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I think the earl is upastairs in his bedroom KP
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ok how do you heal the arl once you have the ashes

Head back to Redcliffe Castle and talk to Bann Teagan. I think that'll get you to the Arl-healing cutscene. QueenCaryatid 04:22, January 6, 2010 (UTC)QueenCaryatid

I can't find him anywhere TrackNate400 08:00, January 6, 2010 (UTC)TrackNate400

I can't find him also... LOOKED EVERYWHERE... its a bug i think? *DENTOFFE*

RockHermit 18:06, January 16, 2010 (UTC) I thought Bann Tegan was in the main hall when you went to Redcliffe Castle..

I was about to mention the same thing. Have you looked in the castle, at the same location as you met the possessed Conn?

Yes i have looked everywhere. This main hall, is it the same hall where ser Perth and the guards are talking?

It's a good game, but seems to be full of bugs... *DENTOFFE*

rollo_t: Try this I Hope it's help you Instead of finding Bann Teagan, proceed to the second floor.On the console, click on Arl Eamon. A cutscene will play with some missing assets and you're good. On the PC, position your mouse into tactical camera and hover over the arl until you can target him. The click on him.If this doesn't help you can try this or a cheat code

This is a preemptive / retroactive hotfix developed by Yaron Jakobs (Dragon Age Lead Technical Designer). It will fix both affected games and prevent the problem from appearing in others.

  • Navigate to this directory. If it does not exist, create it.
My Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\packages\core\override
  • Download this file [1] into that directory.
  • Restart the game, reload your savegame.
  • Exit and reenter the castle main floor in recliffe. Then talk to Bann Teagan.
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