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I was thinking of doing an overhaul of the elven lore pages based on information in the codex entries (well, all lore pages, but starting with the elven ones). Whilst the way elven lore is split into articles made perfect sense before the game came out and info was limited, now we have more info some articles, I think, would be too long and others too short without any real hope of ever getting longer. So I'd like to suggest a bit of a rejig as follows. If no-one objects, I'll start making changes over the next few days. --Zoev 15:16, January 15, 2010 (UTC)

Old Elven Lore-related Pages

Proposed new Elven Lore-related Pages

  • Elves - Convert to overview page with summaries of and links to the following main articles
    • Elven History: New article with expanded (from section on Elves page) history, but with summary of codex article rather than full quote, and links to the following main articles:
      • Elvhenan: Article now expanded using info in codex
      • Shartan: Expand and tidy
      • Dales: Expand article based on codex and other info now available
    • Elven Pantheon: Article already expanded, based on codex entries
    • Elven Language: Article about what is known of elven language. May still be reasonably short (though no more so than some other articles), but likely to be able to expand in future
    • City Elves: New article with overhauled/expanded (from Elves) explanation of City Elf culture
      • The Denerim Alienage. Primarily a location page: I'm not sure what to do with this page as per Forum:Location Location Location (ie there are three separate Denerim Alienage visitable locations in the game - origin, landsmeet and final battle - and I'm not sure the best way of representing this).
    • Dalish Elves: New article with overhauled/expanded (from Elves) explanation of Dalish culture
      • Aravel: Merge existing article into a section in Dalish Elves and convert to redirect page.
      • Blood Writing: New expanded article on Dalish facial tattoos
      • Keeper: Tidy article and add in other known info
      • Halla: Expand/tidy based on codex entry - NB this is a creature page as well as containing some lore.

Go for it! It sounds like a marked improvement. I've seen your suggestion about locations too and have some rough ideas which I shall attempt to clarify soonish. Loleil 22:02, January 15, 2010 (UTC)

Thanks, Loleil. I'll pop another note here when I'm done. I may be some time! --Zoev 23:30, January 16, 2010 (UTC)
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