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I have high hopes for atleast another games, we all know that Dragon Age Origins takes place at the fifth blith and by the time of inquisition ten years has passed, my first hope/idea is of an actual origin story say slightly predating the first blight and by the end of the base game to cover the first blight, with dlc that could include the second, third and fourth blight, more of a world and at that more of an openworld map, not being able to use control pad on pc is rather disappointing and there were features missing from the previous games id like to see back, I like the tactics screen but I miss the ability to be able to position my group, additional to 4 people would be interesting, aswell as some new mosters and what not as that sort of timescale could cover such a mass variety and seeing the same things over and over with nothing new gets boring, oh I forgot - now my second hope/idea would either continue from the end of Inquisition with the potential of using the same character or past used character if alive OR completely moving on into more modern times I see all of the current ones being within one sort of time frame ie Edwardian/Victorian rules of UK, and seeing a bigger world with large cities, towns, villages, vast deserts and jungles etc in a more modern or even future timeline. (EmmaJCarroll - 31/5/16)

I don't know if it's been mentioned, but for DA4 I'm hoping for a story in the Tevintor Imperium! Perhaps something along the lines of an invasion/civil war to eliminate slavery and corruption, etc... (TimFudge - 7/14/2016)

I hope we'll see The Warden-Commander again. I was quite disappointed after finishing "Inquisition" and not meeting them.

I wish that Baldurs Gate 3 Black Hound would be on the table :)

2017 and we still have nothing, think this whole Solas and destroying the world should be the focus, starting in Tevinter, so we can also understand there war with the Qunari more, which was touched on in the last DLC- 21/05/17

This Forum is to speculate about Dragon Age 4 considering Inquisition's Ending is much of a Cliffhanger with some reveals of The PlotGraf Gaius (talk) 05:15, November 22, 2014 (UTC)

I think DA4 would be good if you played as a mage who gets a demon bound to them and throughout the game you find it more difficult to control yourself as the demon grows stronger. Also there could be an ability (similar to the focus abilities?) where you can temporarily turn into an abomination with a berserker effect. And of course I would love if your main character from inquisition could return as a Playable character because Hawke wasn't in inquisition much and you couldn't play as him :(

Wondering what all the fuss is, hearing about people addicted for 60hours gameplay. Solas is arrogant, yet people like him? Why so many homo and bisexuals in the plot? People review that as the main draw to buy it *facepalm* And very disappointing that they simply mention Zev and my other favorite characters but they don't appear. I decided not to buy this one, hope the next expansion will not be centred around dorian and ironbull. (talk) 12:39, January 26, 2015 (UTC) elen

I'm hoping it'll be about elves starting a new kingdom from scratch, with Solas helping out. After all, he says "the People" still need him, right? Maybe it'll take place in Antiva, next to old Arlathan. That'd be cool. Crimpycracker (talk) 06:18, November 22, 2014 (UTC)

Might be interesting if they ad a Tevinter Mage Origin as an option along with an Antivan Crow Origin Graf Gaius (talk) 06:45, November 22, 2014 (UTC)

Agree that would be interesting, though personally I think Nevarra is more likely. We've had a companion from Nevarra to shed some light on it, and The World of Thedas foreshadowed a civil war between the two leading clans. Plus, it borders with Tevinter, so I could easily see the remnants of the Venatori (assuming any are left) allying with the Mortalitasi to destabilize the country further in preparation for a Tevinter invasion. Alternately, Tevinter itself may be likely as well, considering there's still the Qunari in the background, and the discovery of the magisters' conspiring with the Elder One may result in more people like Dorian clamoring for reform. Plus, that way Bioware could stick to mostly british accents like they did in DAO and DA2. Just my two cents. Matt-256 (talk) 14:15, November 22, 2014 (UTC)

I'd certainly like to see the direction they take. I've always thought that the next instalment would be in the Imperium, focussing on a possible wide scale Qunari invasion, maybe after the ending Solas gets the elves to ally themselves with the Qunari, with some Thedosian nations allying against them. It'd be awesome if we could pick a side, though that's heavily unlikely. Regardless, now I think this to be rather unlikely. I don't know if Solas would be the main perpetrator, he may feature in dlc instead.

My main bet is Nevarra in a way. They could focus on a civil war, with Imperium involvement, and maybe bring in the elves in a way, and they could maybe have a blight as an overarching main plot, but this sounds too similar to DAO haha. It depends really. I do think the Elves will feature in whatever direction they take, heavily. Lazare326 16:21, November 22, 2014 (UTC)

Solas allying with the Qunari? Um, no. He made it abundantly clear in his banter that he despises the Qun with every fiber of his being. As for location, I'd wager either Nevarra or Antiva. Both have large amounts of lore already built up around them, more than Par Vollen, Rivain, and the Anderfels combined, and both are relatively close to the places we've already seen, making it easier to see the effects of the choices we've had to make, such as who is the leader of Ferelden and Orlais, etc. --TheFereldenMagister (talk) 02:53, May 5, 2015 (UTC)

I haven't seen the whole thing yet, so my mind's a little boggled, but some of the twists and turns strike me as a little too imaginative for my blood. Solas is apparently an Elven god, Cole is a spirit possessing a dead mage, and Blackwall isn't Blackwall? I can understand a desire for surprises, but it feels so confounded to me. Anyway, I guess since Inquisition took us to two countries, maybe we'll be introduced to the three you mentioned. Don't know what we'll play as though. We've been a Warden, a refugee turned Champion, and an Inquisitor. What could we be next?--Observer Supreme 20:38, November 22, 2014 (UTC)

Who says that he is a God in the literally sense. For all we know he could used be a ordinary elf that was promoted to Godhood after thousand of years with tales builiding up around him and his deception?--Behindtheblackcity (talk) 08:43, November 24, 2014 (UTC)
I suppose.--Observer Supreme 23:24, November 24, 2014 (UTC)

I hope we can go to Tevinter, The Anderfells, nevarra and Antiva... Since DAI was in the southern part, I hope DA4 will be on the north... Archon123 (talk) 01:24, November 23, 2014 (UTC)

I got the idea that Solas and all the Evanuris were originally mages who somehow got so powerful they became living gods. --Mimi Sardinia (talk) 00:31, January 12, 2016 (UTC)
Cole is a spirit posing as a dead mage. He has not possessed anyone but this is instead his true form. Caspoi (talk) 16:26, January 26, 2015 (UTC)

Would be nice to have a human party member that only has interest in Non-Humans and has no interest in Humans Graf Gaius (talk) 00:31, November 24, 2014 (UTC)

I'd love to see Scout Harding as a companion IN DA4 or in a expansion like Awakening. She's really sweet and charismatic also I'd like other companions not shown in DAI to make at least a cameo appearance in future games. --Archangel Mike (talk) 05:29, November 24, 2014 (UTC)

Also would prefer fighting while riding a mount as well as having enemies and bosses riding mounts like Duke Prosper and Leopold also it would be nice to fight the bosses we did not get to fight should you choose the other options or sides like Envy getting away with succeeding it's plan should you side with the Mages Graf Gaius (talk) 08:49, November 27, 2014 (UTC)

Mounted combat would make a LOT of sense for sword and shield, pole arm and ranged weapon users. (talk) 08:15, January 11, 2015 (UTC)

Have a feeling that they are going to move north now, after both Ferelden, Free states and Orlains have been focused on. I do think we will see an elven uprising, or maybe some elven Gods trying to eridicate mankind throughtout manipulating the Tevinter and Qunari for some reason. The end goal for them is to create Arlhatan and the elven kingdom before humankind entered the shores. Problably will be some macguffin to help the elfs achieve that goal. --Behindtheblackcity (talk) 11:08, November 27, 2014 (UTC)

Would like to see an Arcane Warrior Darkpawn Tevinter Magister for a Classic Armored Overlord complete with face covering helmet Graf Gaius (talk) 15:46, November 27, 2014 (UTC)

That might be interesting to see an Armored Mage With a Sword as One of The Magisters Queen Darkness Von Haven (talk) 22:08, November 27, 2014 (UTC)

Bioware should ad an Option for a Transsexual Main Protagonist as well as a Gender Change Potion(Baldur's Gate 2 has Gender Change on a Character AKA Edwina) and there is the fact that most of the Protagonists of Bioware Games are Cissexual while a Transsexual can be something New for there games(As The Main Player Character that is) Graf Gaius (talk) 03:15, November 28, 2014 (UTC)

As long as they ad reactions about Gender Change like Fable 2 Queen Darkness Von Haven (talk) 06:55, November 28, 2014 (UTC)

Wouldn't some of this be DLC rather than DA4? DAWUSS (talk) 15:34, November 28, 2014 (UTC)

I speculate that we'll get another cliffhanger ending. ----Isolationistmagi 18:12, November 28, 2014 (UTC)

They should also ad actual Qunari Helmets instead of The Face Paint and especially ad a face hiding helmet for Qunari and speaking of Qunari they should also ad more styles to them as well as separating the Horned and No-Horned if you want a Qunari Wearing a Human Helmet while the horned version will have a separation of Horn Style and Hairstyle Graf Gaius (talk) 18:29, November 29, 2014 (UTC)

But that owould basically make the horned ones worse and the customization would have to great an impact. Caspoi (talk) 20:00, November 29, 2014 (UTC)
Though it dose give out a True Sten Mechanic considering Sten Wears Elf, Human and Dwarf Helmets Graf Gaius (talk) 02:48, December 1, 2014 (UTC)

My own speculation is that it will involve a Gray Warden "War" of sorts. I speculate that it will have to do with avoiding the Calling that the Warden is hunting down. I have never been enamored of the "drink or die" philosophy used by the Wardens, and their this is so secret that no one outside the Wardens can ever know has already been punctured as far back as Awakening. I play as a city elf, one who wants to get married etc. Of course, the game cannot permit this or there would be no game. Yet low and behold, none of the companions who fight the spawn are Wardens. Early on I decided I did not like Alistair who alternates between whining about how he did not want to join the chantry and condemns me when I say I never wanted to join the Wardens. Depending on my mood, I either allow myself to be killed to avoid the calling after I tell him how much I hate Duncan and him or sucking up with the plan of leaving the Wardens forever. After all, the Architect did cure Fiona and he owes me. Anyway, the whole of this Warden business indicates how fragile they are. The Archdemons can control them, their thirst for spawn blood does kill them or makes them into spawn in time (or possibly a brood mother if you are female). Blackwall calls them a promise to protect, but considering the fact that they do as they damn well please, this is rather hollow. Hawke's tirade against Stroud is telling. The Wardens basically force you into slavery, poison you and kill you if you refuse. Hawke is missing at the end of DAI having gone to the Anderfels. Plus the Warden hunts for a cure, ostensibly for all Wardens, but Leliana says it is for the Warden and her if romanced. So, if something needs set to rights, this is certainly a ripe field. - Boudicca

Personally I would love it to contain the Qun and Tevinter; but I am also very interested in pursuing what I think might be a rather central theme in DA; I want to examine: >> What IS Lyrium (and red lyrium) and why it has the effects it does >> The reason that the dwarves cannot use magic (and the enigma that is Sandal) >> The Tranquil (and apart from their relationship to this mystery, I would also like to examine how poorly some of them are treated... we hear some banter in DA:I which implies some truly horrific treatment) I believe that these lie at the heart of understanding the nature of the Veil.

In terms of starting conditions; I would really love to play as an 'abomination' (and choose what type of abomination I am) or even as a spirit made flesh. (talk) 08:15, January 11, 2015 (UTC)

If the plot centralizes the more interesting and deeper lore of darkspawn and all its associated factions, then the setting should extend west I think. With the warden base and tevinter situated there and all. So if that will be the next direction of the series, then antiva and rivain should be out of the question. Honestly the whole solas thing should largely end with an expansion only... God it's so hard typing in a tiny phone. (talk) 11:53, January 11, 2015 (UTC)

We need to play as The Warden, or The Warden-Commander of Orlais. As far as I know there has not been a game where you return to play an old character after moving on to a new one. (I always wanted a KOTOR III where you get to play as Revan again)

If The Warden from Origins survives, you get to play as them, if not, that's what the Orlesian Warden-Commander is for. This would be a great way for us to give a voice and updated appearance to our beloved Wardens

This is nothing but mad hope, but come on Bioware. Let's make it happen.

I'm guessing Hawke and Stroud/Loghain/Alistair will have to be involved in the plot somehow. Darth Schlock (talk) 13:15, January 11, 2015 (UTC)

By having our warden research and look for ways to "cure" the calling, and seeing where the story is starting to head with some of the more seemingly minor clues present, playing as the Warden again is actually a possibility. Story wise they've actually already laid the groundwork in sort of a potential Mass Effect 2 type of way. I doubt we will personally as if they were going to do this it probably would have happened in Inquisition. By now it's really too late, though knowing Bioware that sort of makes it more likely honestly. It actually would be sort of interesting to have all three previous main characters available as potential main characters for a new game. That would be too difficult to pull off so it won't happen, but it would be sort of cool to see who gets picked more as the main PC and how the story would then evolve around them. Way too hard to pull off now for Bioware really, and way too expensive as the variables would be far too great. The Grey Unknown (talk) 14:39, January 11, 2015 (UTC)

I made a very long post about this on another forum and instead of trying to recreate it I will simply copy it to this forum:

"I agree that Tevinter seems like a likely location, not only because of the whole elven plotline Inquisition built up for but also because of the possibilities of a new qunari war. After all what with the new "special" Arishok and the qunari seemingly "waiting" for something to initiate the war again. This all seems to point towards the qunari preparing for a new invasion, one that they intend to succeed in. The Anderfels also seem like a likely location, what with Grey Warden infighting and the rumors of a new Blight that have circled since the end of Awakening (most Blights have originated there). As I have stated in another forum the Architect may very well be alive, even if you "killed" him and his story does tie very well in to the whole Blight-thing. My biggest skepticism towards that however is the fact that it sounds to similar to Origins and the darkspawn were after all defeated quite recently and it would take some time for them to recuperate their losses. Suppose that it is true however we might get to visit Kal'Sharok. If it is true then it will probably be tied into a major overarching plot, like a Tevinter civil war for instance (do note that the Anderfels and Tevinter are neighbors and that it would be unlikely that we do not visit more than one country seeing as it has already.been done, they would not like to have DA3 surpass DA4 after all) This would probably be done like in Inquisition, with the main villain pulling strings in all the conflicts just to streamline the storyline towards one cause and one enemy. If such a thing is done however I seriously wish that they do it better this time. After all it requires no little suspension of disbelief to believe that Corypheous could have grown this extremely many-layered master plan which involves assassinating the Divine during a peace-conference and use an elven artifact to try merging "the real world" with the fade, using Red Lyrium to turn the Templars, create a massive Tevinter cult far south of the country, use a demon, a false calling and said cult to take over the grey wardens, use time-magic to recruit the rebel mages into the cult and temporarily stop the Orlesian civil war temporarily and recruit the empresses cousin into the Venatory cult to assassinate the empress herself and so keep the war on and Orlais weakened. All in about two years and after he had just awakened in a very different world and all succeeding had it no been for a small interference during the assassination of the Divine. it is just staggering. I do, however, not believe that such a thing will be done, both because they have already done this in Inquisition (and it was admittedly something of a mistake and while Bioware certainly do their fair share of mistakes they at least learn from them and try to not repeat them next time, even if they have to go to the opposite end), and also because the natural choice for an overlapping villain would be Solas and he (according to himself) detest both the qunari and the Blight (and I see no reasonable way for him to control them). He could of course try to defeat all his enemies in one strike but to make that succeed he would still have to make this far-fetched master plan that Corypheous did and which just spent some lines ranting about. Not including this but still have many different conflicts and cataclysms would however make the different storylines completely separate from each other with a small Blight in the Andefels and an elven something (possibly rebellion) in Tevinter with nothing tying them together, the very thing Bioware tried so desperately to avoid in Inquisition. Therefore I would throw a Blight in the bin (such a thing would instead make for an incredible ending to the series with this whole super darkspawn invasion that would tie the series together both beginning and ending with the darkspawn and the grey wardens in focus) both because of above stated reasons about the darkspawn being to weak to logically be a threat yet (they still need some time for that) and also because of Corypheous being the main enemy in Inquisition, making it a bit boring having the darkspawn as a nemesis again. Instead I think that they should put all focus on Tevinter. The storyline should then roughly be something like this:

The qunari launch their full invasion (something they have not done until now), pressing the southern nations, Tevinter in particular. In response to this the Venatori, armed with many new spells and weapons and most importantly red lyrium, grow into a powerful party in Tevinter politics (desperate times drive people to desperate means after all), using red lyrium on slaves and volunteers to combat the qunari. due to this the elves feel that the time has finaly come for their revenge (this is probably orchestrated by Solas) and rise up in rebellion against their overlords. In this more information on the elven pantheon, the eluvians and other pieces of elven lore will probably be revealed. this is purely guesswork but at the same time problems may arise in the qunari homelands, an upsurge of Tal-Vashoth due to a greater influence from other peoples or something else (Par Vollen is after all very mysterious and this is as I said merely guesswork). In the south Divine Victoria will probably call for a new exalted march against the qunari, although much of this may depend on how you handled things in Inquisition (who was elected as Divine Victoria for instance) and how much influence the Venatori have (after all, all possible Divines will have a bad history with that particular group). For instance I think that the south will try to "redeem" the north (Dorian will most likely play an important role in this) and bring them together. The main enemy is hard to find here but I think that he has something to do with the elves so Solas would be my best guess (he would have grown much more powerful in recent time after all) but maybe they don't have a clear main enemy and it could be for instance either the Archon or the Arishok depending on who you side with. The protagonist, that is to say you, is also quite hard but I am thinking on two possibilities: either you countinue playing as the Inquisitor and use the Inquisitions resources to influence the war, in one way or another, as this would be a good way to include the inquisition instead of just saying "and the organization dissolved and the Inquisitor went away somewhere" but this would also mean that they transfer an earlier protagonist to a later game, something they have not done yet and a moderately hard thing to do due to some of the Keep's limitations and also because you will always play as an "outsider" who represent a distant power (which in itself would be a huge problem because both you and your organization are quite powerful, making hard to make the classical "bottom to top" in terms of level and influence. The other, far more likely, option is that you start as a Tevinter "citizen", either as an elf, dwarf, human or qunari. The dwarf is interesting because the dwarves in the Tevinter Imperium have an unique position in both Tevinter and Orsammar, being treated as dignitaries in a foreign country. I think the human would be a commoner, mostly because you have to be a mage for you to truly be a "noble". Elves probably start as (very) low-rank citizens although they might even start as slaves (if that happens however Bioware really needs to bring back the origins). The Qunari will be the most problematic, mainly because of the major interaction with the qunari nation. They can not be true "qunari" because that would make it completely impossible for them to play as a neutral party and they can not be Tal-Vashoth for the same reasons but opposite so being a Vashoth (probably mercenary) is the only option left although that still feels unsatisfactory."

I am impressed by those of you who manage to read all this. Caspoi (talk) 15:36, January 11, 2015 (UTC)

Why would the qunari have to be neutral? Indeed, one of the most compelling potential back stories would be one of the Ben-Hassrath for a rogue, a Saarebas for a mage or one of the Arvaarad for a warrior. Is a mage starting off in the circle likely to be neutral in matters of the circle vs the Templars? Is an elf in the alienage likely to be neutral in matters of the chantry vs the sub-humans (and yes I chose that terminology on purpose)?

The backstories we are provided aren't necessarily about being neutral, they are about providing a lens within which we construct our narratives, which may be coloured by that lens in different ways and to different extents.

I do however agree about Corypheous and the plot; it seems to rely on a significant amount of information about the current state of the world - something I doubt he was able to get together within the time he has had. (talk) 06:51, January 12, 2015 (UTC)

But if you supposedly start of as a qunari then you will either be forced to support them or go completely rouge (Tal-Vashoth) which would render you worse than dead in the eyes of all "real" qunari. Caspoi (talk) 20:55, January 12, 2015 (UTC)

I think it'll be about another Blight, and there will be another ancient darkspawn. There will be Red Wardens helping the darkspawn, and there will be normal Grey Wardens, as suggested by the Epilogue - contact with the First Warden and Wesshaupt has been lost, which I think means they are possessed already. This will give BioWare a chance to put the Warden in the game. I think they gave us Hawke to see how we'd react, and now that the general concensus was that it was done right, they will do the same with the Warden. Every Origins fanboy will buy DA4 if the Warden's in it.

Another possibility is that the game will follow up on Solas and will focus on the elven gods, perhaps waking up from their slumber and being possessed by the Dread Wolf.

I think there is also plenty of foreshadowing from Origins and DA2 that has yet not turned out, and I think these will be to do with DLCs. I believe I read somewhere that BioWare said the DLCs will be post-game like Awakening and Amgarrak, rather than pre-ending like Legacy and Mark of the Assassin.

One is to do with golems, as the Nexus Golem said "The Stone lives beneath Orlais", it is the same thing that says on Leliana's dwarf friend's axe. Another is Sandal, who is now working for the Orlesian Court. Then there is Wade and Harren, who are supposed to be in Orlais; they appeared only at the war table quest in the game. Then in Origins there is this Codex entry: The Notes of Arl Foreshadow, possibly foreshadowing Orlais invading Ferelden, Morrigan and Kieran ("Terrible two", "offspring and the Fade"), and survivors of Arlathan, quite possibly still alive like the elf at Mythal's Temple. User signature henioo henioo (da talk page) 07:10, January 12, 2015 (UTC)

My reaction to Hawke's reappearance was quite poor and the warden would be even harder to recreate with a close enough personality (after all, much of the personality of the protagonist is made in our heads). With red wardens do you mean wardens who have taken red lyrium or simply a splinter group of wardens? If the former I do not understand why they would do it though (they would, unlike the red Templars, be quite aware of it's dangers and all) because while they have this whole "anything to combat the blight" it is now shown that red lyrium is blighted in itself and that it takes control of anyone who uses it. Caspoi (talk) 20:55, January 12, 2015 (UTC)

Well, all I know is that the are too many questions still unresolved. And I'm not sure that writers and developers are going to solve them, because it's very much better starting a new plotline then finishing the others from the previous games. Moneygrabber. Turuzzusapatuttu (talk) 13:24, January 12, 2015 (UTC)

I want the location to be Tevinter and the main character be a someone like Dorian, a rebel against the Magisters and the Qunari invasion but maybe it will be something about the return of the elven gods. This game will need to be something weird because how can a non elf help the rebuilding of the elven kingdom so... that's where I fall flat--DaveManiac3 20:26, January 12, 2015 (UTC)

In DAO one of my humans helped the elves, mind you my dwarf hated those prancing twats (didn't much like humans either) and never bothered with them... its not so much about the race you play as their personality and intentions. (talk) 06:54, January 13, 2015 (UTC)

From what I can gather, DA4 will have to be about the return of the elven gods and a possible elf rebellion. Also, it could even be about the return of a very ancient evil, something more powerful than Cory.

About main PC I dunno what can possibly follow the AWESOMENESS that is DA:I, YOU CREATED A WHOLE ORDER and changed the world. So the new PC has to be something that tops DA:I and right now I dunno... the incarnation of another god???--DaveManiac3 15:06, January 26, 2015 (UTC)

I think the likelihood of the Elvhen gods being a big issue is likely too. --Mimi Sardinia (talk) 00:31, January 12, 2016 (UTC)

Changed the world? You must have played a very different Inquisitor than I; the most that my Inquisitor could achieve was simply patching holes and maintaining almost exactly what had preceded the Enclave. The only lasting change that I can see that might result of my run through in DA:I was depending on the choice for Divine (which is why I picked a Divine I hoped would be most likely to result in the collapse of the Chantry). I don't think it will take much for DA4 to allow the PC to top the Inquisitor's accomplishments (particularly if it focuses on an elven rebellion). (talk) 19:19, January 26, 2015 (UTC)

If "patching holes" is so much more trivial to you than a world without the Chantry, you can just quit after being sent into the future. Problem solved. DemonyThings (talk) 14:09, January 27, 2015 (UTC)

I Think that the DA4 would be about the Old Gods including the elven ones because at the end Solas say that when he woke up he could not opne it so he gives the orb to Corypheus, Now I am guessing that like in the myth you read the Dread Wolf lock away the gods like a trick but mybe there is a more develop story to way he lock them away and now it was time to free the gods. The story would be best to go around the Hero of Ferelden, and it should go around the choice that he survive killing the Archdemon (For me would be love story with Morrigan, they had a child and he fallow her through the mirror and rise the child up the calling) anyway it would the gods are realise and he is special because he kill an Archedemon and live witch no warden have done that the story tells, now he may not have the soul of an old god but he is special, while he look to stop the calling he finds or drinks and gain the power of an immortal, giving to him by an old god to stop the Chaos god that where awaiken with the good gods or someting amoung the lines.

we need a darkspawn companion. presumnly itll involve the last of the wardens, hawkes templar/mage army and the inquisition marching on flemeth or solas or both. flemeth will msot likly become a archdemon and control the darkspawn, all the elves magic attracts hawke and solas attracts the inquisition

I got the idea in my head that Justice should come back, whether or not still possessing Anders, as an enemy. He could see that all mortals, human, elf, dwarf, qunari, mage, templar, can only cause destruction and the only way he believes that justice can be obtained for the world is if all mortals were to be destroyed. He does seem like the kind of being to come to that conclusion. I feel like he can be like the main antagonist from the movie that just came out, but I don't remember the name (coughageofultroncough).-- (talk) 16:01, May 4, 2015 (UTC)

Only if they got James Spader, that's the only way it would work <G>. Seriously though, it does sound a lot like the Order of Fiery Promise as well: "the only way we could perfect the world is to destroy it". Though I suddenly have this rather flip idea of Return of the Dark Justice...--PennyLynn1101 (talk) 17:54, May 5, 2015 (UTC)

I hope they will wait a few games to have another epic Blight (they are supposed to be once a century events), and in the meantime explore Tevinter, Nevarra, Par Vollen and the Qun, Solas and the Elves, etc. Flesh out the world before tearing it apart again. --Pneumatos (talk) 16:06, May 23, 2015 (UTC)

It's been a year or so since my last play through Origins but I believe they said one every 200-300 years... that being more than a single century. But I agree with the overall point that it would be 'unusual' to a resident of Thedas to witness "another" blight. Corypheus fails to really count as a darkspawn. Given The Architect's promise {if you chose that} a whole bunch of Darkspawn would simply give Corphy-snot a two fingered salute... if they were born in Tevinter.--Witkh 13 (talk) 01:12, August 10, 2015 (UTC)

I Think that the next one will probably be slightly more centered around the fact that lyrium is a living organism as proved by Bianca since the red Lyrium, is pretty much Lyrium but infected with the Blight, so this being said, it might focus on the Red Lyrium, perhaps it ends up ravaging the lands? or It starts Killing/infecting The people of thedas, making them turn into Lyrium themselves. (Like knight commander meredith) or perhaps it might center around something completely different all together, maybe they might throw something in with the dwarven thaigs and deep roads, Now THAT would be interesting to know about or maybe just maybe they'll throw us back before any of The Warden stuff begain, perhaps it might entail something of all that andraste crap..... However it turns out I'll be happy with it, though I'd like it if they added a Romanceable dwarf to the next one that is my only complaint about the whole thing ;Anonymous 5:33 PM Monday, 29 June 2015

Solas, already 'is' an enemy depending on who your The Inquisitor is and your choices. I.e. if the play through in question has the Inquisitor as an Dalish Elf Origin Female, that romances Solas. If you think about it, they already have shown they will favor showing consequences for one 'romance option' with Morrigan and her god/human baby.

One of Cole's cryptic comments about companions, 'while I was romancing Solas', "He was their enemy the whole time, but she made him forget, so he could change." Overall I believe the line is meant as a pun; Instead of the Cole/Dialogue page limiting it as just a reference to KotOR.

Thus I think they have already set the stage for Solas being a sort of Loki/Pan type god, which I understand is Fen'Harel's motif. I think he's the one who imprisoned them all. If you have him in the party in Western Approach when approaching the Grey Wardens. Solas reveals a lot, by abruptly shouting how the Warden's plan of finding all the Old Gods and slaying them before they could become Archdemon's, was effectively suicide for all of Thedas, instead of just those Grey Wardens.

As for What 'area' will come next. I believe BioWare is already working on that regardless what they say. Gaider recently said there would be at least 1 more content DLC such as Jaws of Hakkon {hopefully more, because I am a dog like that... always want more} Anyhow, he said everything was 'finally coming together'. From my experience, game makers only really say that when they are a couple {at most} months from releasing the product. That just has to do with how games are made... many different teams working on their projects until their all supposed to be done at _ blank _ time.

I 'think' Gaider has already hinted at the Inquisition being carried forward; And, there can be more than one 'Inquisitor'. Thus opening up the option of your "Orlais/Ferelden Inquisitor" choosing some new promising young unknown protege of some sort to ship off on assignment to a new region.

I also think Gaider has already shown they plan on dealing with the 'blighted land' problem. I just recently looked at their current map and read some of the ingame history on Western Approach and Anderfals. For Anderfals to even be an option, the initial force will need to have some relatively quick way to deal with blighted land.
File:Maps dragon age origins desktop 1600x1200 hd-wallpaper-744294.jpg

For that reason I believe the next DLC Gaider was talking about will send the Inquisition into the Western Approach and maybe even into the 'The Sea of Ash', past the Gamordan Peaks. I mean, half of DAI we spend in the FrostBack Mountains and the Arbor Wilds. Those are far from the only remote regions in Thedas. The Tirashan, Blasted Hills, Brecilian Forest, come to mind initially... even Arlathan has seemingly been left alone for who knows how many centuries. At least, I have yet to hear of what Tevinter actually 'did' with Arlathan after defeating them... other than looting the city.

The DLC itself culminating with a discovery of a way to heal Blighted Land astronomically more quickly than it's current recovery rate. I mean, the codex lists Hissing Wastes and Western Approach as 'dead' except neither zone is that way at all. A desert is far from dead, most roaming lifeforms simply come out at night.

Though I pray they will continue to work on more "story content" DLC after this next one... and DA 4 merely gives us 'new' countries to explore and showing us more consequences of our actions in Orlais and Ferelden.

Darkspawn will continue to be a minor nuisance, Corphy-poopface not included. How much of a nuisance may depend our decision for the Architect.

Now for my biggest epiphany. It comes down to something that has been foreshadowed with all three current games. All of them basically elude to Morrigan's mom recreating the old gods in new bodies. 'That' being why she seemingly takes over Solas's boat.

I mean, Sera's banter moment pretty much sums up... why have a romance option if all you are going to do is yank them away 'permanently'? A cliffhanger is one thing. Totally dumping him and leaving The Inquisitor with the emotional baggage; "but none of the good stuff?" no thank you.

Finally I pray that in a future game they have the The Warden who marries Anora behave a whole lot better than they have with DAI. I mean, effectively they are 'forcing' my character to ditch her to go find a cure for the "Calling"

Completely ignoring that by all appearances, drinking Avernus's Experimental Draught in Warden's Keep effectively extends his life by multiple centuries, and gives an immunity to The Calling. Avernus shows that both are true simply by living as long as he did 'without' a temporal time warp << such as Ameridan or Magister Gereon Alexius >>, or turning into a mindless darkspawn, because he ignored The Calling.--Witkh 13 (talk) 01:12, August 10, 2015 (UTC)

M'Kay, several things you said are flat-out incorrect:
1. Solas, AKA ::SPOILER:: did not "imprison them all".  ::SPOILER:: said he was betrayed along with ::SPOILER:: and ::SPOILERS:: Whatever happened was different than what the Dalish think.
2. Tevinter did exactly ::SPOILER:: to Arlathan.  ::SPOILER:: said ::SPOILERS:: ::SPOILED:: upon themselves (lol), which means that Arlathan's location, (and perhaps it very nature), is likely not where the rest of Thedas thinks it is. Plus, I highly doubt we'd go somewhere so important in a DLC.
3. Avernus's potion only gave the Warden those lame powers. It was not how he extended his life. He (presumably) did that by using blood magic to manipulate the taint within him. Or maybe he cast some sort of spell using the taint itself as a magical source, like emissaries do. Regardless, he used magic to extend his life so only a mage Warden could do the same.
However, what you said about what Cole said ("He was their enemy the whole time, but she made him forget, so he could change.") could be true, if we assume that ::SPOILER:: is ::SPOILER:: and ::SPOILER:: is ::SPOILER::. I assumed it was just a reference to KotOR, but perhaps it was both. Cole does say some other things that pertain to the game itself and are hints (or seem like hints) to the greater plot going on 'behind the scenes' of the series. Silver Warden (talk) 17:39, August 10, 2015 (UTC)

The game series is called DragonAge. To me that says we may get into the Qunari, who may be, as we discover in DAI, part dragon. I'm not terribly enthusiastic about that, since I'm not a fan of Qunari. They're just too different for me to be able to work up a lot of empathy for them as characters. Who made them, though? Anyway, some more food for thought. :-) I'mSoConfused (talk) 00:08, August 11, 2015 (UTC)

I hope to see a conclusion of the romance between solas and the inquisitor in the next game! Maybe we have constant meet ups with the inquisitor since at the end of trespasser that she wants to find people that solas doesn't know to shake things up in order to find him, all considering you have a choice to help pursue resolving the retired inquisitors finding of solas and who knows, depending on what you might of chosen in the trespasser DLC, if this were to all happen towards the end of the game, she could either get him to stop all this, fight against him, or for a really twisted plot, the inquisitor chooses to stand with solas, even if it means death by your own companions !!!! Who knows, maybe they decide to disappear and she could become a new god who symbolizes justice, something like mythal I suppose lol.

I dunno, once I saw the ending of trespasser and I just got all these ideas in my head. I too agree that the game will most likely take place in tevinter, but I hope we can see the whole blood mage concept like in the comic that's coming out , it looks dope! I want to see a lot more depth into tevinter and elven lore and more info on tranquil! And a possible Tallis appearance ????

I was also thinking... What if dragon age could one day be put in a modern age! Just think of it! An I'm not talking about the modern era being put on assassins creed no I'm talkin about like how they did with castlevania 2 , just not with the jump between past and future, well that actually sounds like it could be sort of fun. And maybe your dragon age keep can play into how the story starts off, you could be a descendent of whoever the next major role player was in this next game- IM JUST SAYING! Sorry I just had so many bulging concepts lol. User ((TheDreadWolfsVehnan)) sept. 1 2015 9:48

I personally don't think Dragon Age will one day reach a "modern age"...simply because of the name of the serie. It's supposed to take place in the dragon age, from 9:00 to 9:99. Maybe in an ending scene in the final game, like that final cutscene in Mass Effect 3, we could glimpse a future shaped by our protagonist's actions. Maybe.

Anyway, about DA4, i have to give my two cents.

Before the release of Dragon Age 2, there was a sort of cartoon, showing a proto-Hawke, grim and dark, followed by an elf archer, a Grey Warden and a Qunari. They battled Darkspawn. Some of the ideas of that movie were reused for Dragon Age Inquisition: The Warden companion(Blackwall/Rainier), the Elf Archer (Sera)and the Qunari(The Iron Bull/Hissrad), along with the magical powers of the Proto-Hawke(which became the Anchor).

So that leaves the enemies and the setting. A desolated, blighted land, and Darkspawns. I think they may be used in DA4, considering there was a rumor of a new Blight since Awakening. But maybe, in truth, this is no Blight, but the consequences of the Architect's work. Awakened Darkspawns, the Disciples, seem to survive even if the Architect was killed, and as they gain awareness, they may fall victim to desires of conquest and revenge...

Trespasser seems to indicate Darkspawn will in no way be the central antagonists of the future game. I'm more inclined to believe that place to be filled by the Qunaris. Seems to me like the only capability in which we could play our beloved oxmen will be as Vashoth, as the Qun would be too rigid to allow us any kind of choice. So, whatever the protagonist's race or role will be, i don't think we could play as the invaders. Merely the invaded, basically all other nations.

That leaves Solas and Valta as sidenotes. Knowing the Dread Wolf, he won't go for an all-out-war with other kingdoms, instead using deception to achieve his goals. Maybe the conflict (player-choice dependant) between Solas and the Inquisition will be in the background of the main quest. I'm still unsure about the Titan and Valta, but i doubt they will concern themselves with the surface's wars. So that leaves them open for a DLC/Sidequest.

Ah, anyway... Inquisition is still recent. Bioware won't play the card of the "hastily done game" again, considering how much of a hate-storm DA2 raised. So that leaves us with many years left to speculate. --Warden-Cypher (talk) 18:21, October 2, 2015 (UTC)

So I have a kind of out there idea. What if they did a two pronged storyline for DA4. You get two characters: a low level Warden and a commoner. The warden character would follow the storyline that was started with the wardens at Adamant. I thought trying to uncover the Old Gods was an interesting premis, and I would like to see where it could go. It's called the Dragon Age; to me that means an increase in the number of dragons around, and the Old Gods were dragons (but male high dragons?). The commoner would be involved in the war (we all know there has to be one, whether against the radical elves following Solas; the Qunari and the Trevinter, the possibilities are endless on that front) and be from any background we want. Those possiblities are endless, as well. Progression would be in chapters, with the actions taken by one character affecting the other (less so at first, but they get more intertwined as the game progresses). Having two sets of companions and two seprate plots would take some getting use to, but I think it would add and interesting element. It would also be like getting two games in one. Like I said, an out there idea.

I really like the idea of the new protagonist being the leader of a mercenary company. Your companions are people who are recruited to become members of your mercenary group. Instead of you doing personal quests for them. They would do personal quests for you to gain your favor in the organization, which leads to them revealing more about themselves lol. I like this idea because it even the protagonists out very nicely. The Warden saved the world and was a king maker, the inquisitor saved the world and gathered the largest army ever seen… Hawk was just a refugee who by the end of the game had killed no more than 2 or 3 important people, which makes him… sort of a big deal. The point is that I’d like the game to go back to your character not really being a big deal and having a more difficult time than the Inquisitor. I like the idea of the mercenary who becomes a warlord that chooses whether to lead his men in support of the Qunari, Teveinter, Orlais, Solas or Fereldan and as a result he more indirectly affects Thedas, like Hawk did. It would also be great if decisions from the previous games affected your new companions, such as Cullen’s specialization being Templar if you told him to keep drinking Lyrium but his specialization is Champion if you got him to quit the stuff. Id also like more polarizing decisions. The only one that really affected the direction of the story in Inquisition was choosing to save the Templars or the Mages. I want more decisions like that. I’d also like to see the world actually change based your decisions. Such as if I choose to save a bunch of farmers from an army of Darkspawn, A city gets overrun and if I go to the city after the quest, its devastated or the opposite, kind of like what they did with the final battles in DAA where you have to choose to protect the Keep or the village and it significantly impacts who lives and who dies in the cutscenes. (JDALFONSO)

I dunno about Dragon Age 4, but for Dragon Age 5 or a side story game, I'd like to see a game that takes place entirely in the Gold/Black City. Maybe it could be a Souls-like game (because, from what I recall, DkS3 is gonna be the last one of those, and there will probably be a lot of people jonesing for that kind of gameplay long afterwards). So, for story, let's say that Solas has his way, and the entire world is swallowed by the fade. Thedosians of all kinds of different backgrounds find themselves "evicted" into the streets of the Gold/Black City to fend for themselves, and are generally unaware of what to even do. Demons that previously avoided the place now teem the streets of the Gold/Black City, and they're not happy with their new digs. Also, something beckons most people towards the heart of the city. Who knows? Maybe at the end, that empty throne won't be so empty... In addition to the default rigid trinity classes (warrior, mage and rogue), Player Character backgrounds could probably serve as loose classes a la Bloodborne, and determine your stats and perks. So, for example, a Grey Warden would have increased constitution and the ability to see darkspawn through walls; or a Daughter of Flemeth would start with some relatively powerful spells and shapeshifting magicks; or Ben-Hassrath could get a significantly decreased detection range and an increased drop rate; or Carta dwarves can have a higher equip burden; etc. There are all kinds of possibilities there: Crows, Tal-Vashoth, outcast elves who didn't fit into Solas' regime... Also, because the fade swallowed the world, we could easily get away with non-mages picking up magic (it kinda happened in DA:O). The player may not have a party, but there could be various NPCs that help or harm the player based on decisions made during gameplay and when interacting with them. Item descriptions could possess lore that certain character backgrounds have access to, but others do not (at least, not immediately). There could be side quests that take you "back in time" to see what happened in the original "Gold City Incident." I dunno, I think there could be potential... What does anyone else think? DashXero (talk) 13:47, January 10, 2016 (UTC)

@DashXero, that sort of crossover would be interesting to play, but its main focus (the black city) would need further expanding, and that would be done (if it ever happens) in DA4. Nevertheless, your approach on the classes/background is interesting, but i think the Souls series have a huge difference with the Dragon Age series: The character development. In the Souls, the PC could be anyone or anything, but, whatever you imagine his/her background to be, you have zero character development for him/her. Because the game focuses on gameplay, and the lore is left for us to speculate on.

That is not the case of the Dragon Age series, where you define with your actions and mostly, dialogues, the depth of your avatar.

That is not to say i wouldn't like a Dragon's Souls game. I think it could blend really well together - if done properly - but would be more like a side-game with little to no connection to the overall plot of the serie.

Of course, that would be if the Black City isn't some sort of prison for whatever evil is imprisonned. --Warden-Cypher (talk) 15:50, January 10, 2016 (UTC)

Terrible, terrible idea. DA is an RPG series, not an action game series. Trying to make a Dragon Scrolls game wasn't the best idea, but a Dragon Souls game? Why don't you just take a Dark Souls game and paint it with Thedas? Because that's what you described: a Dark Souls game with some artificial DA trimmings. No thank you. Silver Warden (talk) 20:22, January 10, 2016 (UTC)

Oh come on! DA used to be a RPG game in DA:O and Awakening. DA2 is an Action RPG and a poor man's Mass Effect 2. You're still free to choose your abilities in the game (thank gods), but the plot is basically linear and the choices inconsequential. In the Inquisition they took it 2 steps further - not only the plot is linear, but also you're limited to 8 usable abilities, which is the same as in Mass Effect. And your attribute points are locked as well. It works fine in ME which is basically an action/shooter, but DAI lacks the appropriate combat mechanics to make it entertaining, so it's merely a sluggish, repetitive 3rd person action game with defunct companion AI.

Since EA now develops their games with only console/controller users in mind, it would only be logical to finish the job and turn the DA series into a full-blown flashy action with no pausing. Some sort of "Saints Row: the DA" would surely be most marketable among the teenagers, provided there will be enough nudity, strong language and nutshot achievements. So compared to this "Dark Souls of DA" sounds almost perfect. At least DS games are challenging, for what it's worth. --Paul 987 (talk) 14:24, January 25, 2016 (UTC)

The series has strayed pretty far from its RPG roots, which is why I don't want it to stray any further. I'd prefer a more tactical combat system, or at least an equally actiony one that's more fun. I don't want to see a more actiony combat system. I think (well, I hope) Bioware can maintain this level of action RPG-ness for the series, since they probably won't go for a more tactical combat system in DA 4.
Also, no matter how actiony they make the combat, the series will never have the difficulty of Dark Souls, which is its main appeal. If the Dark Souls games were easier, they'd be much less fun. That's what a Dragon Souls game would be - a hybrid game that loses what's best about both of the originals. A terrible, terrible idea. Silver Warden (talk) 19:56, January 25, 2016 (UTC)

I totally agree. Much of what I wrote was a sarcasm. Though I don't really see any way for DA series to get back to its classic RPG roots. It is simply impossible on the current market dominated by the large corporations such as EA. Not when the console teens generate nearly all the profit, and the game development costs are so insane. That's probably why all the founders, former top managers and writers left Bioware for good - they likely just want to move on and do something meaningful with their lives instead of cloning yet another CoD or the Sims, sloppily disguised as a RPG. --Paul 987 (talk) 20:51, January 25, 2016 (UTC)

Console "teens" (it's really more like 15-25) may generate the majority of the profit for CoD and its clones, but there's still clearly a market for other games with different (well, overlapping) demographics, and even EA can see this. Otherwise, they would not make anything but CoD clones. Publishers are in it for the money, and the minute games like DA stop making a profit they will stop being made. That's why I can tolerate a more actiony combat system. It may not be to my taste, but seems to be keeping the series afloat - Inquisition was a commercial success. We will never get another Origins, but Origins adjacent is better than nothing. Silver Warden (talk) 19:00, January 26, 2016 (UTC)

All I can think at the moment is that Solas is still a problem that may come up, the Qunari are still a problem, and perhaps as some have said here, there may be ongoing problems amongst the Wardens. I don't think there will be another Blight - that feels too much like rehashing DA:O - but darkspawn will always be a problem and the Wardens have their issues. I don't think The Warden/Warden-Commander is coming back as a major character. TPB have already said the Warden's tale is basically over. --Mimi Sardinia (talk) 00:31, January 12, 2016 (UTC)

Solas is not a problem, Solas is the problem. Stuff with Qunari and wardens may pop up, but the focus of the game will be stopping Solas. Trespasser basically guaranteed that. Silver Warden (talk) 20:28, January 12, 2016 (UTC)
My personal suspicion is that Act 1 of DA4 will be focused on the Tevinter/Qunari war, probably including choosing a side a la Mages/Templars in Inquisition. Then, Solas will come out of hiding and change the game, much like Corypheus did in attacking Haven. The remainder of the game will be about stopping Solas, with our Inquisitor's help now that Solas is no longer a secret. I think that the fact that both Tevinter and the Qunari have a complicated relationship with elves makes the likely choice between those two factions.

Personally I would like to see a game that uses the book "Dragon Age: The Last flight". They used elements from "The Calling" and "The Masked Empire" in DAI. - 20 January 2016

You guys I think that it would be cool if the elves like that one guy said tried to build a kingdom from scratch with solas as their ruler. But then in the beginning they find out that solas is to blame for the rift and the whole Corepheus thing and the kingdom ends up in turmoil. Then all the elves based on their different beliefs and the way they want things done split up into six different clans, and at character creation you get to pick from each of the six clans. I also think that the wardens should play a part in the story. Also I think that Bio ware should add a new class because the mage, rouge, and warrior are classic in rpg's but are kinda getting old and I for one want a new choice and a new experience with the New Dragon Age.

Why have six origins that are basically the same? I could see Dalish elf as one of the origins, or even the only origin, but all six? Seems like a waste.
The reason that there's only three classes is because there are no other classes. Every other conceivable class in any RPG is some variation of warrior mage or rogue, or a hybrid of some sort. Therefore any new class that could be added would just be a waste of code, as it could only be a slight variation of one of the three core classes present in all RPGs. However, I'm all for offering more specializations, and especially the ability to pick more than one specialization, like we could in Origins and DA 2. Silver Warden (talk) 20:35, February 2, 2016 (UTC)

The problem with large, world-changing decisions in games is that they ... well, change the world. It makes it very difficult for game developers to create a game where players can start off the same and face similar problems. With DA4 the developers have to deal with the race + gender + origin + romance + deaths + side-takings + life decisions of the Warden, Hawke and the Inquisitor. From DAO alone they need to create different scenarios on whether your Warden lived or died, who was made king or queen of Ferelden, if you defiled the Urn of Sacred Ashes, who you made king of Orzammar ... and so on. It's enough to make two new games filled with all the different decisions. And all players need to be made happy with the compromises, no matter how they chose to play the game, which makes everything extremely narrow and shadowy out of necessity. Therefore, I can fully understand if many of the big choices we had to make in the games becomes more merged than dividing, and I can absolutely be happy if we don't get to see our previous PCs again. Remember what they did to Hawke? I have my own head-canons about what happens to my characters, and I don't want to see the developers screw up their personalities and current status, just to appeal to those who want a cameo. No matter how they introduce our heroes, - even as PCs - they will be ruined for some players because they are introduced "out-of-character". Is it really worth it?

As for the story in DA4, I definitely believe we'll have a focus on an elven rebellion. Think about it: Almost all of DA2 was about the escalating mage/templar conflict, which culminated in DAI. In DAI, we - more or less - solve the conflict, but also gets heaps of elven/human lore and conflict: Empress Celene's march on the elves in Halamshiral in The Masked Empire, Briala, Solas, Abelas, the Creators, the ancient elven temples, the eluvians, etc. ... I'm convinced we'll have to face the elven/human conflicts in DA4 (perhaps built up by pre-game books again), were elves all over Thedas - perhaps under the influence of Solas - rebell against humans, demanding equal rights, fighting for a new homeland of their own, or just trying to help Solas break down the veil and restore things as it were in ancient Elvhenan. Some elves might not want to go to so far, and oppose Solas, even if they do stand up for their own interests. There could be dozens of groups fighting, including among themselves - human mages who have a great interest in ancient elven magic, human nobles who wants to re-introduce slavery. Dalish clans who wants to exterminate the human kingdoms completely, and other dalish clans going "I say, that's taking things a bit far!"

As for the player character, any race can have a vested interest in this war. Either to make things go back to normal, or because they support equal rights, or just to grab power for themselves. The intro could be a peace-meeting where groups of humans, elves, dwarves and qunari meet to try and solve all of this peacefully - especially considering all the shit this Age already has gone through, and especially if the war is getting out of hand, with extremists on both sides.

Human - Freelancing adventurer. May or may not be on the Human side of the conflict: May want to return things to the way they were, or see benefits with an elven kingdom in Thedas.

Elf - Dalish or City elf. May or may not be on the Elven side of the conflict. An elven kingdom may seem like the obvious preference for an elf, but some may see this as just another step on alienating humans and elves, and would much rather prefer equal laws, rights and opportunities for all in the already existing nations. (Some elves do identify themselves as Orlesian, or Ferelden or Antivan.)

Dwarf - Orzammar ambassador, trying to make the best possible deal out of all this, and gets more relied on because they are a "neutral" party.

Qunari - Qunari spy, sent to infiltrate the center of the conflict, or Vashoth mercenary, here for opportunity, but like the Dwarf becomes a "neutral" voice.

Like this, there are one origin that may support one side, one origin that may support the other side, and two origins that are neutral.

One more thing - I mentioned above how DA2 led to the mage/templar war in DAI, and how DAI speculatively lead to an elven/human war in DA4 ... and thus DA4 may lead to a dwarven-centric plot in DA5: Lyrium, Red Lyrium, the titans, the ancient thaigs, the dwarves incapability to magic ... and so on. This has a certain appeal to me, as we would get a throughout insight into the different races, as well as solving the ancient mysteries. --SylvanLore (talk) 15:14, February 28, 2016 (UTC)

Personally based on the ending cutscene in Trespasser I think it will take place in northern Thedas in and around Tevinter Dorian may make an appearance (companion, I'm not so sure) Varric will absolutely have to be in there because he's unconsciously drawn to these types of conflicts as an author. but I do think it will have some bearing on tevinter's relations with the rest of thedas and the elven uprising (I don't know if Solas could be the main antagonist (I completely understand his position but I think he's going about it the wrong way) but he could be the leader of a major faction in the game) the major villan could be a released "Creator" or whatever the other elven gods were called by the Dalish that murdered Mythal --WardenMaster (talk) 00:46, March 3, 2016 (UTC)
Solas is obviously put up to be the big bad of DA4, considering that he was the bigger bad in DA3. But then again, I mistrusted him from the beginning, but then again, I mustrusted him from the beginning, the way he talked about the fade and spirits.
We should be able to play any race or class we want, while I like mages I don't want to be forced to play one.
Personally I would love to play as an elf mage, opposing the elf uprising and Solas madness. The very concept of a race war is disgusting, we need to have good elves and evil humans, not simple let all elves be allied to the mad elf pantheon version of Loki. Rphb (talk) 22:13, March 5, 2016 (UTC)

I've got some theories about how the next game will look. Of course, the action will take place in the north, as it was hinted in Tresspasser. We'll definitely go to Tevinter, and I think rivain is also quite possible, thugh I'd prefer to see more of Anderfels. As to the plot, I think that whoever we play as (hopefully there will not be any restrictions like in DA2), we will work for the Inquisitor, no matterif the organisation prevailed or not. With Solas uniting elves and readying himself to tear Thedas apart to bring back old elvhen world, we will probably fight against him, but I think that there is a big chance that there will be another hostile group to fight against. Maybe Tevinters who discovered bald elf's plan? Since we'll travel to north to famous Tevinter, it's safe to assume that we will meet some old friends there. I can't remember where but I am certain I saw someone from Bioware telling that Dorian will appear in the next Dragon Age for sure. We will probably meet Maevis Tilani, known from the comics and a few quests in DAI. I believe that we will see Bodahn and Sandal back, as they were absent in DAI. Such a shame... I stongly believe Inquisitor will be playing some major part, kinda like Hawke in DAI. Next, considering fans requests, I beliee we may see scout Harding as a possible party member, or any other agent of Leliene, like Charter.

There is also one more thing. In DA2 Hawke killed Korypheus, yet the bastard came back, so we should not exclude the Architect. In Awakening we had a choice whether to kill him or not. Even if we killed him, we still can expect him. Perhaps he would find a way to undo some of Solas' plans.

And in case if anyone from Bioware would read it, I pray that they return to dark

Speaking of Architect... I think Solas will fill a niche more in line with that, and that the true antagonists of DA4 will be the Evanuris. Factors from DAI and DA4 will determine whether or not Solas still intends to go through with the "Bring Back Ehlvenan" thing or not (and thus if you have to kill him or not). I'm betting the Veil will still have to be dropped temporarily at least for Solas to effect his plan to inflict a final end to the Evanuris. --MadCat221 (talk) 23:32, April 25, 2016 (UTC)
I dunno, I think they might save the Evanuris for DA 5. We still don't know that much about them outside of Dalish lore. DA 4 could give us the opportunity to learn the truth (or truths). Then in DA 5 they'd seem like a bigger threat. Plus, there's no reason to rush into confronting them. Where would the series go after that? It'll be pretty much impossible to top. Silver Warden (talk) 17:33, April 26, 2016 (UTC)
Whilst I get where you're coming from, I don't think the ante needs to be topped after every game--though it worked negatively with DA2 I guess, but if written well it doesn't need to be that way. I actually agree with you--but I wouldn't be surprised if they turn out to be the antagonists of DA4. Personally, i'd rather DA4 be a watershed moment for the series; i'd like a significant time jump after that, similar to what's going on with ME:A. A major battle with the Evanuris could provide that moment to radically change the history of Thedas period. If not, I could always see them returning to the wardens in DA5: an order in disorder would be ripe for a good narrative. But it seems to be a sub-plot of a greater over-arching narrative. Regardless...if the Evanuris are built up to be on the level of the Reapers or something, then definitely save it for DA5. In a way DAI would be the first instalment in what would essentially be a trilogy. Lazare326 20:57, April 29, 2016 (UTC)
Yeah that's basically what I meant, build them up a bit first, there's no need to jump the gun. Also, they shouldn't waste Solas by turning him into a secondary antagonist. Bring him into front and center for DA4, then have DA5 deal with the fallout of whatever he did (which could including freeing some or all of the Evanuris). Silver Warden (talk) 23:03, April 29, 2016 (UTC)

Small thing, but I want a playable character that will interact with companions and the other NPCs a little more than the Inquisitor did. You could go and talk to them, but pretty much everything you said or did stayed between the two of you. There was no teasing your love interest in banter, the Inquisitor didn't participate in the banter as much as Hawke did, and there were few if any comments made about the environment (rain, snow, bad guys appearing, etc.) Also, a character with a distinct personality is much more fun to play. Hawke stayed Hawke, even after becoming the Champion. The Inquisitor kind of loses his or her personality. Whatever they were before is replaced by being the Inquisitor. That may be because you play Hawke up to becoming the Champion and the Inquisitor is just kind of dumped on you, but the personality of the PC is important, and I found Hawke a much more fun character to play than the Inquisitor was.

^This times a million. Both Hawke and the Warden are distinct characters. The Inquisitor is more of a plot device than a character. Of course, that's true of a lot of protagonists in RPGs, but Bioware can do better. They've done it in the past with basically every other game they've made, there's no reason they can't do it again. Silver Warden (talk) 16:58, May 18, 2016 (UTC)
I further agree with this. Especially in games outside of DA, like KOTOR, where the main character remains you even after they find out they were someone else entirely. Past and present self colliding makes for a very vibrant character personality, particularly if circumstances meant they were very different individuals. It is that challenge to reconcile the two that I think can make the experience even better, and something that BioWare, at least prior, has proven entirely capable of doing. EzzyD (talk) 21:44, May 18, 2016 (UTC)

I have two speculations as to what may appear in DA4. First off, Dark Elves; a general of Solas' might get greedy or be forced into a corner by the protagonists that they may accidentaly use some extremely dark magic and become corrupted with darkness and become a dark elf, they overthrow Solas, infect the elves and become the main antagonist. The second speculation, during Trespasser, the Qunari tried to blow up parts of Thedas with black powder, the bombs were found in time, so now Thedas has black powder in their possesion, one might deduce that we might be seeing some firearms in DA4, like the flintlock. What do you think of these two ideas-- (talk) 03:18, July 18, 2016 (UTC)

The first idea: no. Although we might be introduced to one or more characters that work for Solas, I highly doubt any of them will overthrow him. The second idea: maybe, but only as a subplot. Dealing with Solas is clearly going to be the main plot of DA 4. There are plenty of possibilities for subplots, including what you mentioned, but I seriously doubt any of them will become the main plot. Silver Warden (talk) 21:14, July 18, 2016 (UTC)

I really hope that they bring back the origin stories. They really got me involved in the story more. Especially the elven alienage one. Being able to back and talk to everyone was great. Also, I hope Sandal plays some part in it. It doesnt have to be a big one or anything but he just seems like he could possible change everything we know about dwarves and the magical capabilites. (psycho)

I think the series has strayed rather far from the original idea, Darkspawn and a fourth game revisiting them in a big way is hardly rehashing but making up for the others deficiencies. The blights were happening every hundred years or so but then there was a long gap to the fifth blight which was set of accidentally rather than naturally. I would like a game set quite a bit later say 50-70 years dealing around a sixth blight. You would start off in the first or second acts as a Warden Commander trying to rebuild an order which is all but wiped out across Thedas due to the events of the previous games and the mystery of what happened at their HQ. In this chaotic time the Qunari have made a final push against Tevinter and numerous other problems have erupted alluded to in previous games. Meanwhile the Dwarves have recklessly begun a major campaign to begin retaking the deep roads inch by inch. As you finally make some progress re-establishing the order in the second or 3rd acts a Blight erupts and you have to unite the disparate factions, Qunari, Chantry, Tevinter, Dwarves, independent mages, other kingdoms in to a force capable of opposing them. I would like to see a more strategic grand campaign feel the likes of which Inquisition established but also a lot more exploration of the Deep roads and former dwarf colonies than has been seen since the first game.

Progression would be something like; Start in Orzammer as a Warden from a small band long cut off from HQ and seeing the Dwarf plans and the danger go to Weisshaupt to warn them, see initial signs of a blight. Find whats happened in Weisshaupt and set about rebuilding the order. Blight erupts, have to start gathering allies by negotiating a truce in the Qunari-Tevinter War Search around for other allies, deal with initial darkspawn incursions to the surface. Start pushing back against the Blight, take the fight to them and finally down in to the deep roads pushing further into darkspawn territory than anyone has ever pushed before in order to find the archdemon Epic mystery ending

--Watcherzero (talk) 21:34, August 2, 2016 (UTC)

That sounds a lot like an Origins 2. Which could be pretty good if it could be implemented correctly (which it never would be). However, the ending of Inquisition makes it pretty clear that Solas and his army will be the villains of DA 4, not more darkspawn. But the wardens in Weisshaupt plot could be a sidequest or even a subplot. Silver Warden (talk) 03:33, August 3, 2016 (UTC)
There was this scene in the Tresspasser DLC when the Inquisitor stabs a map right in the Tevinter Imperium. At first look, that is a clear sign of what we might expect in the next DA. But, come to think about it, the Tevinter may just be Inquisitions next stop. Whether you decide to disband the fraction or not, it remains in some way. I think that in the next Dragon Age we will certainly see the remnants of the Inquisition, maybe meet characters like Leliana, some of her agents, or the Inquisitor him/herself. I think you guys might have a point about Nevarra being the next destination. In Inquisition we worked around two countries and I guess it's only fair to expect the same from the next game. I picture it like that: We start the game in Nevarra and thanks to some events we move up north and eventually enter Tevinter. Besides, I have this theory that in the next Dragon Age we will see the death of Nevarran leader, king Marcus and our main character will be one of the suspects. I think that whatever race we choose, our main hero will hail from Tevinter and we'll have a similiar fate to the Wardens in DAO. People will think we are guildty, when in fact we're not. Tevinter and Nevarra fight with themselves just as Tevinter fights with Qunari, so it would make sense that Nevarrans would suspect a Tevinter killed their king.

I also think the great rebellion of elves under Solas will feature but will not end in the next game. I think that a serious blow will be dealt to Solas' plans to destroy this world in order to bring back magic and all that, but the threat will not disappear. About characters coming back, I hope to see people of Inquisition. I mean the likes of Leliana, the Inquisitor, Lace Harding and maybe Dorian and Bull, and maybe Cole (that'd be cool). I'd love to see Abelas as a playable character as he really impressed me in that episode when the Inquisition aproached the temple of Mythal. I think Bioware would do well if they gave us Maevris Tilani as a playable character. She's featured heavily in comics and I think she'll get her time in the game. Of course, if we're talking Tevinter, we must consider the facct that their always at war with Qunari. What if we could meet the new Arishok (meaning Sten from DAO). Last but not least, I expect Morrigan to appear in the next game. She's so mysterious, powerful and still I think there's something more to her. When she confronts her mother, Flemeth tells her that the souls cannot be taken from someone if that certain someone disagrees. Morrigan still does not know enough about herself, about Flemeth, Mythal and this whole ritual of taking a body to prolong ones life. What if she finds out that she could in fact agree to Flemeth taking over her body? We know that Solas absorbed the force from Flemeth but we also see that she hid a part of herself in an eluvian. What if Morrigan decides to bring Flemeth (Mythal) back in order to prevent some catastrophy or something? I think Morrigan still has a role to play, as does Flemeth. Michajlo (talk) 01:09, August 8, 2016 (UTC)

Well, Bull and Abelas can both die, so I doubt we'll see them again. I also can't see them stretching the Solas's rebellion arc over two games. He'll probably get defeated but manage to do something that causes another problem, such as partially succeeding in his plan, freeing the Evanuris, or awakening a titan (or several titans). Like the other games, DA 4 will likely set the stage for DA 5, not require a direct continuation of the same arc. Silver Warden (talk) 00:31, August 8, 2016 (UTC)

That is a good point, but Leliana could also be killed at the Temple of Sacred Ashes in Dragon Age: Origins, and regardless of the Warden's actions, she remains alive in Inquisition, as does Morrigan. So it is possible that some characters will stay alive regardless of the Inquisitor's descision. I personally think that DA4 could take place in Nevarra and Tevinter. Nevarra has a lot of lore built up about it, as does Tevinter, and the Inquisitor stabbed a knife through the Tevinter Imperium on the map in the Winter Palace. I hope we get to see Dorian again, as well as meet Maveris. --Hawke111 (talk) 00:09, August 9, 2016 (UTC)

There's never a chance to kill Morrigan. She can be stabbed at the end of Witch Hunt but we never see her die so it's not really a character resurrection. As for Leliana ::SPOILERS AHEAD:: if you had Leliana die in a worldstate, during the Trespasser epilogue (the ending text, not the last scene) it is implied that the flesh and blood Leliana DID in fact die, and this new Leliana is some kind of spirit summoned by the temple much like the Guardian. The spirit had her memories and personality and believed itself to be Leliana. Basically it's a Cole version of Leliana. This also implies that the Guardian is/was a Cole-like spirit that took on the persona of one of Andraste's disciples, which explains a few things.
Personally I prefer a magically resurrected Leliana over a fake one but at least we are given an explanation for her "survival" (if she is killed) which means that Bioware isn't going to completely ignore the players' choices. Alistair, Sten, Wynne, Zevran, Shale, Nathaniel, Sigrun, Velanna, Bethany, Carver, Anders, and Fenris can all also die, and they aren't revived, so I think it's a good bet that if a character can die they aren't likely to show up again, at least not in a major role. Silver Warden (talk) 17:10, August 9, 2016 (UTC)
I want to point out that Anders was resurrected in DA2 where his death was just a decoy. Also, while she has not been seen since Awakening I think that it is implied in Inquisition that the events of Asunder went the way they did regardless of whether you killed Wynne or not which could in turn indicate that she too "survived", although she would have a strong basis for it, having already been revived by a spirit and one of her possible deaths being at the same place Leliana. Caspoi (talk) 10:38, August 12, 2016 (UTC)
Um, what? If Anders is executed at the end of DA 2 he gets revived? I didn't know that. Not sure why the devs would do that either, there's no need for his character to survive the events of DA 2. Anyway, good point about Wynne, although like you said she had the spirit of faith to revive her. But I still think that characters that can die are much less likely to have a major role than ones which cannot. Bioware generally doesn't just undo the player's decisions. Yes, it happens sometimes, but more often than not the player's choices are preserved, and this includes character deaths. Silver Warden (talk) 18:05, August 12, 2016 (UTC)
Sorry, I meant Awakening, not sure why I wrote 2. In Dragon Age A there is an outcome where if he is guarding Vigil's Keep while it's defenses are too low he dies, and takes a whole bunch of Darkspawn with him. Caspoi (talk) 21:32, August 12, 2016 (UTC)
Oh, I see. Well at lot of those epilogues from Origins and Awakening simply don't work with the events of DA 2 and Inquisition. I think I heard that they were retroactively considered non-canon, not sure when or where I heard that though. Silver Warden (talk) 20:37, August 13, 2016 (UTC)

The Messenger, come hell, high water or mind screw plot holes. He needs to be made a party member! Drsdino (talk) 19:20, August 18, 2016 (UTC)

Although it'd be pretty interesting to have a darkspawn disciple as a party member, the Messenger is not the one for it, since he can die. Perhaps the Seeker or some other, as yet unknown disciple would work. Silver Warden (talk) 19:31, August 19, 2016 (UTC)

With the setting being either Tevinter/ Nevarra, I think from Origins, we'd more than likely see Sten (provided he became Arishok as per DA2), at war with the Vints and Dorian & Maevaris on the opposing side whilst the playable character will have to play Mediator/ executioner to either party provided they had enough influence and made the right decisions to get that outcome. Bull would be interesting here, provided he survived and is with Dorian - his allegiance to the Qun could be tested here again. Similar to the Geth V Quarian situation in ME. This could be an entire ACT. If we are to go to Nevarra, Cassandra would be an obvious choice, however if she is Divine that could complicate things - ideally they could have a short scene where if Divine, she introduces us to a new NPC. I think Fenris and Isabela could definitely be potential NPC's if not companions again, as Fenris hates Tevinter, has a connected history to the Fog Warriors and his relationship with Varania and who he used to be as Leto could be more explored too. Isabela, obviously has issues with the Qunari, as has been explored in-game and in the comics. Ideally, I'd like to see her grow within the Felicissima Armada and become the True Queen of the Eastern Seas. This would all ultimately lead into a new Blight with the Architect returned, The Wardens and Hawke playing out a new nightmare at Weisshaupt, Zevran leading the Crows, the new Divine and Inquisitor working together against Solas and his eleven rebellion - would love to see Merrill and Velana working against or for Solas (elven war a la civil war in origins). It would culminate in everyone and every nation as now lead by New and old Companions alike working together against the blight a la Mass effect against the Reapers. --HisDarkMagnificence (talk) 00:15, August 21, 2016 (UTC)

Bull can only survive if he becomes Tal-Vashoth, in which case there wouldn't really be a conflict. Also, I doubt there will be another blight - Solas is enough of a threat on his own. And since the Architect could be dead, it's unlikely he'd show up as a major character. At most, I could see him being in some optional sidequest. Silver Warden (talk) 12:00, August 21, 2016 (UTC)
The Architect can't be dead, he is one of the seven, it have been established by word of God. Corypheus was introduced to show us what one of the seven can do, basically if he dies he is instantly reborn in a new body. We needed a very special thing with that dragon in order to kill him for real. This also finally explains why he was different from the rest of the darkspawn, why he was sapientRphb (talk) 19:41, August 25, 2016 (UTC)
Yes, and no. The Architect is one of the Seven. However, in Trespasser, Solas says he learned "the ancient secret of effective immortality". This means that his body hoping power is not an innate ability but a technique or spell he learned. There's no reason reason to think the Architect knows how to do it too, especially since word of god also established that a dead Architect is dead. Silver Warden (talk) 20:29, August 26, 2016 (UTC)

I believe that the Fourth Dragon Age will be about a war between Tevinter and Nevarra, (There's an inquisition operation about this) and will have the main character not be a hero, but a soldier or something along those lines.

(The last guy didn't sign, the three lines of text above aren't mine) All endings of the Trespasser DLC have one thing in common: the Qunari marching to conquer Thedas, starting by attacking the Tevinter Imperium. To me, that's a clear sign that the next game will take place at the Tevinter Imperium. But that's not all, Solas is also hinted as a possible villain to the next game, and considering that the relations between the Tevinter and Elves are tense (to say the least), that's another sign the next game takes place in the Tevinter Imperium. Another hint to the Tevinter Imperium is the absence of Blood Magic as an specialization in DA:Inquisition - blood magic has always been an important subject in the Dragon Age games and they simply had to left it out in Inquisition because it would be too much work to do it right, which, plot wise, was a huge loss for the series, but in Tevinter blood magic isn't considered as bad as anywhere else in Thedas, so setting the game in Tevinter gives great opportunity to bring back blood magic.

That said, all that it's left to speculate is the plot. We know the Qunari are attacking Tevinter, but I think this won't be the main plot of the game, just as the Templar-Mage War wasn't the centre of DA:I story, instead we had Corypheus as the main antagonist. I believe the main enemies in DA4 will be Solas and the ancient elves. I'd say the Andrastian Chantry would make a truce with the Qunari, leaving Tevinter to fight the Qunari on their own. Also, only the Inquisition knows what Solas is planning, they might even be trying to save him, so Tevinter would be caught by surprise by them, with many elven slaves working undercover for Solas. There would be generalized mistrust for elves, and many would suffer because of that. We could also get to know what happened in Tevinter during the Templar-Mage War, because they were clearly affected by it, even though they have a different Chantry, a different Cirlce and a different Templar Order, so maybe the Templar Order from the Andrastian Chantry attacked, or the Imperial Templars rebelled or both alternatives. The lyrium markings of Fenris from DA2 could make an appearance, maybe even be a possible specialization for the Warrior class.

In DA2 we had characters from Origins who came back as companions like Merril, Anders and Isabela; I don't think a DA4 must do the same, but they could. In that case, there are 3 characters in particular with potential to make a comeback: Lily, Eleni Zinovia (all from DA:o) and Lord Otranto (from DA:I). 1. Lily was the lover of Jowan in the Magi Origin, she ended being arrested to Aeonar, but while imprisoned she regreted not leaving with Jowan and apparently disapeared from prison and her fate remains unknown. Well, if she were looking for a fugitive maleficar, she would look for him in Tevinter, as the Imperium is, according to the sources, a haven for blood mages. Depending of your choices in DA:O Jowan may be killed, so that could be a problem, but not one impossible to solve. If I were to write the plot, I'd say she found out she was pregnant in Aeonar, and giving that child away for the Templar is what made her regret her choice of leaving Jowan, and in case that child turned out to be a mage, she could be looking for that child in Tevinter, but that's how I would write the character. 2. Eleni Zinovia is "a former consort and advisor to Archon Valerius, and by him the mother of Archon Hessarian". She is an ancient woman preserved in stone form that can predict the future and although she said noone could revert the spell that turned her into stone, perhaps an Archon could and Tevinter does need every edge they can find, so maybe the Archon could reverse her curse and keep her as his oracle. She was such an enigmatic character but her character wasn't much explored, so she has lots of potential as a character. Getting her back from the Ferelden Cirlce Tower, could be problematic. 3. Lord Adorno Ciel Otranto is an Antivan noble and he only appears in DA:I if the Inquisitor pursues romance with Josephine. There isn't much to say about him, but the first time I saw him I noted one thing: that guy was a match to the Inquisitor in a duel! He's not just some fancy noble, that guy is a real fighter! And he's also a very romantic guy, as he was willing to withdraw the engagement just because he didn't want to interfere with true love. We get to meet him for such a brief moment and he manages to be that interesting, that's the kind of character that I'd like to know better. Even if the Inquisitor is not involved with Josephine, she doesn't seem interest in an arranged marriage anyways, so that engagement won't happen, all that is left is a reason to why would that guy be in Tevinter.

So that's all the speculations I have for a possible DA4.--RockLobsta321 (talk) 01:40, March 1, 2017 (UTC)

I don't know how open EA and Bioware are to marketing suggestions, but I'm going to make one anyway. When Bethsada re-released Skyrim for the new consoles, they made a killing, and it looks awesome. My suggestion is, release a regular DA4 game for $60 or so, but also have a special edition for $150 or so that includes all 4 games and has the first 3 remastered and all of them completely modable. Some of the things the modders have done with the base version of Skyrim are amazing and I'd love to see what they can do with the DA games. Also, for the love of all that is holy, someone please make the Inquisitor a decent set of armor...--Devilkat

I'd love to see 1 and 2 ported into 3's engine. Especially since 1 had a lot of better armor textures/models and less *cough* clipping issues *cough* with said armors.
Yeah, a re-mastered version of Origins would be ideal at some point, although I think the Mass Effect trilogy--though ME:A might indicate otherwise--is likely to beat it to the punch. Playing Origins again, on the Xbox One, was a delight. That said, I have little to no idea on how much effort goes into remasters. Remastering DA:O with the Frostbite engine seems too difficult, plus, in spite of being a fan of DA:I, the character animations left me wanting more. Im fine sticking to playing it on last gen/xbox one/PC really. I'd rather have BioWare focus their efforts on making a better instalment in the series. Lazare326 23:37, July 8, 2017 (UTC)

Dragon Age has seriously gone to the dogs, to be honest (don't mind the phrase, I love dogs). It ruined its period piece European setting in their attempt to reel in the tumblr crowd, which seriously didn't do well for the immersion, and the action game elements ruined the innovative CRPG twist that Origins gave. Origins was flashy but at the same time strategic, and the story was complex and mature yet had a charming simplicity to it, where you would have to play the game seven times to completely experience it, with each playthrough being a complete experience in itself. Dragon Age Inquisition was a campy sort of action game, barebones with no replay value, and it was really good (solid 9/10) for what it set out to do, but it wasn't the Dragon Age I fell in love with. So unless they go back to where it started and not make a direct thematic continuation of Inquisition, I wouldn't play Dragon Age 4.

I have nothing specific in mind. I really want the same strategic combat system (kill-moves included) as Origins, with a expanded character personality system like Divinity Original Sin with fleshed out origin stories, a reputation and choice system which is a mix between Pillars of Eternity and Origins, the guilds of PoE, and the dark mature story of Origins. I would prefer it is a personal mission for your character, with an ancient power acting as more of a backdrop rather than an end game. I hated how in Inquisition you're treated as a god-king from day one, because that killed the tension you may have had between your character and other NPCs and companions, not to mention that it removed any character building for the most part. I would like to see female, homosexual and bisexual characters actually struggling in the world and being ostracised because that will make them better and stronger characters. It would be cool to have a Elder Scrolls/Kingdom of Amalur class system as well.--OghrenIsLove (talk) 13:36, July, 13 2017 (UTC)

"I have nothing specific in mind" (lists a bunch of specific changes). Just lol.
Anyway two things: first, while I agree with you on the gameplay issue, we are not getting another game that plays like Origins. Inquisition did well financially so they're almost certainly going to stay firmly in the action rpg genre and not return to the strategic combat of Origins. But there is hope for a better plot and deeper characterization.
Second, there's no reason for female or LGBT characters to "struggle" in Dragon Age in order to make it more realistic. In Thedas, they simply don't have those same prejudices. And as far as we know, there's no (intra-human) racism either. The humans in Thedas have elves and mages to hate, they don't need to be nit-picky about what particular kind of humans they don't like. Or is a world without sexism and homophobia actually more unrealistic than one with magic and dragons? Silver Warden (talk) 20:33, July 13, 2017 (UTC)
That specific part was a mistake lol. I was gonna write something smaller before I went on with it. :P
Well, you are right on that part to an extent. Homosexuality wasn't really looked down upon in France among the nobility, if you're considering Orlais, though Ferelden should've had a more negative view on them if they're considering it to be a place like the historic British Isles. I guess homophobia is rampant in the Tevinter Imperium, considering Dorian's backstory in Inquisition. All I'm saying is that it would be cool to see those elements in Dragon Age, considering DA4 is probably going to be in the Tevinter Imperium; it makes the stories of strong powerful women and LGBT characters a lot more inspiring when you see them struggle and come out stronger than before. I meant no offense.
As for the realism part, that's a weak argument; when the developers made the game, they constructed the internal and philosophical elements of magic while considering the prejudices of real people, especially the fear of witchcraft in the real world. Magic in itself is an external and superficial element, but to make magic believable, to make the gamer go, "Yeah, that's how it would be like if magic existed.", you have to inject them with real world values for an immersive experience, bro. --User:OghrenIsLove 12:32, July 14, 2017 (UTC)

One codex in DAI about sexuality says that the fereldans considered the homosexuality a matter of scandal if done indiscreetly but otherwise nothing noteworthy. --Virrac (talk) 10:00, July 14, 2017 (UTC)

I don't think Thedas is supposed to be an exact replica, or even a near-replica of historical medieval Europe. It is inspired by that time period/location, not based on it. It is a fantasy world that has some familiar elements to make it more relateable, not realistic. The fact that Thedas is more accepting of homosexuality and women in power is part of the fantasy. And in order for things like that (and magic and monsters and dragons) to not break the willing suspension of disbelief of the audience, some familiar elements are necessary. If all of Thedas was like the Fade, we'd have a much harder time relating to any of its inhabitants.

You know how in sci-fi shows most of the aliens look basically human? That's not because the creators lack imagination, and it's not (just) because making bizarre looking creatures is more expensive. It's because the audience is more likely to feel for the blight of a green/blue skinned woman then they are for a giant glob monster with twelve eyes & three heads.

The same thing applies to settings. We need an Earth, or a near-Earth for the story to work. M. C. Escher world is too bizarre to be a permanent setting. Thedas is like medieval Europe for psychological reasons as much as ascetic ones. Silver Warden (talk) 21:44, July 14, 2017 (UTC)

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