at and don't find cute. The only good thing about the Chantry is her. 4. Sten: big, silent and kicks ass. Need any more? 5. Zevran: he's a pervert like me. Except I'm straight (is that the word for heterosexual?). And he can't seem to do anything right, I just laught at his stories. 6. Oghren: Drunken Dwarf. Not original, I got one in my stories too, but he's fun anyways. And like Sten, he kick a lot of ass. 7. Wynne: kind old lady. I like that (a bit), just not when she starts telling me to dump Morrigan. She's jealous or what?! 8. Dog: Really useful early on, but few banter and disposition aways maxed, slow Talent progression, more of an extra for me. Don't have Stone Prisioner nor Awakening, so no Shale or Awakening characters for me. Besides, I kill that bastard Loghain out of pure, sheerless rage, so I never had him in the party. Daveth would be in this list if he was a full companion, and so would Jowan, 'cuz one's a real funny rogue (straight Zevran, pretty much) and the other's a sorry Blood Mage, and I just love tragic characters. Can already imagine Jowan as a full party member, rescuing Lily from prision. That would rock! The Bard From Hell (talk) 19:22, August 23, 2010 (UTC) The Bard From Hell

1. Alistair: I can't help liking him. The moanyness is easy enough to turn off and turn around into good-natured goofiness. When playing a female, I found myself not wanting to hurt him. 2. Leliana: Cute when she's excited, distressed, even when she becomes jaded. And much hotter with the Sacred Ashes head mesh. 3. Zevran: He takes amorality to such an extreme degree that it wraps around and becomes innocence. He's pure -- pure slut and pure killer. 4. Wynne: Her lectures don't bother me because I'm too enthralled with her voice to even hear them. I like her grace, poise, self-conscious confidence and competence. The well-preserved body helps as well. 5. Shale: #1 funniest lines. And a fine clobberer, too. 6. Sten: Hardcore fighter, deceptively dry sense of humor, though he does have some high-maintenance moments. 7. Dog: Can't say anything against him, but the party slot seems better occupied by someone with more skills. And I really don't like seeing injury to dogs. 8. Morrigan: Sexy, but pisspoor attitude. I'd just as soon visit her tent and leave her off active duty. Unrated - Loghain. He has his moments, and can become likeable, but is it worth alienating Alistair for him? Maybe once just to get his dialog and pick his brain, then send him to redemptive death. Then he can be cleanly executed on later playthroughs. DokEnkephalin (talk) 18:13, September 8, 2010 (UTC)

1. Anders: His sarcasm is rather funny at times. He is similar to Alistair, but is much more confident of himself.

2. Alistair: Enjoy his sarcasm as well, but he is a bit whiny.

3. Morrigan: I liked her confidence and selfishness to be honest. It was reassuring to finally play a game where not everyone is devoted to either good or evil, but rather is out simply to satisfy herself.

4. Love the accent and the stories she tells.

5. Wynne: Typical old lady. Thinks her years of experience make her right, but at least she admits when she is wrong.

6. Dog: He's ugly, but I like the idea of having a pet. Just wish you could interact more with him.

7. Zevran: Reminded me of Antonio Banderas.

8. Shale: Love the attitude, but I just couldn't get over the Approval bug. (360)

9. Sten: Would liked to have known more about his history, but I guess the mystery is part of his persona.

10. Justice: I thought it was really cool how he came to be.

11. Oghren: He was just too obnoxious for me. I know he is a drunkard, but I have friends who are as well and they are not as obnoxious.

12. Nathanial: He is a Howe. Sorry, couldn't take him seriously because of it.

13. Velanna: Hot headed and overly-confident. Ugh.

14. Sigrun: Very shallow character.

15. Loghain: Stubborn, too selfish, and very self-destructive.

Mhairi was not in the game long enough to form an opinion. Hynch (talk) 19:18, September 8, 2010 (UTC)

1. Alistair = Super awesome.

2. Sten: Sten is respectably stoic.

3. Morrigan: I share a few core beliefs with Morrigan.

4. Anders: Alistair reborn as a mage?

5. Wynne: An earnest and caring individual.

6. Dog: Dog is great. But he's still a dog.

7. Shale: I find Shale's amorality sometimes off putting. But she is amusing.

8. Oghren: What's not to like about drunken dirty dwarves.

9. Leliana: Don't care too much for religious fervor, but she means well.

10. Nathaniel: Meh. Not too bad.

11. Sigrun: Meh.

12. Vellana: Elf Morrigan with none of the charm. Yeah, yeah, complain some more.

13. Zevran: I just don't care enough about Antiva. Sorry, pal.

14. Loghain: Actually I have never taken Loghain, might be interesting to see how he justifies attempted murder and slavery.

That looks about right for me, although I don't have any strong dislike for anyone but Loghain. I have never done much with Justice, and don't consider Mhairi a companion. Vegnas (talk) 20:04, September 8, 2010 (UTC)


1) Morrigan- My lover, similiar views on life and how the world works, mother of my child. 2) Sten- Brother in arms, strong resilient and respected 3) Oghren- Reliable (in his own drunken way) and very funny 4) Aphex (Dog)- Mans best friend 5) Anders- Light hearted yet serious when he needs to be 6) Alistair- So fucking righteous, buts he;s the heir to the throne and skilled with a blade. 7) Finn, an amusing bookworm and skilled mage 8) Arianne, nothing really to say, a bit whiny but she gets the job done 9) The Dace Brothers- Oh great a catatonic schizo and his whiny brother

I killed Leliana, Wynne and Zevran and didn't activate Shale.--DanteCousland (talk) 20:32, September 8, 2010 (UTC)

1) Dog: Who's a good doggy? 2) Zevran: Hits on me but is still the funniest character. 3) Tie- Alistair: Witty one liners and how he gets flustered. Anders: Totally agree with "All I want is a pretty girl and the right to shoot lightning bolts at fools." 4) Leliana: Very cute, though stop with the chantry s**t! 5) Morrigin: Saves my life in the end and is not the bitch everyone thinks she is. 6) Oghren: Funny when drunk but not very original. 7) Shale: BIRD! SQUISH (great dialouge but useless in combat because you got to switch between sustained abilities to use talents from another branch). 8) Stan: TALK TO ME!!!!! 9) Wynne: I GOT MORRIGIN WHY DO I NEED A NAGGY OLD COW WHO HAS SUPER LOW MAGIC AND USELESS SPELLS!!

Hated the awakening characters (except Anders) and the characters from the DLC are not wort mentioning. --Yash7 (talk) 20:51, September 8, 2010 (UTC)

I should give Awakening companions a separate list: 1. Nathaniel: struck the right chords without overplaying it. Believable, sympathetic character who, as my first playthrough was as a human noble, really left me torn about how I felt until he opened up. 2. Justice: Interesting character with an interesting dilemna, posed questions on the nature of spirits, demons, and mortal experience. 3. Anders: Tried a little too hard at times, couldn't tell if he wanted to be the ersatz Alistair or dorky badboy. Not consistently annoying, though. 4. Oghren: Turned into mopey, high maintenance bitch. I could deal with his stubborn resistance to character development, but not with his judgmental attitude toward practically everyone, and certainly not after it's revealed that he ran away from growing up and taking responsibility. He deserves to forfeit his balls for that. 5. Velanna: Worse than Morrigan, deals shit-eating attitude to everyone, no matter how decently they treat her, and justifies it as a consequence of injustices in her own life. But she makes me wonder how much of that she honestly deserved. She makes no effort to redeem herself one bit. And for the choice of chick in the party, she's pretty ugly. 6. Sigrun: Annoying little twerp, self-righteous, shallow, and quite a bit softer than you'd expect a dedicated death-dealing dead-woman-walking to be. And the scene where she meets a dying member of her unit, they looked like hobbits lost in Mordor, not like Legionnaires of the Dead. DokEnkephalin (talk) 21:34, September 8, 2010 (UTC)

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